How Do I Get Backlinks to My Posts, Making Sure They Will Get a Good PageRank?


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Mathew asks:

Do you spend a lot of time and effort on SEO and getting some quality/relevant backlinks to them right away, or are they mostly organic links from people linking to them?

Also, what’s the best ways to get backlinks to my inner pages with older posts on them?

I was wondering because I’ve noticed almost all of your older posts have very good page rank.

I used to spend a lot of time and effort on SEO and on getting quality/relevant backlinks a couple of years ago. That is because the blog was new and had a small audience, so publishing outstanding content alone wouldn’t do the trick. How did I go about attracting backlinks? Doing three things mainly:

1. Submitting my posts to social bookmarking sites. There are plenty of do-follow social bookmarking sites out there that will send you link juice even if you are the only one voting for your story. On top of that I also tried to promote my killer articles on Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious, and whenever I managed to score a front page a big influx of organic links would come.

2. Networking with fellow bloggers. Building a relationship with bloggers inside your niche is essential. This means that I would link to them often, and many times they would return the favor. I am not talking about link exchanges but rather about natural links to quality content that your fellow bloggers post.

3. Guest blogging. As you probably know I am a big fan of guest blogging. Back in the day I used to do it a lot, which sent both new readers and backlinks my way. Sometimes instead of using the byline link to my homepage I would point it to a related post I had published on my blog, and that can help a lot with search rankings.

Over time, however, I started to spend less and less time trying to get backlinks, because as my audience increased so did the organic backlinks. That is, every time I publish a normal post these days I get 5-10 backlinks on it. When I post a killer article I get 50-100 backlinks. So I just focus on producing content these days, because the promotion side pretty much walks alone.

There are two other things you can do to maximize the link juice of your single posts, however. They are:

1. Having an HTML sitemap. This is basically a page within your blog that you’ll link to all posts you have ever published. You could make this by having an “Archives” section, as I do. This is a very efficient way to distribute your link equity because all pages of your blog will link there, and it will link back to all pages of your blog.

2. Cross linking between your posts. Linking to older and relevant posts is another practice that can increase your PageRank and search rankings, apart from adding more value to your readers. Whenever you are writing a new post, therefore, think about what you have published in the past and trying to find something relevant to link to.

Finally, notice that having lots of backlinks pointing to each of your single posts is not necessary to make sure they will have a good PageRank. If you have a good amount of backlinks pointing to your homepage, and use the two methods I mentioned above, your link equity will naturally spread all over your website, and even single posts will no backlinks at all will gain some PageRank.

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37 Responses to “How Do I Get Backlinks to My Posts, Making Sure They Will Get a Good PageRank?”

  • Surgery Houston

    I think you hit the nail on the head. There are a lot of bloggers now that say that all of that backlinking working is for nothing. Of course that’s because they already have huge audiences.

  • Bradley Davis

    @Colby – take a look at – you can select do dollow in the options.

  • Colby

    Daniel, regarding 1. Submitting my posts to social bookmarking sites. Can you (or any of your readers) tell me which do follow social bookmarking sites you submit to? Thanks!

  • Web Marketing Tips

    Daniel … would love to read more on this topic.

    So please add a series about link building with various examples.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Steve, spam problems.

    I am trying to hack WordPress to put the link back on commenters with 5 or more comments though.

  • Steve

    Wondering why the commentator’s blogs are not being linked?

  • Harrison

    I have read if you send the same story to Digg, Stumble, etc… too much it hurts you. Not sure if this is rumor or not.

  • Dana @ Blogging Update

    I choose to focus in guest blogging which is the best way to get back link in my opinion.

  • Stephanie – Home with the Kids

    Guest blogging is a promotion method I want to work on for building traffic too. To element321, I would say do some of your best as a guest post. It should also be something that is highly relevant to your site so that any visitors you get for your efforts will find what they expect. But if you skimp on quality you may not make the impression you meant to and won’t get quite as much for your efforts.

  • Keith

    I really like guest posting and networking with other bloggers. Social Bookmarking is one I try to do but probably don’t use it enough, I have a couple of do-follow sites I try to submit to….

  • Greg Taylor

    I write a Concert Photography 101 series on my blog and I get a huge life by referring to previous posts when introducing new ideas and techniques.

  • Max Koluszky

    @Daniel – Thank you. That is what I’ve needed. 🙂

  • Mathew Day

    Awesome Post Daniel, thanks for answering those questions. I know a thing or two about SEO and getting page rank, but some of this info is very helpful and new to me.


  • Daniel Scocco

    @Max, I use “Clean Archives”, just google for it or search inside DBT.

  • Ryan

    Cross-linking is a creative way to breathe life into old posts and bump up your backlinks.

    Super tips.

  • Steve

    I was wondering this myself and thank you for sharing. You and Darren at ProBlogger seem to get great page ranks with every post you put up.

  • Ray

    I wrote an article on backlinks. Maybe it will be useful to some.

  • Ray

    There are many sources of backlinks. For a blogger, especially a niche blogger they are invaluable. Backlinks lead to better ranking in search engines. And traffic from search engines is targeted traffic, and targeted traffic is the best kind.

  • Kiks

    Thanks for sharing this… can anyone list the social sites that give back links.

  • RJ Weiss

    I’m kicking myself right now for not having an archives page on my blog. Thanks for the advice.

  • element321

    Thanks for sharing.

    I have a new blog, and I have been working to get my backlinks up and producing killer content. I have started to network with fellow bloggers.

    As for guest blogging, I have been throwing the idea around for a while now. I have hard enough time posting every day. Let alone posting on other sites.

    When guest posting, should this be your very best work. Or should it more of preview of your content, so other be interested and vist your site.

  • Aglolink

    Right now I’m trying to be a guest blog on one of the Indonesia-language blogs. Interestingly, make links and traffic flow to be drastic. This is what I want, who visits regularly and actually touch them.

  • Lain Ehmann

    For some reason, the cut and paste didn’t show in my comment above — I’m interested in more specifics about your “Submitting my post to social bookmarking sites.” I’d love to hear how you went about doing this.

  • Lain Ehmann

    Great post. I’m interested in hearing more about this step:

    I’m at the beginning stages with a new site and would love specifics about this!

  • sudharsan @ technoskillonline

    But backlink from a Highpagerank website and too with Do-follow blog
    will increase your blog’s pagerank

  • Pascal

    You can use smart seo links plugin to interlink your posts. It saves your time.

  • Max Koluszky

    What plug-in for Wordress is best for creating HTML sitemap?

  • GetBrowser

    Thanks for your sharing. Through your experience, I think we can build the backlinks easily. Thank you.

  • john

    I wrote an article called How to Use Google Custom Search to Supercharge Your Blog Network Interlinking that talks in detail about the importance of interlinking. Check it out!

  • Austin

    I have been trying to get the ball rolling on a site called that connects guest bloggers to site that accept posts.

    Could be a good backlink resource. And a little bit easier than the google search method talked about here a few days ago.

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