A Year Ago on Daily Blog Tips: May 2007


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If you were not around by the time, check out some of the posts that were popular on this blog one year ago. Sometime interesting stuff.

  • Stay Away from In-Text Advertising: This is going to be a polemic topic given the wide spread in the usage of such advertising networks. In-Text advertising refers to networks like Vibrant Media or Kontera that place advertising links on your content.
  • The Perks of Pro Blogging: You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Below you will find my old office when I used to work for a multinational company, and the new one…
  • Top 5 Blogging Myths: Despite the huge popularity of blogs around the Internet many people still have a distorted view of the whole phenomenon. Blogs are nothing more than online diaries; blogs are not credible; you can not make money with blogs… or so the argument goes. Below you will find 5 common blogging myths, check it out.
  • Gather .edu and .gov backlinks (enhanced): If you are looking to increase your search engine juice, therefore, it could be a good idea to collect some of those backlinks. On the article I described a simple search query that could be used to find blogs with .edu or .gov extensions.
  • Top 10 Underrated WordPress Plugins: There are several lists of “Top 10” WordPress plugins around the Internet. Most of them, however, refer to the best or most popular plugins. Guess what, I’ve had enough of Akismet, Adsense Deluxe, Related Entries and company!
  • 5 Must-read Blogs for Creative Writers: Freelance Switch recently posted an article titled 15 Must-read Blogs for Blog Writers. While it’s not a bad list – the chosen blogs certainly aren’t painful to read (I’ve seen plenty that are) – it could use a bit more creativity and fun.
  • Put the Big Rocks First: Stephen Covey is one of my favorite authors. In the book “First Things First” he describes a story that one of his associates experienced on a seminar. In the middle of the lecture the presenter pulled out a wide-mouth jar and placed it on the table, aside to some fist-sized rocks.

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7 Responses to “A Year Ago on Daily Blog Tips: May 2007”

  • medyum

    good post

  • suresh

    Thank you for compiling the useful posts.
    As a new reader it has given a good insight of last year good posts and created a interest to explore further.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Kunle, drop me an email with your doubts and I will try to clarify the process.

  • Kunle


    I hate to sound dumb but I really haven’t got my head around how to gather .edu and .gov backlinks. I’ll try and figure it out anyway. Thanks for the tip. Hey, if you have some spare time. Please drop me an e-mail and explain to me better. My team mates will really appreciate that.
    Thanks again.
    Would be looking out for your mail.

  • David Cheong

    And thats what i call a reward for your good work.

    David Cheong

  • team ray

    i like the pros of problogging articles

    a big leap up daniel from that office

  • Alex D

    Congrats man, you obviously gained some strength in all this time. I like the “Top 5 Blogging Myths” post, really nice!

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