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Whether you are an individual or a company, social media channels are worth giving a go. They say you have to be where you customers are—and that is definitely social media for most people who own a smartphone. According to Techcrunch, 80% of all online adults now own a smartphone.

Social media provides a unique link to customers that were never there before. Easy, in-expense, personal, and direct communication, this channel is an all-in-one package of pros and few, if any, cons. It also enables your “wooed” customers to market your brand without even asking them to. Making use of all of these benefits, however, requires dedication and hard work to “up-keep” company social accounts.

Below is a list of ten tools that will help you up-keep your social media accounts and do much more.


Add as many social media accounts as you like to your dashboard and manage them all at one place. More than ten million people are currently using Hootsuite, which makes it a worldwide and highly popular tool. Your Hootsuite Dashboard will allow you to manage all of your social networks, monitor your mentions, engage your audience, schedule messages to be delivered, and measure ROI. The PRO version, which has a 30-day free trial, will allow you to manage up to 100 social profiles, comes up with 10 enhanced analytics report, and has up to 10 team managers accessing it all.


IFTTT is a powerful tool that gives you control over your social media accounts, apps, and more. This is basically an “internet automation tool” that automates your actions as per your “recipes”. Recipes are a given set of instruction to IFTTT. For example, you could ask the software to post any Instagram photos or videos you liked on your Tumblr. Or you could ask it to save your Facebook status updates to your Evernote. For a social media manager, it might be useful to enable the recipe that allows you to respond to a follower immediately after a “re-tweet”. The possibilities are endless!


Buffer allows you to “simplify your social routine” by scheduling posts on your social media accounts. This social media tool is a clever way to generate and automate content among all channels. You don’t have to worry about opening you social media account every now and then to post up something you recently came up with. Simply ask Buffer to do the job by lining up your posts and scheduling them on different posting times throughout the day. This functionality will allow you to update your accounts regularly and consistently. The Buffer app also creates analytics with regards to your posts and their popularity.

Manage Flitter

According to the Manage Flitter websites, the app is being used by over 2.9 million users and even some large brands like PayPal, Windows, GE, American Express, and Richard Branson. Manage Filter enables users to manage multiple accounts and sort and filter who follows you on your Twitter accounts. You can also grow your business on Twitter with a set of engagement tools, schedule tweets on “optimal times”, and use analytics to track your progress.

Twenty20 Stock Photos

This beautiful stock photography website has over 45 million photos from 154 different countries. Leading brands such as Uber, BirchBox, Living Social, and Washio use the website for crowd-sourced photography. Photos have a way of engaging customers unlike purely text-based content. For photobloggers who are always looking forward to uploading their work, this is a great place to sign up!


Crowdbooster is best for Twitter and Facebook profiles management. The app will not only update schedules posts, but also remind you to keep in touch with followers you haven’t yet responded to. It has a separate section for alerts and recommendations that will notify you about your current follower growth (number of followers a day in the past week or month), influential followers (the one’s you should be keeping in touch with), re-tweet spikes (a tweet that received a significant number of re-tweets), and who you should be replying to. If you are a single user with one Facebook account and one Twitter account, $9 per month is all it will take manage your accounts with this app.


This is another website with a great collection of high-quality royalty-free images. For those of you who are on a tight budget and in need of fabulous stock photos, this is a great option. CompFight works by searching the Flickr photo library and listing only those that have a Creative Commons license, enabling downloaders to use the photographs for free. Skip Google and type in the keywords for the photograph you want in the search bar. Click “show me what Compfight can do” and there you have it—a collection of beautiful, original, social media-worthy stock photos!

Social Oomph

This great website aims to boost your social media productivity by reducing the amount of workload you have when it comes to social media management. The best part about this website is that is has several options open for free users. You can schedule tweets, track keywords, save and reuse drafts, view mentions and re-tweets, purge your Twitter tweets, and serve up to five Twitter accounts – without a charge! The professional version, on the other hand, has much more to offer at only $17.97.

Social Flow

SocialFlow is a highly popular business tool for marketers, publishers, and agencies. Top brands such as Walmart, Loreal, Pepsi, Fast Company, Daily Mail, and Billboard to name a few are clients of SocialFlow. According to Social Flow, timing is everything—even more important than what you say. With SocialFlow you can release posts as per schedules and optimized times, “identify best-performing posts, establish continuous loop of feedback, and develop new advertising opportunities that extend beyond current audience.” Social Flow partners with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to provide users with access to more information and serve the clients better.


Engaging an audience is best achieved when you know more about the audience to begin with. So, what do you know about your audience besides the most “influential followers”? SocialBro is the perfect tool for tracking your audience. It will identify your followers, filter them, and allow you to view their location, language they speak, what they do on Twitter, and more. This may sound creepy and stalker-ish, but isn’t that what all marketers need to do: “be where their customers are”? With Social Bro in your pocket you can analyze, engage, and monitor you Twitter audience without too much trouble. The website also allows you to keep track of your community, find the best times to tweet, get powerful stats and reports, set and review benchmarks, and track your interactions.

Curious about your audience…? SocialBro lets you track them too. You can analyze your competitors by keeping a close eye on their Twitter account. Social bro will let you compare their data to yours and analyze where the competition really lies.

Author Bio

Preston Pierce is a creative head and manager at LogoPing.co.uk. He has done graduation in marketing and certifications in graphic designing and front-end development. He has done articles for various blogs on design, development and marketing related topics.


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  2. I have tested HootSuit before but did not use it allot because our social media profile wasn’t that big. We are now at a stage where we have 4 social media profiles and we need a good tool to manage them all.

  3. Awesome information. I have utilized IFTTT yet no involvement with others specified in the post. Much thanks to you for expanding my insight i will attempt couple of something beyond.

  4. Buffer is great.
    I use it everyday and it has helped me get to 1000 followers on twitter. The only thing is that they’re closing their suggestions feed. Now I’m using Noosfeer coupled with Noosfeer, and they both work perfectly together 🙂

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