Yahoo! Buzz Could be the Digg Killer?


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The social bookmarking scene is marked by the entrance of new players that aim to revolutionize the segment, but that at the same time fail to deliver on the most important factor: traffic.

That is why Digg is still considered the king of hill: no other social bookmarking or news aggregating tool can rival its traffic (StumbleUpon is getting closer, but with a different approach).

It looks like Yahoo! might finally be able to challenge Digg, though. TechCrunch recently published a post revealing the initial traffic details of Yahoo! Buzz. reported over one million visitors to a story that was featured on the front page of Buzz. Confirming that number The Huffington Post claimed that they received around 800,000 visitors from the site as well.

That is a heck lot of traffic.

One point to note: Yahoo! Buzz is still in closed beta, and as a result only a selected number of popular websites are currently getting featured there (which could also mean a strong bias towards mainstream sites and blogs).

Another difference from other social bookmarking sites is that the algorithm that determines what stories get featured on the front page counts not only votes from the users, but also the popularity of related search terms and the number of times that the story has being emailed around.

Finally, I think that that the project has potential, but they will need to create a community around it, and to make the overall system somewhat democratic. Digg has its flaws, but it also has the most democratic core concept around: even a newly created blog could get on the front page if users were to consider its content worth.

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7 Responses to “Yahoo! Buzz Could be the Digg Killer?”

  • medyum

    I think that Yahoo Buzz will rival Digg at some point yes, but what’s more important is how Yahoo and Miscrosoft will work together to create THE ultimate social site, which is what I see happening.

  • MrCooker

    Yahoo Buzz IS the Digg killer

    Just take a look here:

  • redwall_hp

    Digg doesn’t need to be killed. They just need a bit of a reality check.

    So far, I haven’t even been able to log-in to Yahoo Buzz! I log-in to my little-used Yahoo account, via the link on the page, and sure enough I log into Yahoo, but not Buzz for some reason. WTH?

  • Ebony

    I love Yahoo Buzz!

    Somebody needs to kill Digg.

    Okay, maybe just paralyze it a bit.

    And yeah, a new blog can make it to the front of Digg — especially if they’re paying Digg payola and the immature Diggnation doesn’t decide to autobury it.

  • Bogdan

    For smaller sites, the buzz effect will be a killer. Perhaps they will use moderator to remove popular sites that went down from the traffic burst.

  • Daniel Scocco

    I don’t know forsure Geek, here is a quote from their help section:

    “The buzz can be about anything – a great story on a major news site, an extraordinary bit from an obscure site, an intriguing video, or a fantastic blog that shouldn’t be missed.”

  • The How-To Geek

    This will most likely be only for really big publisher sites that can handle the traffic… a million visits in a day will pretty much crush any single server.

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