You Can Make Money Online Doing Anything You Want


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I often get people asking me the following question: “What is the best way to make money online?” They wonder if they should focus on blogging, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, web design, selling ebooks, or what.

My short answer to that question is: there is no “best” way. All business models can work if you work hard, smartly, and persistently.

The proof to this is the fact that you have millionaires on virtually any segment and business model around. You have millionaire bloggers, affiliate marketers, web designers, ebook sellers, SEOs and so on.

What is more interesting: there are people out there making a ton of money even with trivial services like directory submissions. Anyone can make directory submissions, yet I know people who make six figures annually by offering directory submission services.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. I am not saying that making money online on any segment is easy. It is hard. But it is pretty much equally hard, regardless of the business model or segment you choose.

The takeaway message from this post, therefore, is the following: do not stress trying to choose the “best” way to make money online. And more importantly, don’t let that choice paralyze you. There is no “best” way or business model. Just choose something that you like to do, something that you are passionate about, and work damn hard at it. Work hard until you are among the best doing that. Once you reach that point, the money will come naturally.

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35 Responses to “You Can Make Money Online Doing Anything You Want”

  • mark

    But can you? Everyone will tell you that to make money online you have to follow your passion but I don’t agree with this.

    I am really interested in gardening (seriously, I am!) yet when I tried to make money from it for over 12 months online, I made virtually nothing. Yet when I concentrate on financial services which I hate, I make money.

    I’m just not sure that this ‘follow your passion’ route works for everyone.

  • Dipak Naik

    I fully agree with you as there are many programs available online on the Internet and one really gets confused as to which one is the best of all. One needs to choose what he feels the best and start working on it smartly and with great passion combined with lots of hard work.

  • mk akan

    i totally agree but must still say that there are some that are more leveraged than some.

    Depending only on Google adsense will not make you as much (using the same hard work )if you sell affiliate products or sell your own products.But they all require hard work.

  • How to Blog Tips

    One of the best ways is to follow your passion, find the market then focus on it.

  • scheng1

    That’s true. In china, there are so many cyber mug slingers. they are paid 50 cents per post in forum to praise the government, and overrule those who dare to question the government.

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