Blogs to Books: Un Upcoming Trend?


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Turning a blog into a book is nothing new, but it looks like the trend is picking up. The NY Times, in fact, is running a story titled: Public Provides Giggles; Bloggers Get the Book Deal.

The article lists 5 blogs or bloggers that landed a publishing deal. Here is a quote from it:

Of course, itโ€™s not unusual for blogs to form the basis of books. For example, Christian Lander, author of the humor blog Stuff White People Like, wrote scores of blog entries and then reworked them into a popular 2008 book of the same name.

But the latest frenzy is over books that take the lazy, Tom Sawyer approach to authorship. The creators come up with a goofy or witty idea, put it up on a simple platform like Twitter and Tumblr, and wait for contributors to provide all of the content. The authors put their energy into publicizing the sites and compiling the best material.

Another interesting thing to note is the fact that all of the examples are entertainment related.

People always want to laugh and have a good time, after all. The “I Can Has Cheezburger” book sold over 100,000 copies. And we keep chasing the make money online niche!

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17 Responses to “Blogs to Books: Un Upcoming Trend?”

  • ravi

    not all of blogs can written into a book

  • Susan J. Elliott

    I agree Diana. I received a lot of feedback from my readers about what to include and not include in the book as well as how well the techniques that I suggest were working. I definitely refined according to reader feedback and some of it was eye-opening. I also included a lot of quotes in my book from readers and people who are reading it for the first time seem to enjoy that “personal” part of it because it makes it “not preachy.”

    I think that a blog offers authors a lot of possibilities beyond just slapping a cover on your entries. It’s like having a control group the way TV pilots do. I think it’s fantastic if the author takes the time to utilize it.

  • Diana Daffner – author

    Before blogging existed, books were often compiled from an author’s articles or essays that might have previously appeared in magazine or newspaper columns. The difference today, of course, is the real-time interactive input from readers. So a blogger can get a certain amount of feedback before going to hard-copy press. Although some of the articles on my site ended up in my book, not all of them did. (It’s about relationshpis and intimacy, if you’re wondering). At the moment, my own blog is more of a personal journal, but – who knows.. maybe it’s a second book in infant stage!

  • Sandeep

    This is a excellent news. The possibilities of transition from a blogger to a writer is really good news for many bloggers who aspire to be one. The opportunities for bloggers are really endless these days because of the kind of exposure they get relating to Advertising, writing, technical development…

    I’ve written a post on a few of the opportunities that exist for bloggers just a few days a go….

  • Destination Infinity

    So, when is a Daily Blog Tips book coming?

    Destination Infinity

  • Himanshu

    I believe that entertainment niche, to an extent, is very much in demand. For instance, you can read dilbert and xkcd as many times as you want as they have some unique content which is just timeless.

    But if you talk about money making niche, i guess most of the content is knowledge based and you wouldn’t like to read it again once you have acquired the apt knowledge.

    “Trends keep on changing, but it really takes some time to change your sense of humor”

  • Ebay

    I think most of this kind of blogger write their blog for both; hobby and money. By turning blog to book, they can sell it. I like that idea too. Maybe sometimes i will practice it.

  • Steve – Money Online

    I don’t see this catching on long term as everything changes so quickly these days with the internet.
    People want everything to happen now and with so many different things pulling on people’s time these days sitting down and reading a book is a shrinking market.

  • Susan J. Elliott

    My book was sold partially due in part to my blog but all of the content is not only mine but the culmination of years of research. While some of the book comes from my posts on the blog and I include stories and commentary of my blog readers, it really is a pretty standard “blood, sweat and tears of the author” work.

    The blog did help me convince the publisher I had a platform and that’s very important in non-fiction work. It also allowed me to interview people and gather quotes for the book with less work than traditional interviews would take.

    I think there is the “slap a cover on what’s on a blog” type of book that is very Tom Sawyer-ish but then there are other books, like mine, where the blog helped it get off the ground but is still the work of the author.

  • Sam Duvall

    SmashingMagazine book coming ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • BizBoink

    If you have a popular blog, publishing a book is the next logical step. You can even self publish it, and sell it yourself through your blog.

  • Alex Redmond

    I think this will be a very short lived fad. Posts from your blog over the last however long and then aggregate them into a book? I mean, why? Isn’t that what my Google Reader is for?

  • ryan

    not all of blogs can written into a book

  • Boerne Search

    @ George, that is so crazy. My sister had talked about the same thing only for dating. Maybe this is a good idea.


    It’s a really good idea because you don’t need to start from zero when you finish the book. You just have your readers yet.

  • George

    I thought about doing something like that… creating a blog where I publish children’s stories that I make up and then eventually publishing them as a book.

  • Writer Dad

    Oh I don’t think this trend is going anywhere. I think we’re just seeing the bubbling before the eruption.

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