What Is the Average CTR on Twitter? Let’s Find Out


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Twitter is certainly a new tool for online marketers and website owners, as it can be used to generate traffic to any page, from blog posts to services and sales pages.

The problem is that we don’t know how efficient this tool is. More specifically, what kind of CTR (click-through rate) do Twitter accounts have? That is, how many people would click on a link tweeted by an account with X followers?

Obviously the CTR will vary from case to case, as some accounts will have more engagement with their followers than other accounts, but I guess it would be possible to find an average, or at least a ballpark number.

If I needed to make a rough guess, I would say that the ballpark CTR is between 0.25% and 2,5%. So an account with 10,000 followers would get anywhere from 25 up to 250 clicks on its tweets.

If we work together, though, we can try to improve that guess. Here is how:

  1. First of all create an account on bit.ly (takes 2 seconds).
  2. After that pick a web page that you would like to share with your followers (like a post from your blog or some cool website), and shorten the URL inside your bit.ly account.
  3. Tweet a message describing that page and containing the bit.ly link.
  4. Wait at least a couple of hours and count the total number of clicks.
  5. Post a comment below informing how many clicks you got and how many followers you have.

It is necessary to create an account with bit.ly and log into it before shortening the link else you will not be able to track your individual stats.

I will do this with my Twitter account as well, and after you guys post your comments I will group the data and try to analyze it. Next Tuesday I will post the results.

Thanks in advance for everyone who will help.

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40 Responses to “What Is the Average CTR on Twitter? Let’s Find Out”

  • Keith Dawson

    I didn’t quite follow the protocol you outlined — I tweeted a URL on one of my sites, then counted log hits after 4 hours. 60 followers, 28 unique visitors. It’s a more or less random page out of many hundreds on the site so it’s likely that all of those visits resulted from the tweet.

  • odtaa

    I think that it is hard to predict the behaviour of Twitter users. From a number of posts I made, on a site I’m developing, of a crime writer’s conference, (murder is one of my hobbies), I got 56 hits as I was the first website with reviews of talkers.

    The prospective site has one follower, me, and I didn’t Tweet it.

    I’ve also having strange hits, for example making a joke, which had Doc Martens in the title, (Doc Martens are the boot of choice for English skinheads), I got a number of hits from very right wing groups I would not like top meet in the daylight, never mind a dark alley.

    I think the thing about Twitter is getting the information out first. There appear to be a lot of people, who sensibly, monitor key words. If you are one of the first with the news you’ll get the hits.

    One emphasis is the importance of titles, of like me you’re using one of the WordPress plugins to promote your work.

  • Jeremiah Hoyet

    I’m going to agree with some of the others, CTR on Twitter is a bit sketchy. It depends on several factors, including how many of your followers happen to catch the link (considering that it could be lost in the noise very quickly).

    That said, I’ve been using bit.ly for a while and most of my links get between 1% & 2%.

  • Adam Baird

    I seem to get about 20 clicks per link I post according to bit.ly. Google Analytics shows similar numbers.

    With that said, IMO this is a futile enterprise. There really is no way to get any sort of an accurate statistic. People with more followers will have a lower clickthrough rate. The level of dedication of followers varies greatly among twitter users. If you mass follow to get your followers you won’t get many clicks on your links.

    Basically clickthrough rates will be all over the map.

  • Tom Bradshaw

    I follow alot of site’s twitter accounts and often click through to blog posts, it must make an impression.

  • @spinchange

    I have between 873 followers and got 8 clicks. I usually get between 12-25 or so, with the occasional outlier upwards. Posted about 4:00am CST (2hours from the time of this comment)

  • Xpert Bloggers

    I got 56 clicks….

  • Mollt

    I have ~30,000 followers, and get anywhere from 50 – 150 clicks; the top end is a 0.5% click through.

  • Gloson

    I have got about 3.7k followers. I tweeted this post and got about 20 clicks 😉 .

    Hope this helps!

  • haveuread

    interesting. i just started tweeting today kind of out of curiosity and tried this. got 4 followers but i got 8 clicks in 5 minutes. interesting

  • Chester

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ll wait for the results and find out if it will work well on my end.

  • Carissa

    Matej, you can do a word search at search.twitter.com and then put the results in an RSS feed, it’s not a widget but it gets the job done.

  • Accrete Web Solutions

    “Andy Beal on August 11th, 2009 3:51 pm About 11,000 followers and using gri.ms (my own shortener) I get about a 9% click through rate.

    Keep in mind Daniel, retweets skew everything. ;-(”

    That’s what I was thinking too. You can’t really take the number of followers as a basis for doing the calcs as a percentage. You’d only get an idea of how many clicked the link.

  • Matej

    Sorry for asking on here but does anyone know if there’s any plugin, script or widget that can show all the latest tweets about particular topic, word more precisely like ‘ google ‘ for example ..

    Not just from one user, from whole tweetsphere. I’m searching for 2 days already ahh …

  • Jennifer Palmer

    Hey, I dont market or anything but i thought i would mention a couple points. first, Some users may follow someone and the updates go to there mobile device via sms so when they come back to a computer they load up the links possibly. two people like myself who are visually impaired use api clients like mctwit and qwitter and can load up a feature to see links, but if you have three or four urls like a share on twitter link, thats going to complicate things a bit. if you have a lot of followers a lot may be spam, i recommend not trying true twit those people need to be dealt with on terms of accessibility. Use twitchuck.com to do a friend list cleanin, sadly off the top of my head i am not sure if ya gotta follow the people that follow ya. i dont think so. hth and tc

  • Aaron Whitaker

    I average about 2% CTR with around 1,000 followers. My low CTRs are about .7% with my high CTRs being 5%.

  • Zack

    I have about 2,000 followers and my bit.ly links average between 10-15 clicks each.

    This is from my personal account though, so my tweets are completely random (i.e. anything I come across that interesting).

    Great post… hope this helps!

  • Mike CJ

    Mine averages 0.6% on 7800 followers. But bear in mind that only a small percentage of followers are online at any given moment, so I tend to Tweet a post four times over 24 hours, which effectively gives me a CTR of about 2% if that makes sense.

  • mickerlodeon

    I usually have about 20 or so clicks on links I post to twitter, since I currently have 188 followers that’s roughly a 10.6% click through rate.

  • teratips

    hey, nice think you gave me. thanks

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Andy, thanks for sharing.

    Good point about retweets. I guess we can put them into the equation. I expected accounts with a good followed engagement to have a higher CTR, so retweets are one factor that contribute to that.

  • @mattsingley

    22k followers as of this morning, my CTRs are (rough averages):

    News/Tech links: 0.45%
    Funny pics: 1.35%
    Funny vids: 1.6%
    My own blog posts: 3.3%

  • Andy Beal

    About 11,000 followers and using gri.ms (my own shortener) I get about a 9% click through rate.

    Keep in mind Daniel, retweets skew everything. ;-(

  • dd

    Hi Daniel,

    Just did this experiment using my sucuri_security account. Posted a link around 1 hour ago and got 12 clicks… So for my 370 followers it means my CTR is 0.3%.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @DJ Fermentarium, gotcha, thanks for sharing.

  • DJ @ Fermentarium

    Actually around 100 clicks on beer related articles. So I guess the high CTR is closer to 2.5% 🙂

  • DJ @ Fermentarium

    12 clicks on 4429 followers on an unrelated (not beer or wine) article.


  • Daniel Scocco

    @DJ Fermentarium, I see that you have 4,400 followers. So do you get around 220 clicks for beer and wine related tweets?

  • Gary Arndt

    I have noticed that I get about 15 clicks from bots for every URL I post. Please take that into consideration when determining your CTR.

    Also, many Twitter users will only click on items that come up while they are online. You usually have to post a URL several times to maximize your exposure.

  • DJ @ Fermentarium

    That’s interesting. I think it might also be how targeted your audience is. Mine’s beer and wine, and I see about a 5% CTR on beer and wine related articles. Much lower for other articles I post

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