26 T-Shirts for Internet Geeks and Web Workers


T-shirts are an interesting communication vehicle. They allow you to express yourself and to connect with like minded people.

Over the years I came across some cool t-shirts for Internet geeks and web workers, and today I decided to compile a collection of them. All the images are linked to where you can buy the t-shirt (no affiliate links, don’t worry). Enjoy!

Official T-Shirts

Google logo t-shirt. ($14.90)

For WordPress lovers. ($17.00)

The official Digg t-shirt. ($17.00)

Wikipedia globe. ($20.99)

Social Media T-Shirts

We couldn’t leave Twitter out huh? ($18.00)

Classic blogging t-shirt. ($21.99)

Facebook t-shirt with a bit of geekness. ($15.95)

Anyone still using MySpace? ($8.95)

For the Shoemoney fans out there. ($10.00)

LOLcats? ($23.00)

HTML and CSS T-Shirts

This is the front. On the back you obviously have </body></html>. ($18.00)

Hexadeximal colors. ($16.90)

Do you know HTML and CSS? ($17.95)

Needing a break? ($15.00)

SEO T-Shirts

Is your robots.txt file in order? ($25.00)

Matt Cutts anyone? ($18.50)

Blackshirt SEO? ($19.00)

Linkbuilding ftw. ($19.00)

Funny T-Shirts

You got Rick Roll’d! ($19.95)

As seen on YouTube. ($23.35)

Because suits really suck. ($16.99)

Home sweet home. ($15.99)

It is nice to be nice. ($20.00)

We needed one from T-Shirt Hell. ($19.00)

ebay-a-holic. ($28.95)

Classic. ($11.99)

Got any to add?

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22 Responses to “26 T-Shirts for Internet Geeks and Web Workers”

  • Leandro

    So nice i love the wordpress t-shirt, i’ll going to buy it

  • Kim

    My husband bought my this one and I love it, didn’t see it on the list but it definitely should have been:

  • Boris Mahovac – eMarketing Coach

    If you’re into email marketing check out this one:

  • Bala

    All the T-shirts are very nice… I like Google and SEO…. I wanna buy one…

  • redwall_hp

    There are some good ones here. You forgot the wolf-moon shirt though. πŸ™‚

  • Amin Ramjee

    I thinks that this is best t-shirts. This one is the best web site resource of t-shirts

  • Surender Sharma

    I,ll not purchase these but I’ll give the T-Shirts with my blog logo free for blogger brothers and readers.
    Would you like to wear my Blog’s T-Shirt without any cost?

  • Steve

    Awesome list! I like and would wear the tshirt with “Do you know HTML and CSS”

  • Tom Bradshaw

    lol, best one is Do you know HTML and CSS – not that id ever wear it!

  • Chester

    Nice. I’m digging the twitter shirt! I gotta buy that one!

  • Rick Regan

    You left out my favorite: it says “There are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who donÒ€ℒt” (

  • Melvin

    The robots.txt shirt is a funny one and unfortunately I couldn’t find a company that ships it to my country..

    Anyway have you ever tried having your own personalized shirt for dailyblogtips.com? I thought that would be intersting

  • Steve

    Shoemoney has the best shirts. Take a look at the gallery on his site.

  • Adam

    This one is the best TODAY :

  • Adam Baird

    hahaha…I recently received “I’m huge on twitter” as a gag gift.

  • Matej

    Lol, last one is great πŸ˜› ! I like the shirts but I don’t see myself ever wearing them ..

    I came across these shirt couple weeks ago, not exactly for online workers but made me laugh πŸ˜›

  • Boerne Search

    Nice, you forgot the PageRank t-shirts I have seen some wear. πŸ™‚


  • Bob Dye

    I think that this is the ultimate geek t-shirt.

  • Marsplan

    Nice ones, i like the html and css one… good collection…

  • Andrew

    YouTwitFace (inspired by a Year 3000 prediction by Conan O’Brien)

  • ithemesdotnet

    These are some very clever t-shirts. Wish I would’ve thought of them.

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