Google Just Updated the Nominal PageRank


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I was expecting it to happen early in January 2009, but the Mountain View folks were faster. The nominal PageRanks started changing yesterday, and by today you should already be seeing the updated values.

I am pretty happy with the new numbers. Daily Blog Tips remained a PR6, while Daily Writing Tips went up from PR5 to PR6, and TechCult went up to PR5.

How about you, did your PageRank increase?

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75 Responses to “Google Just Updated the Nominal PageRank”

  • Thomas W. Shay

    I checked my page rank and it when up from 1 to 3. I am very happy as I have been working hard for the last 6 months or so.

  • syilpid

    my blog from 1 to 3 😀

  • Amy Warden

    Well, my web store remained the same, but my blog went from PR2 to PR3, so I’m totally happy!!

  • Nicholas |

    Yuppy! I just moved my blog to a new domain name 2 months ago.. happy to see i got a PR2

  • John Sullivan

    Happy New Year Daniel and everyone
    Mine stay at 4 which was cool considering
    I’m do follow and followed tons of links so I’m Happy
    thats 6 is looking tight

  • Ragnarok Guide

    Congratulations with the numbers. Mine stays as 0 because I have a few text links sold in my site but I removed it now.

  • Rebellious Arab Girl

    Mine stayed at 4.

  • Online Marketing Agency

    @dondv – Every page within your site is evaluated individually with PageRank, hence the name, otherwise it would be called SiteRank.

    All it means is that Google is seeing your homepage as being a higher authority compared to your blog. It is no big deal, PageRank is not really very meaningful these days. It is really just a number to brag about.

  • Diffio

    My blog remained a PR2. No news – good news 😉

  • Will

    The PR system was designed to keep people in a rat race. I don’t recommend obsessing over it.

  • Kelly the Kitchen Kop

    What the? My went from a 3 to “unranked”, does anyone know what that means??? Is that a zero? If so, that stinks! My Alexa rank is around 500,000, so hopefully that is wrong…?

  • Associate Money

    Went from PR0 to PR1, but mine is a new blog. Hope to see a PR3 in the next update.

  • Ajith Edassery

    I was expecting PR4… but stayed at PR3. Anyways, the good news is that I got PRs for more than 1/3rd of my posts and all my posts and pages are indexed by Google

  • Lachy Groom

    My site – PSDtoWordPress – went from 0 – PR5 in 2 months!

  • Shafar

    My new Blog TipsBlogger.Com moved from PR0 to PR2 ! 😉

  • imam

    My Pagerank I still 3, in December 2008, in the new year I have not check again, if there are no changes?
    Hopefully I can ride:)

  • Paul

    I’ve had three sites go up and none go down

  • Monty –

    I got a PR1! 😀

  • Jodith

    *squeels* I got a PR4!!!

    *dances around happily*

    I thought I was doomed to stay at PR2 forever! But I fairly big site in my niche republished a few of my posts, with 2 link backs in each one (one to post and one to the site). It greatly increased my exposure.

    I also went from 2 to 4 on another of my blogs, and from 1 to 2 and my personal blog.

    It looks like all my hard work is finally paying off!

  • Video Guitar

    From 0 to 2 🙂

  • Ben Moreno

    Hal, it would be funny to see Google anything less than a 10.

  • Ben Moreno

    Pagerank stayed the same. Was expecting it, because I spent most of my time trying to get subscribers.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Arun, we will cover that on the project I am launching early in January 🙂

  • cchrissyy

    My store (4) and company blog (3) both had no PR change on the main page but many smaller pages, like product categories, now have Pr 2 and 3 where they had none before. But plenty others are still at 0, and the correlation is strongly in favor of my older categories, not the bestselling or most often updated categories. I hope that simply indicates that the process isn’t done yet.

  • Hal

    Obviously I don’t understand the importance of this. I had a look at some major sites and here is what I found.
    Amazon – 8
    NewEgg – 7 – 4
    My site – 4
    Bloglines – 9
    Lifehacker – 7

    As far as this rating I am on the same level as Amazon is 8? And Google of course is 10.

  • Nate

    Yeah, my PR went up from 3 to 5. Woo hoo.

    But what does it mean if most blogs move up? There are still only 10 results per page.

  • Sean P. Aune remained at 4 (I swear it is never going to move), but went from a 2 to a 3, so I am very happy.

  • Ajay and remained at 4
    My other site is stuck on 2

  • Arun Basil Lal


    I have a question:
    How do we buy and sell domains?
    I have read that your buy domains and sell them at a higher rate, how is that possible.?


  • Potato Chef

    My blog was started in October. I just went from a page rank of 0 to a page rank of 2. Next stop 3 or 4?

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