10 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks Photo

10 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks

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You check your traffic every day but all you find are tumbleweeds blowing across the landscape of your blog. Well, there’s a reason you’re not building readership. Your blog sucks.

Most do, and all for the same reasons. The same 10 reasons.

Learning How To Write The Ultimate Tutorial.

Writing Tutorials – 11 Essential Tips to Crafting the Ultimate Tutorial

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Why Write a Tutorial?

Creating value-packed content is key in attracting and retaining readership. One of the best ways to create such value-packed content is to write an informative tutorial or guide on a subject that is sorely lacking one. Writing such a tutorial can be a great way to develop your reputation, increase web traffic to your site, build incoming links to your site, and can also make you an authority on the given topic.


Tutorials are a great source of traffic that is maintained over time. Regular blog posts bring in the majority of their visitors during the first couple days of their existence. Afterwards they might as well be deleted from your blog because they will most likely rot in the archives, never to be read again. Tutorials on the other hand, provide consistent traffic that will bring in more traffic over its life time than many of your other posts. It is not a stretch to say that a good tutorial can bring in as much traffic (or more) compared to 20 well written posts.

Take for example, Caroline MiddleBrook’s Twitter Guide or Skelliewag’s Flickr Guide. Both are great examples of a well written tutorial that have greatly enhanced the popularity of the author by providing tremendous value to its readers.

10 Requisites For Professional Bloggers

10 Requisites for Professional Bloggers

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Blogs emerged on the Internet as personal diaries where people would publish online their daily activities and personal experiences. As the phenomenon evolved, though, bloggers started to focus on niches, providing services or useful information for readers, blurring the line between blogs and traditional websites.

What Is A Blog? Unraveling The Mysteries Of Digital Storytelling In Yyyy Photo

What Is A Blog? Unraveling the Mysteries of Digital Storytelling in 2023

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It is 2008; do we still need to ask ourselves what a blog is? I think so, and for two reasons. First of all we still have many misconceptions about blogging floating around the web. Pretty much every week I get at least one email from someone asking if I believe blogging has a future. My answer is always “as long as the Internet has a future, blogs do too.” You will see why I answer that below.