7 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account

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As Instagram has around one billion users, it’s increasingly difficult to get noticed. Especially the case if you’re trying to grow your business account. Since Facebook has changed its policies, Instagram is becoming a popular hub for companies to connect with their customers.

Instagram is a crucial platform for marketing. Studies show that there around 500 million online users per day. In my article “Boosting Instagram Followers in 2024“, I shared practical ways on how to do that. Instagram has a massive user base and visually appealing content, making it an excellent tool to reach a wide audience. I provide practical tips on increasing Instagram followers, such as leveraging hashtags, stories, and influencer collaborations along with some advanced tactics. Expanding your brand’s visibility and driving sales are the key benefits of utilizing Instagram for marketing purposes.

Regardless, whether you’re trying to grow your account or a business account, you should take a look below, and the best tips that you should try right now to increase your followers list considerably within seven days.

1. Consistency is key

Similarly, to everyday life, consistency is essential. The math is simple; the more often you post, the more followers and likes you will get.

The study done by Tailwind, the marketing tool, shows the following:

7 Tips To Grow Your Instagram Account Photo

As you can see from above, those that post every day more than once or at least once per day, have gained followers much faster than the ones that published less than they should.

Furthermore, you have the potential to almost double the follower growth rate if you post up to 6 posts per week. On the other hand, you can also duplicate that rate if you post more than once per day.

2. Provide versatility

Even though the platform has begun as a photo-sharing hub, now it’s much more than that. Therefore, you should show content through videos, live videos, stories, and story highlights.

It may seem like it will take an effort, but, it will significantly benefit your profile. Such sharing features will allow you to create content that is suitable for more than just a particular group. For example, some may not be interested in the photos, but they enjoy watching stories.

There are numerous reasons why you should ensure versatility, such as:

  • The engagement rate is much higher for videos than photos
  • Your live story appears as the very first story in the list, for every one of your followers
  • There are around 450 million people that watch stories every day

Another report done in 2019 show that brands use Stories and videos to their full potential. Take a look below:

7 Tips To Grow Your Instagram Account Photo

To get more people to view your stories and content, you should buy Instagram followers. To ensure that it works, we recommend that you should begin with 100 purchased followers to see if there are any changes in your profile growth.

Nonetheless, you mustn’t post the same content in photos, videos, and stories. You should mix up the posts to prevent getting unfollowed.

 3.Use hashtags correctly

It may be tempting to use any hashtags that come to your mind, but that can be a damaging mistake. Even though hashtags are not crucial on other platforms, Instagram algorithms put a significant emphasis on this function. Instagram loves it so much that now, you have the option to follow a hashtag!

By using the right hashtags, you are exposing your content to a broader audience; these users have the opportunity to view your profile and give you a follow.

Pro Tip: Use a combination of hashtags and geolocation.

In general, the platform will allow you to use up to 30 different hashtags per post. The best option would be to use up to 9 different hashtags as you will maximize the engagement rates.

Before you add the hashtags, you have to search for the best keywords that fit with your profile. So, if you mainly focus on fashion, a great hashtag would be #Fashion and not #CurryDish. To make the job more comfortable, you can take a look at what your competitors have used.

It’s important to mention that if you use this strategy, it will take a while to see significant results. Therefore, if you buy Instagram followers, you will ensure that the results are immediate. Hence, you can focus more on content rather than hashtag research.

 4.Use other influencers

Another method that you can use is to get help from others. There are two ways in which you can go about this:

  • Sponsorships
  • Partnerships

For example, you can cut a deal with another account to take over each other’s stories. Such alliances will create a win-win situation for both parties. While you’re providing valuable content to your existing followers, you are also reaching a new audience. Hence, encouraging your profile to grow.

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Nonetheless, if you have money to spare, you can get influencers

to promote your account or business profile to their massive follower’s list. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that you reach out to those in a similar niche as yours.

Don’t forget to make them tag you in the posts! Generally, such accounts will do it for money or at a percentage of the total products sold. So, if you create their unique promo codes, they can get a rate on precisely what they sell.

Daniel Wellington is a big fan of this. The profile has gained more than 4 million followers so far. At one point, a large number of influencers have promoted the brand at the same time. Therefore, encouraging their loyal fan base to purchase the watches.

 5.Organize Contests

If you’re not willing to give other people money to expose you, you should use your account. By setting up contests, you are encouraging others to take any action that will benefit you. Additionally, you can also think about giving your followers a free thing for a follow.

7 Tips To Grow Your Instagram Account Photo

Here are some of the things that you can do:
• Ask your followers to repost one of your images
• Mention you in one of their posts
• Tag a number of their friends to spread the word

If the offer is good, there could be an overwhelming response from your followers and not only. Thus, increasing the chances of exposing your profile on the “Explore Page.”

If you want to get more people to engage with your content, you should first buy Instagram followers. Since the accounts are of real people, they will want to follow the steps that you’ve provided.

6. Post at the right time

When you post the content has as much influence as what you post. Your engagement rates can be severely affected. In general, you should focus on posting from Monday through Saturday. Additionally, you should also post between 9 AM to 6 PM. The time after that should be ongoing on a following spree.

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If you have a daily job and you find this a difficult thing to do, you should schedule ahead. So, every Sunday, you should have explicit knowledge of what your posts will be the following week.

To further the engagement rates, you should figure out what type of content your existing followers are enjoying. To do this, go through your old photos to see which post has achieved the most likes and comments. Then, ask yourself questions such as:

  • How can I integrate more photos as such?
  • What type of description does it have
  • What was the exact day the content was posted

The posts that have the highest engagement rate were uploaded on the best possible day and time for your following particular group. Thus, it’s essential to repeat that action every week.

 7. Engage with others

If you don’t engage with your followers, why do you expect them to do it for your posts? By using features such as open-ended questions and emojis, you are giving your followers a chance to interact with you.

A great example of this is to use stories. Ask your followers how their day has been or what their interests are. Also, what their plans are for the weekend. When others are encouraged to share their experience with you, you make them feel like a valuable follower. Thus, you will be more than just a person on their following list.

Take a look at the great example by The Cheesecake Factory:

7 Tips To Grow Your Instagram Account Photo
As you can see from the description, they have asked their followers how they are celebrating. From the comments, it’s visible to see that their followers are tagging others in the post. Thus, increasing the chances for the photo to appear on the “Explore Page.”

Instagram is a profitable platform if you know how to use it correctly. To maximize its full potential, you should begin with at least 1,000 to 2,000 followers. If you don’t have time to grow the list organically, you should buy Instagram followers. This action will help you to have a good start compared to your competitors.

Furthermore, it’s also essential to create good quality content and use the right hashtags when posting, along with the location tag. The more visible you are to others, the higher the chances of growing your follower’s list.


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