Bloggers Face-Off: Joost de Valk vs. Satish Gandham


As Eminem would say, guess who is back?

We got a bunch of applications for the Bloggers Face-Off last week, so hopefully we will be able to keep this column going regularly in 2009. I will aim initially for one new face-off every two weeks (so two per month).

Joost de Valk is a good friend mine, and a terrific SEO and WordPress developer. He blogs at, which is a must read for anyone interested in those two topics.

Satish Gandham is another popular tech blogger., his main gig, has just crossed the 7,000 RSS subscribers mark, and it covers a wide range of topics, from software to blogging tips.

We got a new table format too, which gives more room for the answers. Thanks Glen for that.

Joost de Valk
joost de valk
Satish Gandham
1. How many hours per day do you dedicate to the blog?
From 2 to 4 hours per day I spend most of the time on line, chatting with fellow bloggers, reading other blogs and tweaking my blogs design. I can not exactly say “I spend 2 hours or 3 hours on my blog”
2. How many page views does your blog get daily?
Around 10,000 From 8 to 10,000 per day (70% of my traffic is organic)
3. Do you make money with it? From what sources?
Yes, about $4-5k a month, from direct ads and affiliate programs I make around 400USD per month from links sales and direct advertising. GeniusHackers.Com is banned from Adsense for having some posts related to hacking
4. How long did it take for you to reach 1,000 subscribers?
Long Initially I dint concentrate on increasing the feed count. You can take it to be around 15 months. My feed count raised from 500 to 7100 since December though
5. Do you think one needs to post daily to be successful?
No, being unique is way more important I don’t think so, but you must consistently post quality content
6. What is the biggest blogging mistake you did?
Doing paid posts in the beginning of my blogging career. It’s a waste of valuable time and it pushes away you readers. I now only do sponsored posts when people have a topic that is truly relevant for my readers My biggest blogging mistake was not having a .Com domain in the beginning. You can read more about it here
7. Twitter is a distraction or a good promotional tool?
A good promotional tool and a GREAT way to have meaningful conversations I don’t tweet much, so its not a distraction for me. It sure is a good promotion tool if you have good number of followers
8. Do you think AdSense makes a blog look unprofessional?
Depends on how it’s used, but I’m not a fan I don’t think so, adsense ads are neat and unobtrusive if used properly
9. If you could give an advice for a novice blogger, what would it be?
Only do it cause you love it, not because you make money from it Write quality and original content. Learn some basic html and php if you want to have total control over your blog look and functionality
10. What is the best way to increase website traffic?
Write relevant, interesting and truly unique stuff / tools etc. Just give people something they can use or think about The best way to increase traffic is to write good content, apart from that use keywords in your post and highlight the keywords with strong tags

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29 Responses to “Bloggers Face-Off: Joost de Valk vs. Satish Gandham”

  • ravi

    both are great dudes but I think in that particular poll, joost is gonna win it mainly because he’s more known in this niche…

  • Poor Artisan

    I think, this post will definitely increase the Blogging sensation along with increase the quality and competition in Bloggers as well, hence the most important tips are have been to all.
    Btw, Thanks …..

  • Mambo

    Very useful and informative content. This blog will help the Bloggers to implement the best,
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Real Princess

    Nice Article to Read Herewith on an un-common topic.

  • King Of Bhutan

    Very useful blog, thanks for posting and sharing.

  • denny

    Joost. Both are useful blogs, but Joost is making 10x as much.

  • Matthias

    I have just voted. This is such a close call . Results show: Joost – 311 , Satish – 309.

    There’s only one conclusion. Both are awesome !

  • Ara

    Nice post on face-off! It gives me a different point of view in blogging. Anw, i vote for Joost.

  • topcool

    i vote for joost

  • NPO

    Its a very nice and informative post to comment herewith.
    Most of the visitors are encouraged to blogging. Thanks a lot for the post.

  • Jatin Sapra

    Well what to do? Whom to choose? Satish who actually is the person behind my career@blogging or Joost who just provides great tips & plugins. I am in a dilemma…. I don’t know Joost personally but Satish is undoubtedly a great blogger along with a great person & friend. So, my vote goes to Satish! All the best 🙂

  • FestivalPlanet

    Great article, it definitely gave me lots to think about.
    Inspiring me to post less often and concentrate on keywords. Thank you.
    Oh and Satish got my vote.

  • Jamaipanese

    Satish wins by a mile

  • krishna

    From the above conversation i can see that there is lot of difference in the earning b/w the 2 bloggers though they r having same number of suscribers. Satish Gandham says he is banned from Adsense…why not he try with other programs like bivertiser to increase his revenue…just a thought though 🙂

  • New York Firefighter

    I definitely voted for Joost. This guy is an authority in WordPress world. His plugins are second to none are very clearly written in terms of PHP.
    I never heard of the other guy, but I respect his views. He seems to be at beginning of blogging career.

  • planujemywesele

    My vote also 🙂

  • Kurt Avish

    From the above I think Gandham answers look ‘less than a bot’ responding. Less professional than Joost but more real and natural to read and thats better. Joost answers are a bit too straight without much of the little details that make if fun to read.

    So Gandham win IMO. 😉

  • diabetic

    the young bloggers….but very expert, efessien and effective

  • Melvin

    both are great dudes but I think in that particular poll, joost is gonna win it mainly because he’s more known in this niche…

  • Justin Parks

    Joost de Valk gets my vote because he’s 6ft 1 inch tall and scary. Also his advice and plugins rock, but they are not so scary.

  • Eddie Gear

    Hi There,

    This is very interesting. This is the first time I’ve come across such an interesting idea. I checked out both sites and they have some very good info. Thanks for the “Battle of the Bloggers”.

    Eddie Gear

  • esoomllub

    Joost… nice way to demonstrate the power of Twitter. I learned about this with your Tweet. @KentAllen

  • Lohith

    This vote is dedicated to Joost as I got so many filters and word press seo pugins from his blog.

  • Satish

    Thanks for the vote Matej 🙂

  • Mr. I

    I voted for Joost. His WP plugins are excellent and must have for any WP user.

  • Matej

    Wasn’t Genius Hackers on Blogging Idol. He started collecting a lot subscribers by the end of competition by offering free accounts for something, can’t remember …

    Anyway, Joost de Valk is authority while I think that Satish Gandham is just starting his successful blogging career ( call it that way )

    My vote goes to Satish, because Joost never answered my SEO questions in comments hehe

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Vygantas, a table seems to be the best way to organize a double interview like this one.

    What would you use instead?

  • Rarst

    Nice one. 🙂 Off to check

    PS not saying it is extremely important part of a blog but difference in profits is huge… need to skim for some monetizing advice. 🙂

  • Vygantas

    Tables? Come on ;p

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