Link Tips: 18 November 2007


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  • Resources for Online Publishers: Lars is sharing his favorite resources for webmasters and bloggers. This is the second part of his article.
  • Top 100 Digg Articles: What topics are popular on Digg? What kind of posts have a higher chance of success? These are other questions are answered here.
  • Blogs About Blogging: Interesting list with the top 40 bloggers covering the blogging niche. I am flattered by the mention.
  • Premium WordPress Theme: If you are looking for a premium WordPress theme to make your site unique, check out Adii’s latest creation.
  • Get Your Family Excited About Your Blog: Staying motivated as a blogger is a hard task. Getting family members on board can be an efficient strategy.
  • Public Domains eBooks: The article lists 20 resources where you will be able to find public domain eBooks (read free for grab).

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7 Responses to “Link Tips: 18 November 2007”

  • Jim

    Thanks for the hat tip… I like the Digg analysis with all the charts and graphs, certainly interesting.

  • Codrut Turcanu

    Daniel, I just “contacted” you from the Contact page.

    I don’t know your e-mail…

  • Daniel Scocco

    Codrut, just email me the guest article. If its good I will publish it.

  • Young

    Top Blogs About Blogging---You are the SIX, congraturations!

  • Codrut Turcanu

    Nice follow-up article… I could probably write something similar 🙂

    Hey, I just wonder…

    How do I apply to write for
    as a guest author?

    Codrut Turcanu – “Succeeding Against All Odds!”

    I Teach NEWBIES How to Make a Small Fortune Online with
    Affiliate Programs – Without Paying for Advertising! –

  • Marco Richter

    Thanks for the mention of my Blogs about Blogging Toplist. btw, it´s now even more than 40 blogs – currently counting 51 of them.

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