Killer Domains: My First Ebook Is Available Now

Killer Domains: My First eBook is Available Now


All right, I always wanted to feel like Steve Jobs unveiling some cool product, that is why I used such a title…

Anyway, my first ebook is getting launched today. It is titled “Killer Domains: Tools & Techniques to Find the Perfect Domain Name.”

If you tried to find some good domain names lately you know how disappointing the experience can be. It feels like all the marketable domains are already gone. And the problem is that the success of your website starts with the domain name.

If you use a structured research process with efficient tools and techniques, however, I am sure that you will be able to find dozens of good domains that are still available, or to find registered domains for sale that will represent an excellent investment.

What Do You Think About The Liberalization Of Domain Name Extentions? Photo

What do You Think About the Liberalization of Domain Name Extentions?

If you are not aware of it, some time ago the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) approved a regulation that will enable companies from around the world to register their own top level domain extensions. Microsoft, for example, could register .microsoft or even .software. There is will be a costly fee involved with the process, but if you think that domains like .sex and .poker are also a possibility, you can imagine the buzz that the whole deal will generate.

Foursquare Raises $10 Million In Funding, Forgets To Renew Domain Name Photo

Foursquare Raises $10 Million in Funding, Forgets To Renew Domain Name

Picture this: you are a venture capitalist, and you just invested $10 million of your hard earned funds in a promising Web 2.0 company. A couple of days later you decide to visit the company’s website, only to find the famous Godaddy parked domain page there. That is right, the company forgot to renew its domain name and let it expire!