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Backyard Revolution Review 2021

Our Verdict

Backyard Revolution provides plans for installing solar collectors in your backyard for a fraction of the traditional roof-mounted panels’ price. 


  • A savings of up to 68% in your energy bills.
  • Only takes up a fraction of the space used by traditional solar panels.
  • Works even in cold and cloudy weather.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • You do have to do the work yourself to build the solar array.
  • You have to have at least ten sq. ft. of space to install the tower.

Do you want to save money on your power bill?

Have you worried about what would happen to your family in an extended power outage?

Have you looked into solar panels before but didn’t have the money or space for a full-scale installation?

Backyard Revolution makes it possible to quickly and easily generate your own solar power in even the smallest of spaces. 

An experiment run by MIT shows the advantages of stacking solar panels vertically, rather than the flat array most people are used to.

Our Backyard Revolution review will explain what the system is and if it is right for you.

What is Backyard Revolution?

Backyard Revolution Review

Backyard Revolution is a complete system for building your own compact, inexpensive solar collector. You can make your own solar tower in as little as ten sq. ft. of space and around $200.

You don’t have to have engineering or carpentry skills to use this blueprint. The technical design has been done for you.

The system was designed to be used by anyone with a limited budget and standard tools found in most homes.

Who is Zack Bennett?

Zack Bennett, the creator or Backyard Revolution, realized he needed energy security when his home was burglarized during a power outage.

A carpenter with a family, he knew he could do something to reduce his reliance on the traditional power grid.

He and his family were supposed to be on vacation, but their flight was canceled, and they returned home.

That night the power was out because of a storm, and their alarm system was non-operational. When at their most exposed, someone tried to rob them.

After his family was put at risk, he decided to use his carpenter skills and the report from MIT to construct solar panels that anyone could install in minimal space.

After two years of study and experimentation, the Backyard Revolution was born.

What’s All Included

Backyard Revolution contains a step-by-step outline to build your own backyard solar array. It also features a video showing you the complete process.

Once you know what to do, you can complete your small space power plant for as little as $200.

On top of the guide and video showing you how to build your Backyard Revolution, you get 12-months of email support. So, if questions come up, you can have them answered by an expert.

Also included are several limited-time bonuses. First is the report “Homestead EMP Protection Protocol,” showing you how to get the most out of your backyard solar array in a prolonged power outage.

Second is "Energy Stockpiling Secrets," outlining how to store the power you generate with the Backyard Revolution. It outlines the most efficient storage and the best batteries to use. It even shows how to make batteries from materials you may already have.

The final bonus is "Homestead Alternative Energy Sources," outlining all the ways you can create power in an emergency, allowing you to have an ample supply and provide for your family, in whatever situation you find yourself.

How Much Does it Cost?

You might expect a revolutionary system like this to cost you thousands. It’s worth that much for the energy savings and peace of mind you receive alone.

But, Zack wants this system to be available to everyone, not just those who can afford expensive, large solar panels.

Regularly priced at $247, for a limited time, Backyard Revolution is being offered for just $39! That’s less than the cost of taking your family out to dinner.


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Backyard Revolution.

Is Backyard Revolution Really Worth It?

Are saving money and energy security worth it to you?

It only requires a small investment in time and money to start producing your own solar power without sacrificing your outdoor living space to large and ugly solar panels.

How Hard Will This Be to Make?

The guide and blueprint are designed to be beginner-friendly, using the most basic cutting and assembly instructions. No skill or strength is needed.

How Long Will This Take to Create?

After watching the 30-minute video, the entire system can be up and running in as little as four hours. Less if you have someone to help you.

Do They Offer Refunds or Product Guarantees?

Your investment in Backyard Revolution is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The system is available for instant download as soon as you purchase. You then have a full two months to decide if it’s worth it.

Who Should Buy Backyard Revolution?

Backyard Revolution is for anyone who wants energy security. You don’t have to have a lot of space, or even a backyard — this system is small enough to fit on a patio or balcony.

Without technical knowledge or carpentry experience, the easy to use guide and video make it possible to build this system yourself. You don’t need expensive tools or even a workshop.

Provide cheap, stable energy for your family in as little as an afternoon.

Final Verdict

Backyard Revolution makes it easy for you to start generating your own solar power in an afternoon. The instructions are tailored for the novice to make this accessible to everyone.

The system has a small footprint for use by urban as well as suburban and rural dwellers.

Don’t waste another cent on expensive, unreliable electricity from the power company — invest in your own Backyard Revolution, and provide your family with energy security.

Backyard Revolution Program

Backyard Revolution provides plans for installing solar collectors in your backyard for a fraction of the traditional roof-mounted panels’ price.

Backyard Revolution vs. Alternatives

Easy Power Plan

Easy Power Plan Guide
  • Save 50% on energy bills
  • Self-sustaining
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

EZ Battery

EZ Battery Program
  • Instant access
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Save thousands of dollars

Backyard Revolution
Backyard Revolution

Backyard Revolution provides plans for installing solar collectors in your backyard for a fraction of the traditional roof-mounted panels’ price.

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