Collection Of Robots.txt Files

Collection of Robots.txt Files

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The implementation of a suitable robots.txt file is very important for search engine optimization. There is plenty of advice around the Internet for the creation of such files (if you are looking for an introduction on this topic read “Creat a robots.txt file“), but what if instead of looking at what people say we could look at what people do?

Seo Checklist

SEO Checklist

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The WebConfs website has a very useful list of “Best and Worst Practices for Designing a High Traffic Website.” Basically they collected all the major factors that might affect the search optimization of your site, attributing a score to them. The score ranges from -3, which is very bad for your site, to +3, which is very good. Below you will find a summary of the most important factors:

Stay Away From In-Text Advertising

Stay Away from In-Text Advertising

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This is going to be a polemic topic given the wide spread in the usage of such advertising networks. In-Text advertising refers to networks like Vibrant Media or Kontera that place advertising links on your content.

Gather .Edu And .Gov Backlinks

Gather .edu and .gov backlinks

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It is widely accepted that .edu and .gov backlinks carry a larger weight for search engine algorithms. Despite the fact that Google has never admitted it (sometimes it even neglected) most SEO and online marketing experts would confirm that .edu and .gov links outperform other extensions in terms of search ranking juice.

Interview With Liz From The Successful-Blog

Interview with Liz from the Successful-Blog

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Liz Strauss is the creative mind behind the Successful-Blog. This is quite an appropriate name considering the huge readership of the blog (it is also ranked 1,835 on Technorati). In my opinion the secret of her success comes from her understanding that blogs are based on conversations and relationships. Anyway, I guess you will learn more from her own words, check it out:

How To Setup A 301 Redirect Photo

How to setup a 301 Redirect

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The “301 Permanent Redirect” is the most efficient and search engine friendly method for redirecting websites. You can use it in several situations, including:

Blog Project: 30 Traffic Generation Tips Photo

Blog Project: 30 Traffic Generation Tips

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First of all a big “thank you” for every one who participated. As I said before the number of entries surprised me (and the quality as well, I will definitely apply some of those tips myself).