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Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk Review 2021

Our Verdict

A flashy gaming desk for PC and console games. Its smooth desktop and blue LED lighting provide a refreshing look to your gaming setup.

As you decide on your purchase decision with the Eureka Gaming Z1-S, it is essential to weigh both the pros and cons.

Here are the positives behind the product:


  • The surface provides ample space for gaming.
  • LED lighting adds a sleek design flair.
  • Eureka's customer support is responsive and reachable through a variety of mediums.
  • Construction is solid and stable because of the Z-shape design.


  • The price is higher than other products on the market.
  • The LED lights do not come in any additional color alternatives.

Are you looking to enhance your gaming experience through more desktop space, convenient accessories, and a sturdy table structure?

A reliable gaming desk can help bring joy and excitement to your computer games sessions. When you invest in a solid gaming desk, it can also provide you easy accessibility, address health concerns for slouching, and offer you the sleek gaming style you deserve.

The Eureka Z1-S desk provides you a valuable option for all your game playing needs. In this article, we offer you a full Eureka Ergonomic Gaming desk review.

We highlight the company behind the product, what the desk provides, and a close look at the desk's different features. After you finish this review, you can make a much more educated purchase decision.

What is Eureka Ergonomic?

Eureka Gaming Desk and Chair

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S delivers a gamer theme as soon as you look at the desk. It features a carbon-fiber surface, lightly textured a black-dominant color and red accents. 

The plastic armor-like material on the sides will also protect both your feet and the desktop.

The desk's top feature is the blue-colored LED lights integrated into the side armor on the desktop. Although the lights do not change color like some of Eureka's other products, it adds to the coolness factor.

Additional Z1-S features and accessories include a headset hanger, cup holder, controller stand, large mouse pad, and game storage.

About Eureka Ergonomic Gaming

Eureka Ergonomic creates a variety of gaming desks, peripherals, converters, and accessories. The company delivers products to customers at a good value.

It can offer affordable prices because it utilizes most of the significant products in-house, instead of sourcing from third parties.

Eureka does most manufacturing in China through a robotic process, which produces a consistent result in all its products.

The company also prides itself on its creative ergonomic designs and reliable testing methods. The main office for Eureka Ergonomic is in Texas, which also hosts two shipping warehouses to facilitate the distribution process.

Overall Highlights of Desk

As you evaluate your purchase decision for the Eureka Z1-S, you must consider a variety of factors. You need to decide what is most important to you and ensure that the desk provides the value you require.

Eureka's desk's essential qualities include surface, ergonomics, durability, cable management, and overall value.

Key Features


The larger gaming surface features a smooth, carbon fiber texture. You can easily fit your keyboard, monitors, and other gear onto the main tabletop.

When you measure the entire gaming surface, the width is 44 and a half inches, and length is 24.2 inches. 

The reliable structure can support a monitor up to 40 inches. This size can support the bare necessities, but it is certainly not the largest on the market.


Although the leg braces complement the Z-designed legs for design stability and lower risk of knees banging, the ergonomics are below average.

The desk’s fixed-height does not give you the flexibility to set it to your height or ideal sitting style. This lack of adjustability can cause slouching for gamers and eventually create postural syndrome.


Z1-S contains a sturdy metal structure that delivers a stable gaming experience for gamers and will consistently hold up.

The Z-shape design provides a solid foundation for the jostling and rocking during intense gameplay. The spacious tabletop is also manufactured with laminated multi-density fiberboard, which adds to the reliable structure.

Durability could be an issue within the armored sides, which is constructed with lightweight plastic. But after you attach it to the desk and its feet,, the everyday bumps and shaking will not be an issue.

Cable Mananagement

Cable management is not one of Z1-S's strong points. A gaming computer is a complex setup, which requires many peripheral devices to support it.

Eureka's gaming desk does contain small grommet holes toward the back for the cables to filter through. But once the wires pass through this opening, they dangle freely and are prone to damage.

Overall Value

Z1-S sells for under $200, which is considered a cheaper option on the market. This price fits the product well because it does not come with many advanced components like linear actuators present in an upright desk.

Given the extra features like the cup holder, controller stand, balancing level headphone holder, and mousepad, the desk is priced well.

Eureka Z1-S's value comes from its sleek style. Someone looking for a gaming desk specifically for playing computer games will enjoy this product because it matches your peripherals and gaming PC style.

Gamers will enjoy a proven desk that stands out with its clear aesthetic.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Eureka Z1-S desk is priced at an average of $191, depending on the shipper you go through. It will not be above $200, and the company offers free shipping in 48 states.

Although it may not be as cheap as various Amazon options, this is a lower price than many of the specialty gaming desks on the market.


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the Eureka Gaming Desk.

Is The Desk Able To Fit Three Monitors On It?

.If you leave the monitors on their stands, it will not fit three. But you could fit three monitors if you mount a 3-monitor stand. However, you can comfortably fit two 24-inch monitors separately.

How Stable Is The Desk?

The desk provides reliable stability because of the Z-shape structure. Although there is slight instability with the plastic sides, the desk is resistant to jostling once fully attached.

Does The Desk Come With A Mousepad?

Yes, the desk comes with an extra-large mouse pad.

Does The Desk Require Any Assembly?

Yes, the desk requires assembly. If you follow the easy-to-read instructions, the process is simple and straightforward because the metal components are well-made.

Should You Buy The Desk?

The Eureka Z1-S is a reliable desk for its current price. When you invest in the Eureka Z1-S, you receive a one-dimensional product with a sleek gaming design.

The accessories like the cup holder, controller stand, and balancing lever can make the desk useful. The carbon fiber surface and Z-shape design also offer a sturdy option for the lower price point.

We advise you to explore other options if you are looking for a product that focuses more on ergonomics. But if you are not concerned with your current posture, this is the right product for you.

You will receive a good return on your investment because of the value-added necessities. The LED lights and futuristic design will also ensure that you play your computer games in style.

If this sounds like a chair that could fulfill your needs, click here to learn more and place your order.

Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk

Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk

A flashy gaming desk for PC and console games. Its smooth desktop and blue LED lighting provide a refreshing look to your gaming setup.

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Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk
Eureka Gaming Desk and Chair

A flashy gaming desk for PC and console games. Its smooth desktop and blue LED lighting provide a refreshing look to your gaming setup.

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