May 2008 Most Popular Articles


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Below you will find the most popular posts on this blog during the past month. Check them out if you missed any.

  • Why You Must be the First, in Google’s Search Results at Least!: People always say that you need to be in the first page of results in Google if you want to receive clicks, right? Well, this will hurt, but the reality is that merely being in the first page is not enough.
  • Are You Familiar with HTML and CSS? Six Reasons Why You Should Invest the Time to Learn: I had been involved with web design for a few years before I ever started blogging. In my opinion, being able to work with the code of a blog is a huge advantage that many bloggers choose not to pursue.
  • Video Blog Review 1 – On this first blog review I will cover the design and layout aspects of, a blog coming from one of our readers (I asked his permission to review it).
  • Google Indexing Scrapers First?: This made me curious and went to check for myself. The first thing I wanted to know was if my post was indexed already by Google or not. I copied one sentence from the post and search it in Google, with quotation marks to find only exact matches.
  • Poll: What is Your Favorite Browser?: Anyway all this browser thinking got me curious about what browser you guys use. I know that many of you will need to use more than for work purposes (cross browser testing, Internet Explorer applications, etc), but what is your favorite browser for surfing the web, blogging and similar?
  • Website Traffic Series Part 6: Using Forum Signatures: Time to analyze another traffic generation strategy: using forum signatures. At the bottom of this post you will find links to all the previous parts on the series, and stay tuned for future ones, we are going to cover literally all of them!
  • Star Trek Blogging: The Klingon Way: In the world of Star Trek, Klingons are known as a warrior people, formidable in battle, fierce in their passions, and concerned with honor above all. But the life of a Klingon has lessons for humans, even for that sedentary class known as bloggers. Here are three proverbs that can help you learn to blog the Klingon way.
  • DarkZen WordPress Theme Released: Most of our previous WordPress themes used light or vivid colors, so I thought that a darker design was needed on the portfolio. DarkZen comes with a dark header and a gray background, packed on a clean and minimalist design.

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    thank you nice post


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    Haha, last but not least, although I love all of the posts, you made me remember to download the Darkzen theme. I lost the name of it, and thanks to you, I found it again! Kudo´s!

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