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You probably know that top domain names sell for big bucks, right? But exactly how much money are we talking about, and what are those top domains? Well, I just came across a list that has over 50 of the most expensive domains ever sold.

Here are the top 10: – Sold for: $14 million on January 19th, 2006 – $9,999,950 – Sold in 2008 – Sold for $9,000,000 sometime in 2007 (Update: OR $9,500,000 – Two different prices shown across many different sites/news reports) – Sold for $7,500,000 in 1999 (Remember: This was pretty much a “business” sale with a developed name) – Sold for $7,500,000 – Sold for $7,000,000 – Sold for $5,100,000 in January of 2000 – $5,000,000 – Sold in January of 2000 – $5,500,000 – Sold to a private company in 2003 – $3,850,000 – Sold to – Sold for $3,500,000 in 2001

Check out the original post to view the other 40 domains listed.

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51 Responses to “Most Expensive Domain Names Ever”

  • Jamie Pixon

    Once in a while, I like to play a game with myself—> get drunk, relax and pretend I’m back in 1998 on my PC, having the foresight and vision to register domain names such as and

    Of course, I soon sober up and realise the closest I’ll ever get to these domains is or



  • Jake

    Most of the sold domain names are dot com. But there is few “not .com” domain names which break the record, for example was sold for USD 1.4 million, for USD 1.8 million and for USD 1.1 million

  • TutsKing is obviously the sexiest = highest price.

  • The online stores

    Nikhil, years ago 10-20US$, not more, but now… who know 🙂

  • Nikhil

    any guesses how much google would sell out for :):)

  • Boerne Search

    I would say more like “good” domains, all the great domains are taken, trust me I’ve looked.

  • neon

    oky iii akÅŸamlar web dizayn

  • neon

    slm thanks

  • world tours

    Yes, but only the domain is not sufficient. Тhere are still “Great” domain names that are free

  • Xander Mobertz from

    It’s terrible to see some people buy domains just to get some profit out of it. I think it ruins the creativity on the web because amateurs won’t be able to get a domain for a reasonable price!

  • Dave

    I think those prices are fair. Domain names are so important these days.

    I bet having a great domain name can boost your hits massively. is a great one to have.

  • Bryan Hee

    Woo! Become millionaires by selling domain name’s!

    To Your Success
    Bryan Hee

  • Tour 2009

    In which names you see future? What you think?

  • James Storr

    The price for seems really excessive … Also we can notice that most of the top 10 domains were sold around 2000 … it has become more difficult now to sell domains…

  • Matt

    You can still invest and do well. I recently registered a name and sold it within months for mid 5 figures.

    I’ve plenty more good ones too 🙂

    You have to follow the trends, like *

  • SEO Genius

    Now I wish I had a chance back then when all the decent domain names were still unregistered. I would of taken them all 😛

    Then again there are still some great domain names available just you have to predict the future now.

  • vrati

    I am prepare to sell one of my domains for 5 million (Euro) up to 1-2 years 😉

  • Loki

    I bought back in 1998 and I am happy with it but generally considered having a generic domain name does not help much with Google rankings ….

  • TechieProjects

    any idea on how can i get my domain name evaluated for free?

  • No Fixed Office

    Some of those prices are just excessive, i wonder if any were purchased as just an investment rather then to actually develop a site.

  • Brian D. Hawkins is for sale for $2,400,000 USD right now.

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