5 Evergreen Content Marketing Techniques That Can do Wonders for You!


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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of the most valuable marketing techniques in today’s technology and internet savvy world. It is all about developing content that is valuable, significant and effective in attracting audience attention.

It is not just creative writing but a lot more than that and if your approach is not correct than this effective marketing technique can give reverse results.
Let’s look the “7 most powerful content marketing techniques” that can do wonders for your brand or product.


Blogs are considered to be the most powerful content marketing tool. Having a blog not only increases and improves your SEO rankings but also helps you increase the power of your brand and helps in increasing audience and traffic on your website.

Blogging can be done in two ways:

1. By creating your own blog
You can create a blog in word press and start sharing your ideas with the world.

2. Look for leading bloggers on the internet with high domain authority and good page ranking that can help you spread your word to a large audience.


As per statistics, info graphics help a great deal in making customers understand the value of a brand, product or idea. Too much text is never good for the eyes and the right mix of attractive visuals and numbers is always preferred by the customers.

It saves time and increases the attention span of the views.

Always remember that info graphics should be crisp and clear and must not have a lot of text. Keep the background colour subtle and make the graphs and pie-charts bright and lively.


Videos are indeed the most engaging content marketing technique in the online world and the best way to connect with your audience. A single minute video means more than a million words and customers find it easy to remember. From “How to do” videos to “Customer Review videos” or just a “Simple showcasing” of your product, videos are always very operational and appreciated.

Quickly upload a video on Youtube and get started now. You can also add a few links to your video to let your customers know where the video is coming from.


Social media is a blessing in disguise for all those who are looking to extend their reach beyond their own country or state. Top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can be of great help when it comes to spreading your content or making it viral on the internet.

Sharing your blogs, videos or making social media pages are very effective marketing tools. Posts shared at different times of the day can increase your target audience and also the visibility of your content.

Always remember not to share the same content on social media multiple times as it does not attract a lot of audience and appears bland and boring. Use new images, unique keywords and tag lines to make your content interesting.

You can also join different groups and share your content with the fellow members and communities.


Are you marketing a brand, product or blog?

Well, ratings and reviews or user generated content is also a content marketing technique, the only difference being that the content is created by the customers. It is relevant to each of the products mentioned in the first question and is considered to be genuine, authentic and original as it is directly coming from the customers.

Amazing reviews by happy customers can do marvels for you and help in building your brand identity and trust.

These are 5 content marketing techniques that can give superb results. For more ideas, keep watching this space.

About the Author: Kumar Manaswi is the founder of Buy1Get1 and guest writes on blogs. His interests include travel, marketing, online shopping, music and media.

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