So Long Bloglines, Hello Google Reader

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I confess I am a little stubborn when it comes to technology and software choices. If something is working fine, I will stick with it, and making me change to another platform will take a lot of effort.

Bloglines, the RSS reader, is a good example. I started using it around four years ago, and it worked just fine for what I needed. Then Google launched Google Reader. I created an account there initially, and even used it for a couple of weeks, but then I returned to Bloglines, because I was used to it.

But then a couple of weeks ago I started noticing an issue: apparently some of the RSS feeds I was subscribed to were not being pulled. Probably it was a small glitch on my account, but it was pretty annoying.

That convinced me to try Google Reader again. So far I am liking it. I still believe Bloglines was faster and simpler to use (two features I highly value on any piece of software), but Google Reader has more features and is more customizable.

What about you guys, what RSS reader do you use? Have you tried many of them before settling down?

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55 thoughts on “So Long Bloglines, Hello Google Reader”

  1. I used to use bloglines, I had the same problem, (where feeds weren’t being updated,) and it even pulled stuff from 2005 and put that in my feeds, (this was 2008.) I ditched bloglines after that and set up google reader soon after. I just recently tried to replace google reader with twitter and couldn’t do it, so I went back to reader. I love it!

  2. Google Reader is the only reader I have tried, and I have kept with it because I have no complaints. Like you, I prefer to stick with what works!

  3. I use the RSS reader that comes with Mail on my Mac! Puts all my feeds in the same place as my email. Allows me to stay nice and organized!


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