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Our Verdict

Kinsta is one of the fastest managed WordPress hosting services that can also take care of your website's security and backup.

Pros & Cons


  • Fast loading speed optimizes user experience on Kinsta pages.
  • The company has excellent uptime and offers money back if rates drop below 99.9%.
  • Supportive customer service available through online chat.
  • Optimized architecture for WordPress compatible with plugins.


  • Extra charges for unlimited storage and monthly visits.
  • Not compatible with any other CMS systems besides WordPress.

Kinsta offers some of the most comprehensive web hosting services for WordPress websites available on the market today. Their services include management for your website's security needs.

But this managed hosting company charges a premium for superior services — so, is it worth it?

This Kinsta Review will analyze the company's features, pricing, and plans to help you determine if Kinsta is the right hosting company for your website.

Keep reading to learn more about their services and if this WordPress specialist is worth the extra cost.

About Kinsta

Kinsta Hosting Review

The founders of Kinsta started the company in 2013, intending to become the premium hosting provider preferred by WordPress users. They utilize a strategy that prioritizes customer experience over low prices and aggressive marketing.

Although the entry costs for basic Kinsta plans is competitive compared to similar managed WordPress hosting services, this provider is not suitable for website owners on a budget.

Kinsta offers managed hosting services that include taking care of several aspects involved with managing your WordPress website. This company is the provider of choice for website owners who don't want to worry about managing their site security of backup.

This hosting provider specializes in WordPress websites with features optimized for compatibility with the CMS system. They offer fast loading speeds with limited downtime and rarely suffer from the performance issues associated with more budget-friendly providers.

Since Kinsta only hosts WordPress websites, their customer service team includes expert staff that can help users with nearly any problem they may encounter with the software.

Kinsta Hosting Features

There are several WordPress hosting service providers available for website owners today. But few companies offer the same comprehensive features included with Kinsta managed hosting plans.

A unique feature offered by Kinsta is the ability for users to take advantage of the Google Cloud Platform. This feature allows your website to rely on the same state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure maintained and trusted by some of the most prominent digital companies.

Being part of the Google Cloud Platform network gives Kinsta access to over 20 server locations worldwide. This comprehensive hardware system ensures that your website can scale to handle traffic surges in the future without issues.

Automated backups for WordPress Websites are one of the premium services included with managed hosting. Basic plans included up to 14 days of automatic backups, but you can lengthen backup restoration to a more extended period with higher-priced plans.

Users also have the option to upgrade from daily backups to hourly backups for an additional fee. Manual website backups are also simple to achieve from the straightforward home dashboard.

Every Kinsta plan includes access to the staging site feature of their service. This feature allows users to test new customizations and edits before adding them to your live site.

Web developers appreciate the ability to restart the PHP engine and use different PHP versions quickly. The Kinsta dashboard also includes a search and replace feature that makes it incredibly straightforward to change your website content.

Like other premium services, users receive automatic SSL certificates. SSL encrypts user data from your website to boost security. This extra security feature has a positive impact on SEO and can even help protect website owners from lawsuits.

Kinsta operates a Content Delivery Network of its own. This CDN system makes cached website copies and delivers them to multiple data centers to utilize different servers.

Kinsta's CDN service is considerably faster than the third-party CDNs used by competitors.

Kinsta Hosting Plans & Pricing

Kinsta offers hosting plans at a wide range of prices, from $30 per month to over $600 per month. Their starter plans are still considerably more expensive than most popular hosting providers, but most users find that they get their money's worth.

The Starter plan costs $30 per month and includes a single WordPress installation. This service plan limits monthly visitors to 25,000 and only includes up to 10GB of disk space.

However, even their Starter plan includes premium managed services and customer support.

Kinsta's next step up is the Pro plan. This service plan allows two WordPress installs and supports up to 50,000 monthly visits. This plan includes all of the managed benefits from the Starter plan and features 20GB of disk space and two premium migrations.

Business plans from Kinsta begin at $100 per month and include three WordPress installations. The Business plan supports up to 100,000 monthly visits and contains 30GB of free disk space.

Customers can use all of the premium Kinsta features on multiple sites.

Top-level enterprise plans start at $600 per month to provide Kinsta's largest clients the most comprehensive services. Enterprise plans offer up to 60 WordPress installs and 100 GB of disk space.

These plans can also support 1,000,000 monthly visits at no extra cost.

Users can save money by paying for annual plans that include two extra months for free. Annual purchases also have benefits that include a free SSL certificate.

No matter what option you select, Kinsta offers a 30-day guarantee to return your money if you don't like their service.

Kinsta does charge overage fees if you exceed the monthly visitors supported by your plan. Kinsta will keep your website up and running if you slightly overshoot your average monthly visits.

However, the company will limit website access during cases of extreme overage.


Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about Kinsta WordPress hosting services.

Is Kinsta a good web host?

Kinsta is an excellent web host for owners of WordPress websites. They offer premium services and fast loading speeds supported by a more extensive network of servers.

If you are looking for a managed hosting service, few companies can compete with Kinsta.

Is Kinsta good for beginners?

Kinsta has a simple dashboard that makes making changes to your website quick and easy. Although Kinsta is easy for beginners to use, beginners might want to start with a less expensive hosting provider.

Will Kinsta work for WordPress?

Kinsta specializes in WordPress websites. Their optimization is ideal for WordPress, and the hosting service is not compatible with alternative CMS systems.

If you have multiple sites that do not use WordPress, Kinsta may not be the right fit for your needs.

Where are Kinsta servers located?

Kinsta uses the Google Cloud Platform, which operates servers in over 20 countries throughout the world.

Some examples of locations where you can find Kinsta servers include Oregon, South Carolina, Belgium, India, Japan, and Australia.

Final Verdict

This Kinsta review demonstrates that this WordPress host provider offers superior managed services and thoughtful features that improve user experience.

WordPress websites hosted by Kinsta can benefit from impressive loading speeds and a reliable network of servers.

Although Kinsta hosting plans have higher prices than popular budget-friendly hosting providers, most users find that Kinsta is a step above their competitors.

If you want to optimize your WordPress website with a premium, managed service, get your free demo of Kinsta today.

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Kinsta is one of the fastest managed WordPress hosting services that can also take care of your website's security and backup.

Kinsta vs. Competitors


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  • Best for beginners
  • Inexpensive
  • Built for WordPress


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  • Low-cost starting prices.
  • Functional WordPress integration.
  • Suitable hosting options
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  • Superior customer service
  • Fast page loading speeds
  • Built-in CDN

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Kinsta is one of the fastest managed WordPress hosting services that can also take care of your website's security and backup.

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