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While most web directories have languished over the years, some are still going strong, and getting your site listed on one of them can still help you, both with traffic and with search engine rankings.

In fact the web directories that managed to stay in business are the ones that work legitimately and try to provide a useful resource for their readers. Those don’t just accept any submission. There’s a screening process, and only useful and relevant resources get listed in each category.

The value of a web directory is proportional with the editorial discretion each directory owner applies. If you see a directory filled with keyword reach listing titles, descriptions containing superlatives like “leading”, “the best”, “cheapest” etc., you’d better close the page and save your money.

Below you’ll find a list with the top web directories that are Google compliant. Here’s a video explaining the concept:

All directories listed apply a very high editorial discretion and they’re actively maintained by their owners. Users CAN suggest a website to be reviewed but there is no guarantee of acceptance. Some directories will refund the review fee, others won’t. Read their TOS and/or guidelines.

I have ordered the list based on each web directory’s overall value both from an end-user’s and editorial discretion perspective. I’ll list the suggestion price (keep in mind that a suggestion fee is not equivalent with “guarantee of acceptance,” rather someone’s time and effort is paid!), and Domain Authority.

I won’t list the well known top 3 web directories (DMOZ, Yahoo! Directory, BOTW) because I want to highlight a bit the so called “second tier” directories.

1. Directory Journal

Most web directories, even the ones that are still active, tend to sport very ugly and confusing user interfaces. Directory Journal kept its design and interface updated over the years, and their structure is easy to navigate. On top of that the site has a lot of authority. ($59.95/year or $159.95/once, DA: 56)

2. Aviva Directory

The Aviva Directory is one of the largest on the web in terms of listed resources. As a result it’s considered one of the most important ones. Aviva is one of the most reputable second-tier directories out there. ($49.95/year or $149.95/once, DA 61)

3. Jasmine Directory

The Jasmine web directory is focused mostly on businesses and local listings. The directory is not as big as some of the others on this list, but the result is that it features a highly selected list of websites, making it quite a very useful resource. A regional section is highlighted as well. ($59.00/once, DA 60).

4. Alive Directory

This is a relatively new web directory, but it’s gaining a lot of attention because it uses some user friendly policies. For instance, they offer a full money-back guarantee if you submit your website but don’t get accepted. Worth a look. ($49.95/year or $149.95/once, DA: 54)

5. Abilogic

Human edited spam-free web sites organized in relevant categories. Been around since 2004 and featured a UK sub-section as well. ($34.95/once, DA: 56).

6. Skaffe

The Skaffe directory calls itself a “Local and Regional Specialist.” That is because the directory is broken down by regions and countries. If you have a website or online business that is highly local in nature, this could be a good directory to get listed on. ($44.99/once, DA: 49).

7. Family Friendly Sites

As the name implies, this site is about listing websites that are safe for all family members. Obviously some websites will not be able to get listed, but as a result of this strict selection the directory is liked by search engines. ($19.95/year or $49.99/once, DA: 68)

Tips when suggesting your website to any of the above directories:

  • Start by surfing the directory for the most appropriate category or subcategory for you niche.
  • If the directory has a regional section and if your business or the service you offer is related to a specific country or continent, submit your site there. (E.g.: If your business offers flowering services in London, UK – You’ll want to suggest your website to /Regional/Europe/UK/London/Home-and-Garden/Plumbing or something similar. If you sell clothing and ship worldwide, you can suggest your website to the general /Shopping/Clothes/ category.)
  • Use the official title of your website. Do not use a bunch of keywords like “Best SEO Company | Guaranteed Results” while your website’s official title is MediaStream (it was just an example)
  • When it comes to your website’s description, avoid repeating the website’s name, be objective and do not use superlatives like “best on market”, “leading company”, “cheapest”, etc. Briefly describe what your site provides and offers; what can a visitor find on your website etc. Do not use capitals for all words like “We Offer The Best Services….”.
  • Don’t think about a review fee that is a guaranteed inclusion fee. You have no idea how much money and effort a good directory can swallow. By this I refer mainly to the editors, their time, technical issues, improvements, marketing and on. So, you’re paying for someone to open your website, analyze it and decide if it’s worth to be listed or not. In most cases, you’ll get a refund, a response from the directory owner or one of the editors with the rejection reson and what should you do to improve your website.
  • Don’t get upset if an editor decides that your website fits better to another category, or slightly changes your website’s description.

I hope this article will help clear out the fog that surrounds the web directory industry, which now is completely different than it was only a few years ago.

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7 Responses to “Top 7 Web Directories for 2014”

  • Arpit Roy

    Does submitting a website to these directory actually help ? I am not very sure if this will help in generating traffic.

  • jennifer davis

    Thanks for sharing effective and real list of web directories which proves really worthy after submission,As so many of them are paid Can you please do share some free web directories which are real for betterment of seo.

  • Kostas Chiotis

    Hey Daniel, another interesting post. I admit to never having heard of any of these directories. How valuable would you say listing with them is?

  • Christopher Pontine

    Hey Daniel,

    Just off hand, do you happen to utilize any of these yourself?


    Christopher Pontine

  • RobertG

    @Lash, Of course it is good to be listed in DMOZ and BOTW as well.

    The main inconvenience with DMOZ is the huge approval time (which, allow to tell you that isn’t that huge if your website meets certain quality criteria, if you submit your official website title, a pne phrase description describing objectively your website, if you website has enough content and it has not 100 ads etc.).

    Google never said “NO-NO” to reputable directories. Matt Cutts explained their position in the video Daniel just posted.

    So, from now on, if you see a clean, well maintained directory, spam-free, applying a hi editorial discretion, feel free to suggest your website.

  • Lash

    Hi Daniel,

    THanks much for this article! I did not know about these directories. As you’ve hinted at, I also thought that getting your site listed on directories was now a big no-no from Google’s stance.

    Good to know!

    Just one question: I assume from the way you worded your sentence that it is also OK to be listed on the 3 top listings you mentioned – DMOZ, yahoo! directory and BOTW?

    Thanks again for the great tips!

    cheers, Lash

  • Matt

    Really good overview Daniel. Just a comment on your first point, that is if your site can belong in more than one category, make sure you compare categories and submit your site to a relevant category but also has the best SEO “power”. Categories differ in pr, pa, tf or whatever metric you want to use and normally the more buried the category is the less “power”.

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