Want To Write Better Blog Posts? Check The Problogger Scorecard


Yesterday I was browsing on Problogger and I came across a post where Darren was announcing the Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers.

It seemed like a good resource to have, so I went ahead and purchased a copy (normal price will be $14.97, but for the next two weeks you can get it for $9.97).

In a nutshell it is an ebook with pointers you can use to improve your blog posts. There are 63 pointers in total, divided in four sections: writing quality, scannability, search engine optimization and grammar.

copywriting scorecard

What I liked most if the fact that each pointer gives you one simple and effective thing to do in your blog post, so you can follow along and implement things right away.

At the end of the ebook you’ll also find the scorecard, which you can use to grade your post from 0 to 100. I am sure most bloggers will find this useful, so check it out (I am not an affiliate, so I won’t earn anything whether you buy it or not).

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11 Responses to “Want To Write Better Blog Posts? Check The Problogger Scorecard”

  • Robert Latchford

    You have some fantastic tips all across your website.
    Well done on maintaining such a strong focus over a long period of time. Would love to come and see your speaking slot at BlogWorld but can’t make it out to Vegas at this time of the year.

    Hope it goes well.


  • Virtual Agent

    Thanks for sharing this post. I better read reviews first before purchasing. I hope it will work for me.

  • cmdweb

    I love the idea of using a scorecard. We use balanced scorecards for business reporting in my day job, but I hadn’t thought of applying the same approach to a blog post. Inspired!

  • Tinh

    I knew this ebook just released and I have ordered it yesterday. Thanks

  • Sally

    Hi Daniel,

    For once I think I can actually say I do the above!

    FAINT ha ha.

    Will check out the book because I love following check lists, makes life so much easier.

    sally 🙂

  • jason

    A rubric, or a checklist, is always a great way to verify what you are doing correctly with whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. Glad you brought this to my attention.

  • Josh Garcia

    Hey Daniel,

    I purchase the book and for the cost….Heck I spend $10 on stupid stuff that wasn’t going to help me at all.

    Have a great weekend…

    • Josh Garcia

      In other words, It is worth the purchase. It is full of valuable content that can be implement ASAP….

  • Juan


    You wrote:
    What I liked most if the fact that each pointer

    and I think you meant:

    What I liked most i”s” the fact that each pointer


  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website


    I like the concept of ‘checking’ your score through a score card, as this makes you more accountable and directs you to take action.

    Darren did a smart move with this!


    • Web Marketing Tips

      Darren always come with few great ideas and this is always love to read him.

      I mean he is one of the oldest player of blogger league and still he is going so strong.

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