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15 Minute Manifestation Review 2021

Our Verdict

The Eddie Sergey's audio-based meditation program. By listening to Theta waves, he claims you can reprogram your brain's subconscious.

We will look at the best and worst parts of the 15 Minute Manifestation.


  • Requires no learning on your part.
  • Use it every day indefinitely.
  • No negative side-effects if used properly.
  • Helps you break out of a negative mindset.


  • The initial cost is somewhat high, but there are occasional discounts.
  • May require ongoing regular use before you see results.

It's scientifically backed up that sound waves can affect mental states. However, Sergey came across the healing power of sound as a child recovering from cancer.

He experienced healing by listening to tapes that his mother provided him with as a child.

Realizing how effective this simple therapy had been for him, he founded the 15 Minute Manifestation plan to help others. 

Although most manifestation programs involve learning to change your thoughts, this one is a bit different. 

You need merely listen to the audio to unlearn what your life's experiences have led you to expect.   

As you listen to Theta waves, the waves present during your dreams; you can reprogram your subconscious state.

Sergey calls the subconscious brain your 'editor,' which can hold you back., focusing your attention on unwanted circumstances. 

To move forward, you have to give your supercomputer brain a sort of software upgrade. But is it possible to reprogram your brain by listening to waves? 

Sergey says the 15 Minute Manifestation plan can synchronize your brain's hemispheres, helping you manifest a more abundant reality.

By changing your brain's wavelengths, your subconscious editor gets out of your way.

What is 15 Minute Manifestation?

15 Minute Manifestation Review

If you have enjoyed meditating to soothing sounds, then you'll find the concept here familiar.

Using brainwave audio, you can reach a meditative state, which is known to clear away stress. 

However, these tracks are intended to help your mind reach "hyper-receptive mode" and reprogram your subconscious.

You'll listen to the audio for 15 minutes-a-day for 21 days. Then, Sergey claims your brain will be rewired.

Dissolve outdated, limiting beliefs, and replace them with empowering ones without any effort on your part. 

Notably, it's based on the science of brainwaves and how waves alter your state of consciousness. If this concept sounds similar to hypnosis, it is.

Sergey worked with Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis experts to create the audio tracks.

What's Inside The Program?

The program contains three audio tracks to be played for 15 minutes each day.

Program Breakdown

Track 1: Your Natural State

The first track, called the Natural State, is the foundation, resetting your brain to the way you were born.

Although the Theta waves are meant to have a rapid effect, you could benefit from listening to it for a few minutes daily for an indefinite period.

Track 2: Your New Story

After the first week, you'll progress to this track, meant to redirect your subconscious. Thus, you can let go of the old story that expects scarcity and replace it with expectations of abundance. 

Unfortunately, our lives tend to teach us that struggle is required, but what if you could instead expect good things to flow?

Track 3: Moving Toward Abundance

In your third week, you'll begin honing your new story to stop the tendency for negativity and move toward the natural state of abundance. 

Now, you're clearing out the cobwebs and refocusing attention on expectations of prosperity. That's no small achievement in a world where we generally must focus on mundane tasks.

Deep Sleep NOW

As a bonus, you receive the Deep Sleep NOW track. In this case, the wavelengths are Delta, known to help you reach deep, dreamless sleep.

As we know, sleep is the time to rebuild and maintain our bodies, so it has a profound effect on our overall well-being. 

By listening to the Delta waves combined with soothing sounds from nature, you can reach a more peaceful, satisfying sleep.

How Does the Program Work?

Unlike most manifestation programs, this one requires such little effort. Just play the tracks for 15 minutes a day each day, according to the schedule.

So if you have tried meditation, spiritual states, or hypnosis, then this will be similar.

Since the purpose is to clear out your old story, there's no need to learn anything. Once you've completed the 21 days, you may begin to feel a new sense that anything is possible again.

Thus, this newfound optimism can help you manifest positive relationships and financial freedom.

As we all know, it can be incredibly hard to break out of old life patterns. However, the 15 Minute Manifestation can help you do it without conscious effort.

Instead, it speaks to your unconscious to release you from the baggage that weighs you down.

How Much Does it Cost?

The program costs $49.00 and comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee. If you don't find the plan helpful, you can get a full refund from ClickBank, a leading global retailer.

Occasionally, the site will have limited discount offers.

The product is immediately available for download once payment is verified. Then, use it every day as part of your routine.

Keep in mind, it's not yet available for iOS phones, but is forthcoming.


Next, we'll look at some general questions and answers.

Is It A Scam?

It's good to be skeptical. I suggest doing some research into how brainwaves like Theta affect how your form memories.

The way waves affect our brains remains largely unknown. However, you can see that scientists know Theta waves are involved in unconscious learning.

Is 15 Minute Manifestation Really Worth It?

Since the product has a 365-day money-back guarantee, you can be sure that most people find this program worth it.

However, it may not be for everyone. If you're open to the concepts of spirituality, meditation, and hypnosis, then why not try it?

Who Is Eddie Sergey?

As the website states, Eddie is a 37-year old 4th-grade dropout. He's not a scientist but discovered that listening to brainwaves had a profound effect on manifesting abundance in his life.

Thus, he began working with experts in hypnosis and NLP to create the 15 Minute Manifestation plan.

Read more about his story in-depth here.

Is Manifestation A Real Thing?

Absolutely. Your thoughts and dreams can manifest in your reality. People can dramatically change their lives by focusing on what they want and take action.

However, how you get there is a different path for everyone.

Who is 15 Minute Manifestation For?

This program is for anybody who feels stuck in a rut but open to using soothing brainwaves. Perhaps you haven't gotten results from other programs?

Then, this one could help give you that push you need to start manifesting a better reality.

The audio tracks are completely harmless, but you should never listen to them while driving or operating a vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Scientists know that brainwaves are associated with different mental states. Theta or Delta waves are associated with unconscious learning and deep sleep.

However, scientists still aren't sure how it works.

Eddie Sergey's 15 Minute Manifestation program was created after he found how audio could help reprogram the brain. 

By listening to the tracks regularly, you could begin to let go of negative patterns. Then, you can revert to the natural state where abundance is the expectation.

Will it work for you? It's worth a try.

The money-back-guarantee for a full year shows Sergey stands by his product and believes it will work for you.

15 Minute Manifestation Book

The Eddie Sergey's audio-based meditation program. By listening to Theta waves, he claims you can reprogram your brain's subconscious.

15 Minute Manifestation vs. Alternatives


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The Biorhythm

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  • 3-Day Free Trial
  • Helps achieve goals
  • Bonus products

Manifestation Magic

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15 Minute Manifestation
15 Minute Manifestation

The Eddie Sergey's audio-based meditation program. By listening to Theta waves, he claims you can reprogram your brain's subconscious.

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