Choosing The Right Keywords For Your Blog

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When you’re writing for the blog on your website, it’s important to ensure that you’re targeting the right keywords, so that you can get your blog in front of the right audience. But how do you go about doing this? And how do you write your content with keywords in mind? Let’s look at a few examples of how you can do this!

Finding your keywords

The first step is to determine which keywords you’ll be targeting with your content. You’ll want all of these to be relevant to the overall theme of your blog as well. As an example, the blog I Contribute to, the Klood Digital Blog, targets a number of keywords related to digital marketing and sales. To find keywords for my blogs there, I begin by thinking about subtopics within digital marketing that I’d be interested in writing about, such as keyword research or Google Analytics.

Getting the numbers

The next step is to get some hard numbers on those keywords. There are a range of different tools you can use to do this – let’s look at a few I personally use, and see how they could help you identify the right keywords.

Keywords Everywhere
Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on for Google Chrome and Firefox which shows you details about predicted search volume from Google AdWords, estimated cost-per-click and a prediction of the level of competition in a variety of places online, including in Google searches. This tool is great for quickly assessing the volume of a keyword you may be interested in writing about.

Moz Keyword Explorer
Moz’s Keyword Explorer is a great tool for going into more detail when researching keywords. This tool allows you to get the search volume for a keyword, see similar suggested keywords and analyse what the search engine results look like for a keyword. This tool is excellent for choosing the keywords you’d like to use and to see if there are any opportunities you might be missing out on with the keyword suggestions.

With a free Moz account, you can get ten searches a month, which I’d recommend using to find keyword suggestions, and build up a list of keywords you could use for blogs.

Answer The Public
Answer The Public is a tool that can help you understand the motivation behind what users are searching for, by showing some of the questions and queries people have asked around that keyword. This is very useful when you want to create content that answers questions on a topic, but you aren’t sure which is mentioned the most. In addition, Keywords Everywhere combines with the results of this tool to show you the search volumes for these results, allowing you to quickly identify the keywords to target.

Including Keywords In Your Blog

Once you’ve got your keywords, you’ll want to ensure you use them in the right way. This can be done simply by following a quick on-page SEO checklist. Make sure to include your keyword in the following places:

The Page Title
The H1
The Main Content
The Meta Description
In Image Alt Tags

The first three places are the most critical – but if you’ve chosen your keyword wisely, you should be able to include it in all these places without issue. Be careful not to overuse your keyword, or to force it in too often using it naturally throughout the text is your best bet.

By following these tips, you can quickly and easily find the right keywords, and use them correctly in your blog content. This should help you get you blog content in front of searchers, and get more readers and subscribers!

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