November 2007 Popular Articles


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  • WordPress Post Slug: Use It Efficiently: I never paid much attention to the post slug feature inside WordPress, until recently when I submitted a guest post to Brian over Copyblogger. The post was titled “Six Common Punctuation Errors that Bedevil Bloggers.” The URL, however, was When I saw that I realized the potential of this little feature. So simple, yet so useful.
  • 10 Tips for Managing Email Effectively: Whether you are a blogger, a freelancer or a designer, you probably get overwhelmed when managing your email. This communication tool was supposed to make our lives simpler, but more often than not it does exactly the opposite.
  • What Causes Subscribers to Read Your Blog’s Feed?: As you’re flipping through your feed reader, reading some feeds and skipping others, have you ever stopped to think about what influences your decision on which feeds are worthy of your attention? More importantly, have you ever thought about what makes your feed appealing enough to your subscribers that it actually gets read?
  • Hit Scrapers Where It Hurts: Adsense: Getting someone that is violating copyright kicked out of Adsense should be faster and easier than getting the content removed from an anonymous blogger account (despite that being the optimal situation).
  • Comment on Highly Ranked Posts: Leaving (meaningful) comments on other blogs is a well known tactic for acquiring traffic and readers. Apart from picking a handful of blogs that are on your same niche, however, is there anything else you can do? Sure. One alternative method is to research for specific posts that are ranked high in Google for your related keywords, and leave comments there.
  • Preventing Ad-blindness on Your Blog: The human mind doesn’t pore over every inch of your site, examining every image, reading every word and link. In fact, other than the content, readers take in very little. That’s why click-through rates on advertisements are so low (sometimes just a handful from a thousand impressions).
  • Could Indexation Time Affect SEO?: The explanation that I could find was that Google indexed my post before the others, and this factor contributed to its ranking. Now, I don’t think that being the first to write about a specific subject will automatically put you in Google’s front page for these keywords, but I guess it could help.

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5 Responses to “November 2007 Popular Articles”

  • medyum

    Thanks for sharing
    nice post
    thanks again.

  • Aneesh

    I liked the post about commenting on good and useful sites around the globe..

  • Rock

    I really never thought about searching google for high ranking posts to leave comments on. This is most likely an undertapped strategy that could be really beneficial in the long run. Thanks for pointing me towards it.

  • Abhijeet Mukherjee

    The simplest but the best post I believe is about managing email.It helps to manage email overload effectively and ensures that healthy communication is maintained through email.

  • Vikram Kinkar

    Some of these are very practical and effective Posts Daniel. The one about Post Slugs clarified an important concept and I have put it to better use after reading about it here.

    Also, Indexation time is an important factor, but even if you are the first one to write about something, some blogs or sites that are more prominent and well known, have an advantage due to page rank and updating frequency.

    Here submitting posts to Social Networking sites like Digg or Sphinn have helped me get better search results rankings. Even if my own post soesnt make it in the top ones listed, It would come up through digg. It Has worked quite well for me till now!

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