Bloggers Face-Off: Chris Coyier vs. Noura Yehia


Whew, it has been a while since our last Bloggers Face-Off. I will work harder this year to bring you guys one new face-off every month at least, possibly more.

To kick start the 2009 season, however, we got a terrific pair of bloggers. The first one is Chris Coyier, the owner of With over 16,000 subscribers, the site is a must read for CSS and design lovers. You will find tutorials, videos and even a nice community on the Forums there.

Our second blogger is Noura Yehia. You must have come across her popular site in the past. It features some outstanding tutorials and collections with the best tools and resources for web designers and developers.

Without further ado, to the interview!

css tricks

Chris Coyier


Noura Yehia

1. When did you start blogging? I had fiddled around with it year prior, but my first serious go at it was mid Summer 2007 Since July 2007
2. Has it been worth it so far? Absolutely Well YES! Forget about just making more money, it’s incredibly fulfilling to learn something new each day and interact with other bloggers
3. How long did it take for you reach 1,000 daily uniques? Only a few months, 3 maybe. But then for almost a year afterward I was fairly stable between 1,000 and 2,000 After one month from launching Noupe
4. Do you think that any professional should have a blog? I think any professional should have a website. Blogging is a real time commitment and I can appreciate people who don’t have the time for it Yes
5. What is the best way to gain RSS subscribers? Write great content (and then put a subscribe button right next to it) 1- Write something people would be looking for 2- I’m constantly impressed by number of subscribers i get from StumbleUpon & Delicious
6. Is social media essential to the success of any blog? If your definition of success is traffic, yes, I think it is essential. But that doesn’t mean you write content that panders to social media sites Definitely
7. What is the biggest mistake you see in blog designs? I don’t like it when blogs do TOO good of a job blending them in so it’s hard to tell what is an ad and what’s not Getting distracted with others designs
8. Is there an ideal posting frequency? One great post is worth 50 mediocre ones. If you are about to hit publish on a mediocre post because you feel some need that you HAVE to get something out this Tuesday, don’t. Stop, rework it, make it better, make it a great article on the subject and publish it on Thursday 3 posts/ week works great for me
9. What is the best way to monetize a blog? I am using BuySellAds, which allowed me to keep the exact same layout for the ads, but handle everything else for me Banner ads and Adsense
10. What is the secret of your success, expressed in one word? Work Passion

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19 Responses to “Bloggers Face-Off: Chris Coyier vs. Noura Yehia”

  • ravi

    I know both of the blog but I personally know Noura and her website. We are good friends and we also share our knowledge to each others. I really like Noura’s passion for blogging.

    Best of luck for both of you guys!

  • Ben Moreno

    The face-off contestants usually say about the same answers to the questions. What I like is learning about new successful Bloggers. I like to read new stuff.

  • Karen

    That was a great face off. I can’t choose which is better! I like how they both feel great content is the key to a good blog.

  • joe gelb

    Ill wager my self as the third blogger in this competition. Just kidding thanks for showing me these two blogger legends.

  • adhe putra

    same long time experience, has their own characteristic and style, and i got to say they both are awesome

  • JeepnDave

    Great face off Daniel,

    I really appreciate getting a little honest insight from a couple of successful bloggers like this. I will be looking forward to your next face off next month!

  • Descartes

    Sorry to say I had never heard of either blog, but now that I have I will be checking them out from time to time.

  • Bill Bolmeier

    Yes, I love these to. Looking through your archives I thought the same thing, haven’t seen one of these in a while.

    I didn’t know about Noupe. CSS Tricks is awesome. Great questions and would love to see more questions and more detailed answers.

    1,000 daily uniques in a month, WOW!!

  • todd g @

    @Noura, no way, I would never be mad at you! I was just trying to joke around by giving you a hard time 😉

  • Chris Coyier

    Thanks again Daniel for having me! It was fun to face off against my friend Noura. Looks like it’s pretty close!

  • SEO Tips

    Wow its been ages since you did one of these glad you brought it back though 😀

  • Adam Singer

    The CSS tricks site is great – Noupe is good too but pretty busy design. With that said, both have great content, good on them!

    As an aside, they are rare, it has taken me a year to get to 1K uniques a day, and I work pretty hard as well. That’s not the right goal (getting a lot of uniques) the right goal is to become a source.

  • Noura Yehia

    Thanks Daniel for inviting me to participate in this interesting interview.

    Chris Coyier is a good friend of mine, i would give him my vote as well 🙂

    Todd, i hope you are not mad at me 😉 It just didn’t came to my mind to mention BSA, though you know how much i love its system and appreciate the tons of sponsors you send me each month 🙂

  • Celes | EmbraceLiving.Net

    I know Noura and she’s such a great individual! 😀 Best of luck and may the best individual win! 😉 (have casted my vote but will let it remain a secret…!)

  • Tschai

    I have always been impressed by the amount of diggs a post on Noupe gets!
    Yes, a big community is essential, but to get them actively digg your posts is a big accomplishment.

    On basis of the answers above, however I declare Chris the winner. Because Noura’s answers are too short and less helpfull.

  • An Jay

    I know both of the blog but I personally know Noura and her website. We are good friends and we also share our knowledge to each others. I really like Noura’s passion for blogging.

    Best of luck for both of you guys!

  • Ralph

    Awesome post. I love to get insight from successful bloggers like this. It was a really tough vote, mostly because I’ve been subscribed to these two for a while now. I was forced to choose, so I went with Chris. Great work, both of you.

  • Farrhad A

    Whoa! Two biggies facing off 🙂
    I’m sure very soon you will mail me asking for me to take part in a face off 😀

  • todd g @

    @Chris, thanks for mentioning us in your face-off! I think you highlighted one of BSA best features… we don’t get in the way and promote ourselves on publisher sites. The ads look just as they did when you were selling them direct before.

    @Noura, sorry, I had to declare Chris the winner here since he mentioned BSA 😉 have we not sold enough ads for you!!!??? Just kidding…

    I was happy to see two of our great publishers in a face-off!

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