Kevin Rose Jumping Out Of The Digg Boat?

Kevin Rose Jumping Out of The Digg Boat?

If you haven’t heard yet, Digg is for sale. And they haven’t just raised a for sale sign, they actually hired a private investment firm to shop around seeing if anyone is interested.

Much of the discussion on the Internet right now is about the price tag: $300 million. Some say it’s too much, others say it’s fair. Honestly I don’t think that is the most important point. The question that strikes me is: why would Kevin Rose and his crew want to sell Digg in the first place?

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Use Your Blog to Land Paid Writing Gigs: 9 Practical Tips

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Making Money With Hubpages (Or Not)

Making Money with Hubpages (Or Not)

questions and answersThis post is part of the Friday Q&A section. Just use the contact form if you want to submit a question.

Christopher asks:

Do you know anything about Is it a credible source to publish content on and get paid?

Also, can you post content on Hubpages, that you have posted say on your own site?

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10 Crazy Online Ideas That Actually Worked

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6 AdWords Tips for Small Business Owners

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