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Hush Weighted Blanket Review 2021

Our Verdict

If you need a weighted blanket to help relieve stress, anxiety, or the chill in the air, the Hush Weighted Blanket is an excellent choice.


  • Fill is non-toxic, breathable, and evenly distributed.
  • Several weight options to choose from.
  • The outer cover is made with a plush soft fabric suitable for all skin types.
  • Has a GiveBack program where they donate blankets to recognized charities and organizations for those in need.


  • The interior blanket and duvet are hand-wash only.
  • The Classic does not come in kids bed sizes.

If you feel your mind racing or your body restless once your head hits the pillow each night, you're not alone.

At least 40 million Americans are affected by a generalized anxiety disorder. It's safe to say that if you're reading this, you're probably looking for a way to quiet your inner voices so you can get a good night's sleep.

What if we told you the solution to your anxiety and insomnia might just come in blanket form? 

The Hush Classic Weighted Blanket was designed with the anxiety-ridden insomniacs in mind—and then some.

It's backed by science and engineered to induce deep pressure therapy. It's like being wrapped up in a giant, comforting, hug all night long. 

You probably have a lot of questions, especially if you're just hearing about weighted blankets.

Welcome to your Hush Weighted Blanket review for 2020. In this review, we'll answer all of your questions and more.

Keep reading to learn more about the Hush company and its incredible weighted blanket.

What is the Hush Classic Blanket?

Hush Blanket review

The Hush Classic Blanket is a weighted blanket brought to you by the Canadian company, Hush Blankets.

Weighted blankets have been around for quite some time, but they've only recently become available to the public for retail purchases.

The Hush Classic is the company's original pride and joy.

It was designed to bring better sleep to those experiencing anxiety, stress, and other mental disorders such as Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), OCD, and ADHD, which contribute to insomnia or times of moderate to extreme duress. 

The company describes its blanket as a "much-needed hug," providing a sense of calm and relaxation to its users.

The Hush Classic weighted blanket uses a Deep Pressure Touch technology clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

The weighted blanket also works to increase melatonin and serotonin production, thereby reducing cortisol levels in the body.

This same technology is used in all of Hush's products, including their cooling weighted blanket and kids’ weighted blanket.

Hush Classic Blanket Materials

The Hush Classic Blanket is made with a soft, plush, microfiber threading cover.

The inner blanket consists of breathable, non-toxic glass sand that's evenly distributed throughout. 

The glass sand is kept in place by microfiber fabric pockets, providing equal pressure at all times.

The Hush Classic, in particular, is more suitable for the colder months. Or for those who like to sleep with their conditioning on lower temperatures.

The inner blanket is equipped with six hooks and six hook ties that hold it inside its zip-up duvet cover. 

The Hush Classic comes in several weight and size options for you to choose from.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Hush Classic weighted blanket is an investment which will run you between $100 and $300.

The different sizes and weights you can choose from are as follows:

  • Twin (60" x 80") currently $189 for both 15 and 20 lb options
  • Queen (80” x 87”) currently $209 for 20, 25, and 30 lb options
  • King (90" x 90") currently $219 for 30 and 35 lb options

All Hush Classic blankets come with free shipping and a duvet cover with a color choice between charcoal and white.

The Hush company also offers a 100-night trial, so if you don't feel the blanket's effects, you won't be pummeled by the stress of wasted money. 


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the Hush weighted blanket.

Does The Hush Classic Blanket Really Work?

The Hush Classic blanket is backed by science and over 1,000 hours of engineering.

Weighted blankets have shown positive results over the years for those with the conditions mentioned above, and Hush has a generous trial and return period for those who don't find the blanket helpful.

Can The Hush Classic Blanket Help With Stress And Anxiety?

Weighted blankets like the Hugh Classic are designed for people who suffer from moderate to severe stress and anxiety.

The pressure on the body that the Hush Classic provides increases the release of serotonin in the brain, contributing to feelings of happiness and well-being.

How Do You Wash The Hush Classic Blanket?

To wash the Hush Classic blanket, remove the inner weighted blanket from the duvet cover by unzipping the cover and untying the tie hooks.

Once completely removed, the duvet can be washed on a gentle, cold cycle with regular detergent. Avoid using fabric softener and only wash the cover by itself.

Since the inner blanket is protected by a duvet, it won't soil easily.

When you must wash the inner blanket, it is recommended that you hand wash only. Avoid putting both the duvet cover and the inner blanket in the dryer—line dry only!

Can The Hush Classic Blanket Really Help Me Sleep Better?

The same deep pressure touch that comforts the body and helps the brain release more serotonin promotes the production of melatonin.

This is because the added weight helps to regulate hormone production by putting pressure on our sensory receptors. 

Being wrapped up in the cozy cloud of a Hush Classic blanket should put you into a deep, satisfying sleep.

Final Thoughts

The Hush Classic weighted blanket provides the right amount of pressure, warmth, and softness needed to silence your inner voices and calm even the most hyperactive bodies. 

This blanket was designed as a therapeutic tool to help people in need.

It’s especially effective for those who face challenges beyond a generalized anxiety disorder. 

The Hush Classic should put you at ease and banish your sleepless nights.

 Luckily, you'll have plenty of time to test it out and return it if it's not right for you. 

Things like stress, anxiety, insomnia, and other mental disorders can severely interrupt your life.

Even if all you need is better quality sleep, the Hush Classic weighted blanket is a worthwhile investment. 

Hush Classic Blanket

Like a much-needed hug, the Hush Blanket helps turn stress and anxiety into 100% CALM.

Hush Weighted Blanket vs. Alternatives

Baloo Blanket

Baloo Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket
  • Large enough for two people.
  • Good for hot sleepers.
  • Machine washable

Layla Blanket

Layla Weighted Blanket
  • 120-night trial
  • Machine washable
  • Extensive size and weight variety

Gravity Blanket

Gravity Weighted Blanket
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Removable cover
  • Micro-fleece and cotton textures

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Hush Weighted Blanket
Hush Blanket review

If you need a weighted blanket to help relieve stress, anxiety, or the chill in the air, the Hush Weighted Blanket is an excellent choice.

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