1,021,740 Spam Comments Blocked: Thanks Akismet!


Another day I was taking a look at my dashboard and I came across this:

Holy shmoly, over 1 million spam comments already blocked. I guess it would be pretty rough running a WordPress blog without Akismet.

Today I will also activate a Pro-Blogger API subscription, which costs $5 monthly. It is a small way of thanking the Automattic guys for the wonderful job that they make (both with Akismet and with WordPress as a whole).

What about you, how many spam comments has Akismet blocked for you?

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43 Responses to “1,021,740 Spam Comments Blocked: Thanks Akismet!”

  • Costas Tryfonos

    David i totally agree with you. I had never previously commented on a blog in my life till a couple of weeks ago and was like a kid with a new toy commenting on all sorts of blogs that i regularly read but have never commented on before.

    Now i am banned by Peskymit and i have no idea why!!!

  • David Kamau

    I did not use my URL in this comment because it would not have gone through. This is one reason I’ve decided I don’t want anything to do with Akismet in my blog. They can blacklist a website and block all comments from ALL blogs using Akismet. This is plain wrong. If a site owner thinks I’m a spammer he can block my IP if he so wishes. But for Akismet to block me from ALL blogs (with Akismet activated)? This is totally ridiculous.

  • Medyum

    Mine is just one fifth of yours (my main blog), at 202,076. Several case of false positive, or maybe it’s just that few of commentator bother to let me know that their comments did not pass through.

  • Hariharakumar

    Is it necessary to have those spam comments? i want to delete all those spam comments from my blog. What do you say?

  • bebek oyunları

    Holy moly!!!! That’s a LOT of spam…Haha. I need to start using Askimet on my blog then. Wow.

  • True Song Media

    Holy moly!!!! That’s a LOT of spam…Haha. I need to start using Askimet on my blog then. Wow.

  • gausarts

    I wonder what created spammers:)

    Btw, I don’t have Akismet. I am running drupal and installed Mollom instead. But it blocks approximately 131653 spammers in the past 227 days. Mostly are hitting my contact page. So I decided to change my contact page into a dynamic blog entry kind with a comment form provided by disqus as a replacement for my contact form. I know it’s a strange kind of contact form, but it does the trick. I never get a single spam since then. I don’t bother my comment form since disqus is already doing the filter pretty well.

    At least it may confuse and hopefully stop bad robots for some time, before I revert to traditional contact form.

  • Make Money Easy Online

    I use Akismet before and I did not have any legitimate comments.

    After I have uninstalled it, am beginning to see some comments.

    Since I am not getting too many spam comments, I have since do away with it. Might consider Denfensio instead when I have the time.

  • Bash Bosh

    Over 1 million blocked spam ?!
    Congratulations for Aksimet!

  • Boerne Search

    You should look at it like a complement. Thats alot of spammers. Or one spammer with alot of content.

  • blackzero85

    1 million? ….uh..

    For our blog, we’re using Defensio. Never paid any attention about how many spams got caught. >_> Let the plugin does the job.

  • Arafat

    I have 3846 for long time. Thanks to Simple Captcha which protect me from bot spammer. I think it’s better to use captcha in comment to protect you from bot and use Akismet to get protected from human spammer.

  • Miss Gisele B | EatSmartAgeSmart.com


    I must say that Akismet Spam arrest is an incredible pluggin and I don’t know what I’d do without this brilliant tool!

    Miss Gisele B.

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