The Three Times You Need to Step Away From Your Keyboard

Ali Luke

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While I’m a huge fan of blogging, I also strongly believe there are some times when you shouldn’t write a blog post, send a tweet, or update your Facebook page.

Blogging can be a great way to work through a question or issue you’re facing in your life.

Many bloggers find that writing about something helps them work through it.

But these three emotional/physical states are ones when you don’t want to blog (or tweet, etc). And while much of this may sound like common sense, there are far too many examples in the blogging world of people getting this wrong.

#1: When You’re Angry

While anger can be a powerful motivator, and can result in some very strong posts, it’s often best to take a step away from your keyboard when you’re feeling furious.

This is particularly important on social media, where it’s easy to react in the heat of the moment — perhaps saying something you later regret.

If you’re angry about an event or situation, by all means use that as fuel for your writing. Just don’t publish your post till you’ve had a chance to edit it while you’re calmer.

#2: When You’re Drunk

Don’t drink and blog. It’s not a good mix. While a beer or glass of wine might be a nice way to unwind while blogging / tweeting / etc at the end of the day, if you’ve had much more than that to drink, it’s definitely best to leave your keyboard well alone.

Some spectacular errors of judgement have been made while drunk — take a look at the sudden exit of PayPal director of strategy, Rakesh Agrawal, for instance. Best case scenario, you’re going to end up publishing something sloppily written and probably full of typos.

#3: When You’re Exhausted

Many bloggers end up working long hours … but if you’re forcing yourself to turn out a post or send tweets at midnight when you’re struggling to keep your eyes open, it’s unlikely to be your best work.

Instead of forcing yourself to carry on, look for ways to cut back your blogging (or social media) schedule. That could mean writing three posts a week instead of five, or using Buffer or a similar app to set up your social media updates in advance.


Have you made any of the above mistakes? Or is there a different situation where you’d advise steering clear of the keyboard? Drop a comment below to tell us.


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  • sehar

    ali you must have experienced such things before writing, because i’ve faced the same problems. it’s been two weeks when i was too tired but i didn’t make any post on that day, but subconsciously i was compelled to write, and i did write but didn’t post it when in the morning i read that article again it was totally mess so i trashed it out. Thanks for this great post this is definitely going to help lot of people. big thumb for you. 🙂

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