Why I Recommend Doreo Hosting

Let’s put the facts straight: all my websites are hosted with Doreo. That is, they are not only my sponsor, but I am also a happy customer.

Web hosting companies approach me almost weekly to become sponsors of this blog, but I need to turn them down. Why? Because I like to walk my talk. It would be weird after all if I started recommending someone that does not host my sites right?


Update: Doreo hooked us with a promo code that will give you a 100% discount on the first month, so you can test their service quality for free! Just pick any plan you like and choose the monthly billing option, then use the code dbt. (You can change your billing plan to quarterly or annual after the first month)


Over the years I have used many web hosting companies, from GoDaddy to Yahoo!, from Dreamhost to A Small Orange. Some of them were terrible, some were OK, but none was good enough for my requirements.

Then one day I came across Doreo, and decided to give it a try. What convinced me? Mainly the fact that they were not overselling. Their basic plan costs $6.99 monthly, and it comes with 20G of bandwidth transfer and 400 MB of disk space. That is pretty limited, you might say, because there are companies out there offering terabytes of monthly bandwidth and several gigabytes of disk space for the same price. Exactly! That is the difference between overselling and offering a reliable service. The companies that offer miraculous specifications need to jam thousands of websites on a single server, and the quality of service goes down hill.

Here are the benefits of having a quality web hosting:

  1. Fast Servers: Sure, you can always tweak your WordPress or your website for faster loading times, but if your host has slow servers to begin with, you are in trouble. The load time of your website is one of the most important factors for the user experience, and Doreo has some of the fastest servers I have used so far.
  2. Guaranteed Uptime: If your site is often unaccessible, you will end up losing readers and search engine rankings on the long run. Doreo had an average uptime of 99,8% in 2007 (i.e., you can’t perform much better than that).
  3. Digg-Proof: People say that shared hosting plans can’t stand the traffic peaks generated by social media. Well, combined my sites have already been on Digg’s front page more than 10 times, and the servers managed the traffic spike quite smoothly.

It takes a really huge website to consume even 30 gigabytes of bandwidth, so do not worry about the it. Instead make sure you get a reliable service, and that is what Doreo has to offer.