Dear Reader, Who Are You?

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Daily Blog Tips will be three years old soon, but that is far too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable bloggers (you). I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

You probably chuckled with the line above (if you haven’t, go buy The Lord of the Rings and read it asap), but it does capture the spirit of this post.

Blogging is about conversations, communities and relationships, right? I was thinking about that concept this morning, and I realized that I don’t know most of my readers. Sure I know some of you, the ones who have been commenting frequently or exchanging emails with me, but that is the vast minority.

I would like to know more about you, to know where you live, what you do for a living and the like. That is what this post is all about. It is simply an invitation for you to write a comment sharing a bit of your background.

I will do my best to answer to all comments, and possibly to visit your blog or website to check it out. Don’t be shy and come join the conversation!

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225 thoughts on “Dear Reader, Who Are You?”

  1. Hi Daniel,

    Congrats on your impending 3rd anniversary! I appreciate your posts and look forward to what you have in store for us.

    I’m in the Boston area. I write the blog,, and work in marketing.

  2. @Esteban, nice to know we have readers in Uruguay too. You guys have a nice soccer team.

    Keep working on the Forex niche, it is frigging profitable (very competitive too, but still).

  3. Hello Daniel,

    My name is Esteban, I’m 25 years old and I work as a Linux SysAdmin in Punta del Este, Uruguay, very close to Brazil! (By the way, days ago went to Florianopolis and Camboriu, you have great places there! Amazing drinks, beaches and the most spectacular blonde womans ever!)

    I have a few tech blogs, and also work on some Forex online business!
    Always read your blog, don’t have much time to comment but this post really got my attention :D. Keep working!

    Best Regards,

  4. @Valerie, I would highly recommend that you pick just one project and focus all your energies on it. This is the only way to create something popular (and profitable).

  5. I’m Valerie, 43 years old, living in Sugar Land, TX (just outside Houston), though born & raised and lived most of my life in California. My primary focus right now is on my Posh Blog Services site where I help people set up their first site with WordPress.

    But I’m kind of schizophrenic – I have a lot of interests and have a hard time doing just one. Consequently, I have some other blogs too – (book reviews) and (cooking & recipes). I know everybody says to just have one, but I seem to have cycles of interest where I’ll be all about cooking for a while, then all about reading, then all about computers.

    It’s a challenge, but hopefully I’ll be able to make something from it eventually. Love your site and have gotten many good tidbits of info from it. Keep up the great work!

  6. I read from time to time and comment less. Mainly, I run a niche blog within my profession on a sustainable design rating system for buildings call RealLifeLEED (LEED is the program… Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). There were tons of resources out there for people to learn how to pass a LEED accreditation test, but hardly anything about how professionals could actually get their work done with regards to building certification (the whole point.) I just started writing about issues that I found difficult, assuming there were others out there with the same problems… Apparently there were, because I now pull in between 10-20K hits a month…

    I’ve built the blog on the concept of content, Content, CONTENT! and so far it’s served me well. I generally don’t worry about overly optimizing or monetizing my site, but I find your blog helpful in that it at least helps me avoid major mistakes…

    Keep it up!

  7. @Suzanne, thanks for being a loyal reader. A blog for support legal staff is interesting indeed. Plus, it is a very profitable niche. Good luck with it.

  8. Good morning! Thanks for the invitation. My boss told me about your blog — it’s ibe if his favorites. I’ve become a loyal reader.

    I work for The Missouri Bar. We’re located in Jefferson City, Missouri. I refer people to private attorneys for legal advice through The Missouri Bar Lawyer Referral Service.

    We developed a blog for law office support staff — legal secretaries, paralegals, receptionists, administrative assistants, clerks, legal assistants, etc. a little over a year ago. We found there are very few blogs dedicated to support staff personnel so we took the plunge and jumped right into the water!

    Anyone who works in an office in the capacity of “support person” is welcome! You certainly don’t have to work for a lawyer or work in a law firm. The more the merrier!

    We are located at:

  9. @Hal, with such experience I think a blog on that topic (technical manuals, technical writing and the like) could become popular. You just need to test the waters to see if there is demand.

  10. Hello Daniel, and congratulations on three years of great content. I too read your post almost every day – at times I miss it when I’m on the road. You are providing a good quality service about blogging, in fact my favorite blog about blogging.

    Aside from working in IT for various corporations – I have been writing for publication more than 20 years. My writing has been primarily technical, manuals for company policy, employee newsletters and how to booklets. I had a couple of articles published in the now defunct Modern Photography, and had a tech column for a local newspaper.

    I blog because I want to keep writing. I don’t really care if I ever make any money blogging. As with any form of media, most of us want someone to look at what we do – I’m no different in that respect; that is my blogging goal.

    Thank you for the opportunity to brag about myself, and see/meet others who read this blog. I’ve never known anyone who asked for something like this. The idea is very creative and thoughtful.

  11. @Oscar, how are you doing man? I used to live in Italy too. On top of that I also train kick-boxing and BJJ. What martial art do you practice?

  12. We already met virtually via email 🙂

    My name is Oscar and I write from Italy. I have a blog around personal development which I launched in June and it’s going very well.

    I’m also a programmer, entrepreneur, and martial artist.

  13. We are an Internet Marketing training and consultancy company based in the UK. Our whole being is about quality online material for our clients. We focus on the best tools for the job and our ethos is based in a strong belief of our strap line “There are no secrets, only knowledge”. For businesses, large and small, nowadays, they have to be more technology savvy and embrace the Internet and IT generally to truly win.

    We do enjoy your blog, particularly yesterdays on website valuation tools. Our new blogs been up for less than a month and they valued it at $100, ok only 10,000 months to go then! Thanks again.

  14. @Aprces, why don’t you start on a free hosted platform like, and then buy your domain name. It is much more worth it to spend time on a blog you own then on Twitter.

  15. I’m a Chinese newbie of your readers. Once I saw your logo and web design here shows very professional appearance that is reason for attracting me to read for more and subscribe

    This is a good chance to introduce and market my blog, but unfortunately, I haven’t got one

    Just mutual encouragement!

  16. @Aqeel, thanks for the nice words, and glad to know we also have readers on Pakistan.

    I would guess I would be able to work on dial-up too. Sure broadband helps, but most blogging/SEO/online marketing work tend to require low bandwidth, don’t you find?

  17. Hello Daniel and everybody,

    I’m Aqeel Syed. A blogger, SEM and WordPress enthusiast from Pakistan. A BIG fan of Daniel Scocco. I live in a small little desert town, Mankera.

    I’m working as an outsourced employ for a Florida based SERM company. I also blog at few of my blogs.

    One interesting thing, I don’t have high speed internet in my hometown. So I still get online and blog from dial-up. Really frustrating experience but I love my work so bear it.

    I don’t regularly comment at although a long time reader, this post triggered my emotions so much that I thought I should write something telling about myself.

    Thank you for such a wonderful blog.


  18. @Chris, I have seen many retweets from you lately, thanks for that.

    As for the business, I am sure you are on the right track. Just keep working on the sites and in no time you will be able to do it full time.

  19. Daniel, yes that is correct. good memory.
    Also, almost forgot, but thanks to @Tiffany here, congratulations on birthday number 3 for the blog. Keep up the good work as they say

  20. @Tiffany, thanks for your comment. Nice blog you have there too. Recipes are quite popular online, so it is a niche with potential.

  21. I’m a mom of 4 kids and I homeschool them all. My oldest will graduate this year. I share easy recipes, menus and grocery lists on my blog, Eat at Home.

    Happy blog birthday! I’ve enjoyed reading the comments you’ve gotten so far on this post. Your readers are from all over the world – so cool!

  22. @Catherine, thanks for joining us. Interesting idea on the expat blog. Local blogs tend to monetize well because you have a very targeted audience.

  23. Hello from Switzerland,

    I am a follower too, British and I live in a town called Nyon. I set up a blogsite over 18 months ago called Living in Nyon to help other anglophones and expatriates know more about what it is like to live here. There is a big expat community here and if you don’t speak French then its not easy at the start which is where my blog helps them. Through the blog I have corresponded with many other readers, organised drinks evenings to let other newcomers meet each other and I report on all things local. In a way my blog has happily become a victim of its own success as I receive a lot of correspondence to do with it. It really has been more a labour of love to be honest but in the last few 6 months I have taken a few adverts on the site.
    I have another personal blog and keep checking your hints and tips even though I don’t always have the time to follow them! I will be speaking at a webpanel on blogging at a writers’ conference here in Switzerland next February and of course I will mention your site! Keep up the good work. Catherine

  24. @Meraj, just put the blog out there and write whenever you can. This will create the habit, and before you know it you will be writing every day.

  25. Meraj Rasool Khattak from Karachi, Pakistan.

    I am working as a software engineer and studying for masters. I like trekking, photography, reading and open source software.

    I hope one day, I would be able to write regular on my blog 🙂 now a days I read a lot and write very less.

  26. @Rhys, yeah you are one of the old timers. Glad to know you are still reading the blog.

    Liverpool is one of the teams I like in the Premier league too. “And you’ll never walk alone!”

  27. My name is Rhys Wynne, long time reader, occassional commenter. I am originally from Colwyn Bay, North Wales and, for the next six months, it is my home town. I have been blogging now for nearly 10 years and found your blog about two years ago (though I’m not entirely sure how). I work for an internet marketing company during the day.

    Away from blogging I enjoy travelling (been throughout Europe, North America & United States), soccer/football (support Liverpool & my local team Colwyn Bay) & video games. I also work as a professional wrestling manager for my local wrestling company.

  28. @Umar, but you can create a website in English, targeting readers from US, UK and Canada. After that you will just need to work with companies and advertisers willing to send you the money there.

  29. @Melt, sure I remember you, we did the “Blog Optimization Project” with you 🙂 .

    Glad to know you are working full time with a marketing agency now. Working online rocks indeed.

  30. @Sherry, have you considered registering you own domain name, for the online store at least? I believe this will help a lot.

  31. Hello Daniel and Other readers.

    What a great chance and opportunity to get to know each other, that what I call an excellent social Interaction!! hats off 🙂

    I am Firas Steitiyeh from Amman, Jordan. Internet Expert by passion and Marketing guy by profession. I knew Daniel almost a year ago, what a such kind and helpful person not to forget his knowledge! A Big fan of DBT and it’s topics 😀

    Best Regards,

    Firas Steitiyeh

  32. @BLOGitse, Cairo must be a nice city. I have a couple of friends who live there, and hopefully in the future I will be able to visit it.

  33. Thanks for asking!
    I’m an expat woman from Finland, now living in Cairo, Egypt.
    Blogging is my main daily routine + photographing.

    On my blogs you’ll find much more about me and my life than I could write here! 🙂
    Welcome! and pls leave a comment if you visit!
    Have a great day!

  34. @Vasu, I am sure it will be a matter of time before you are able to quit your job and work full time online.

    Just keep your revenues growing, and once you reach 50% or so of your day job salary consider making the switch.

  35. Happy 3rd Birthday!

    I am a Stay at Home Mom to a beautiful baby girl in Seattle, WA. I am utilizing my background in business to teach others the basics of negotiation through my blog. When I am not blogging, I am spending my day at the Zoo, Beach, Park with my little girl and having a blast!

  36. Hi,
    I am Vasu, I read your blog daily. I enjoy reading it 🙂
    I just completed my college and joined in a company. I love internet
    I run few niche blogs for fun and money 🙂
    btw I am from India

    Long term plans. Quit Job and Full time Online Presence

    It will be great if you can remember me 🙂
    Its a great opportunity for me to share my details with you
    Thanks for it.

    I simply love these words 🙂
    Blogging is about conversations, communities and relationships

    Though i sit lonely with of my laptop all the day, I never feel it actually.Its because of guys like you
    Thanks for everything

  37. @Umar, I am not sure if you need to go to the US/Canada to start working full time on the Internet. Being in the US makes it easier because you can cash your revenues easily, but even in the UAE there should be ways (i.e. wire transfers, Paypal cheques).

  38. I am Melvin Dichoso, a 19 year old cool guy from the archipelago of Philippines. I am a computer science student who loves to play basketball, lols. 😀

    For my background, I have been into blogging and internet marketing for close to 3 years now. Most of my income comes from affiliate marketing (traditional directlinking – PayPerClick combo), and some from blogging. I really don’t need an income for living as of now because Im still studying.

    I also manage a huge portfolio of websites and blogs, most of which are not making enough than what is expected, yet still enough to make me happy..

    Now you know me! 😀


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