Reduce Your Bounce Rate In One Second


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So, how do you get visitors to spend more time on your site and reduce your bounce rate, without spending more than one second trying to do it?

It’s simple.

First of all get inside the control panel of your website (e.g., WordPress admin dashboard, or the equivalent on the software you are using). Now go to the section where you can tweak your CSS and other design aspects (in WordPress this is under the “Appearance” menu). Now find the line controlling the font size on your site, and increase it. That is it!

There are many case studies around the web where people used A/B testing to find how they could reduce the bounce rate, and increasing the font size works on most situations.

Just consider that the population in most developed countries is getting older and older, and that more and more people need to stare at a computer screen all day long for professional reasons (meaning our eyes are getting tired).

Then combine that with larger screen resolutions (where you have more pixels on the screen, but the actual appearance of the graphics gets smaller) and you get web visitors who would love to find a big large font on your site, so that they can read your awesome content comfortably.

And yes, I did increase the font on Daily Blog Tips a couple of months ago. It used to be 12, now it’s 13, and the bounce rate improved slightly.

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37 Responses to “Reduce Your Bounce Rate In One Second”

  • Robert Retete

    I increased the font size too. For now I don`t know if my the bounce rate improved, but at least I read easier my own posts 🙂

  • Jeannette McClennan

    Great tip! In fact, a couple of weeks ago I did a similar thing to one of my friends mobile phone. She is in her early forties, and would generally not reply to SMSs. I took her mobile, went to settings and changed to ‘Large’. Now she plays around with her mobile phone a lot more.

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