You Asked, We Answered: 3 More Colors for the StudioPress Theme


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Update: This theme is no longer available in the market.

Taking a look at the number of downloads, StudioPress is by far the most popular theme we have released so far. While people really liked it, there were also many who were asking for different colors.

We worked on it and now we are glad to release three more versions: Orange, Red and Green. Below you will find screenshots of each as well as the demo and download links. Answered

If you are not familiar here are the features of these themes:

  • AdSense-ready: The theme comes with three units integrated already. A 468×60 unit on top, a 336×280 unit on top of the sidebar and a 120×600 unit on the bottom of the sidebar. You just need to copy & paste the AdSense code on the specific php files.
  • Widget-ready: The theme supports widgets, so just drop the ones you use.
  • Comment styling: Comments alternate with a different background, making it easier to follow the conversation.
  • “Welcome” section on the sidebar: You can customize a “Welcome” or “About us” message easily through the form on the “Theme Options.”
  • Search Engine Optimization: The theme comes with title tags optimized, and it already displays only excerpts on archive and category pages, to reduce the duplicate content.

StudioPress Green

StudioPress Red

StudioPress Orange

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28 Responses to “You Asked, We Answered: 3 More Colors for the StudioPress Theme”

  • Hadleigh Roberts

    The only issue/problem/bug I can find with the StudioPress Red is that Image Captions appear as body paragraph text rather than specially formatted border text.

    Is it possible to rectify this?

  • Janna

    I would love to use this layout/theme but I need the posts to display the author. Does anyone know how to fix this?


  • Steven Brady

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you!

  • JT

    I guess my question is how do I change to using Widgets. I’d suggest making the top ad a “topbar” or something. I’d also say to have an if/then (which I assume others have) that allow widgets to work without having to modify code. I love these themes but adding widgets doesn’t get rid of the default sidebars as most widget ready themes do, which is why I assume they have some logic to check if you have widgets added and disable the default sidebars.

    Nice theme but would help for better “on the fly” widget support without modifying code.

  • drez

    Theme is awesome but why does it only work in every other browser but IE?

  • Kristian

    Hi – I have just downloaded the StudioPress theme and want to use it for my blog. Only issue I have with with the “grab out RSS feed” link and the two RSS links in the footer.

    When I click on the link in the header, it goes to which then gives an error – where do I change it to it points to and thus to the page where people can subsribe. The footer links similarly do not point to right direction…


  • Ahsan

    Your theme is gr8. I am using it on my site.
    I want to display author name with each post.
    Can you please help me with this??

  • Mike

    Nevermind about my last two comments, I resolved the problem. Get with me about the IE eradication though 😉

  • Mike

    Well, the code didn’t really come through on my last comment (I should have known better) In any case any ideas are appreciated.

  • Mike

    I really love the Studio Press Red theme and have been starting up a site ( with it. One problem I am having is that I have been using firefox during the setup over the last couple days and ran into an unexpected problem in IE. I edited the header.php and set it to use an image instead of inserting the title text with this line:

    <a href=””<img src=”/images/logo.png” alt=”Techweiser” />

    It worked perfectly in Firefox but completely fails to show an image or alt tag in IE.

    So, I have two questions.

    One: What have I done wrong?
    Two: Is there a way to erase IE from all hard disks on earth?

    Thanks for any help on either point 🙂

  • tweakwindows

    Hi mike. I have solved that problem. This problem is appears when you have copied texts from MSWord. You need to copy the text to notepad then to wordpress. This solution worked fine for me. I hope this will cure your problem.

  • mike

    I have the same problem as tweak, can anyone help us?

  • Tweakwindows

    Hi..I am also using this theme in my site.Problem is I can only see a black screen in IE(in 7&8).It works great in FF and opera..How to solve it?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Jialat, not sure, plugin compatibility is always an issue, and hard to fix the problem unless one took the time to edit the plugin manually.

  • jialat

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the wonderful theme. I’m going to use it. however I am facing a small problem right now. I have 2 plug-ins, WP23RP (related post), and WhereDidTheyGo in my site. Both at the ending part of the article. When I convert it to StudioPress, everything looks fine, except those words from this 2 plug-ins. May I know how I can change the code so that it will look exactly the same with the remaining of the theme?

  • Susan

    Love this theme! Just started a new blog with this template. Great work!

  • [ Nugraha ]

    Very nice themes.
    And best of all, It’s Free


  • Rakshit

    Very nice themes. I’ll keep these in mind, the next time I’ll change my existing one.

  • Phil

    Awesome! I have been trying to find something like this that not only looks great but is easy for a guy like me that knows very little about php, css, etc. Looks great.

  • Ebony

    Bless you, Daniel.

    I just downloaded that red one!

    It looks great; I was hoping for more colors.

  • matt

    Is there a way to select what pages you want on the header or atleast hide daughter pages?

  • Maxio

    They look great, thanks.

    But I prefer the blue one 🙂

  • MM

    Thanks, i’m already using one of the themes listed from your side. this would be good for future use.

  • Vaibhav

    Thnax a Ton, i am sure, i will be using them.

  • Cindy Szponder

    Great looking and useful themes. I’ll be sure to publish about it on my blog for those looking to add functionality and beauty to their blog.

  • Bent

    Yes..I’m one of them use your theme..I really like it..thanks because of your amazing WP theme..

  • Daniel

    Thanks Meraj.

  • Meraj Khattak

    They are looking nice.

    Well done.

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