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Yaasa Weighted Blanket Review 2021

Our Verdict

The Yaasa Weighted Blanket provides all the benefits of a weighted blanket with a unique, stylish design, albeit with a little higher price tag than competitors.


  • Knitted design greatly improves breathability.
  • Stylish appearance compliments any decor.
  • 100% cotton cover for easy spot cleaning.
  • Available in two sizes.


  • Higher cost compared to competitors.
  • No return policy.

Do you find a little extra comfort in being under a blanket, no matter how hot the room gets?

You may like the feel of a weighted blanket. In this article, we will review the popular Yaasa Weighted Blanket, including some of the major benefits of weighted blankets generally. 

What is the Yaasa Weighted Blanket?

Yaasa Blanket Review

The Yaasa Weighted Blanket, like all weighted blankets, provides a heavier cover that promotes better sleep and reduced anxiety. 

With some 30% of the general population suffering symptoms of insomnia, it makes sense that weighted blankets have gained popularity in recent years. 

Weighted blankets also help reduce anxiety in a similar fashion to deep tissue therapy.

Essentially, the extra pressure reduces the stress hormone cortisol, allowing the body to relax and rest better while sleeping or even just lounging. 

The Yaasa Weighted Blanket is a knitted version of the weighted blanket, which makes it a unique design amongst its competitors.

With two size options and two color options from which to choose, most people can find a variant that works for them. 

Yaasa Weighted Blanket Materials

The Yaasa Weighted Blanket has a 100% cotton cover, with polypropylene fibers in the knit to provide the weight.

Other blankets use glass or plastic pellets to provide the additional heft, but Yaasa has found a way to greatly improve breathability with this design. 

On top of their material choice, Yaasa has found an excellent niche by creating a blanket with a woven design.

Breathable materials combined with a relatively open weave allow the Yaasa Weighted Blanket to provide the benefits of deep tissue therapy without the additional heat. 

A bonus: this design also looks sharper than other weighted blankets who seem more at home in the bedroom than on a couch.

The weave resembles a traditional afghan, allowing the blanket to function as decor when not providing relief for anxiety or insomnia.

The Yaasa Weighted Blanket comes in both 15- and 20-pound options. Health guidelines suggest a weighted blanket around 10% of your body weight, so the Yaasa works well for most average-sized adults.

Available in cream and grey colors, options exist for style matching also.

The 15-pound option measures 40x72 inches, while the 20-pound option measures 45x72 inches.

This limited range might be Yaasa’s greatest weakness, but it does offer some options to suit different body types. 

Keep in mind that the 10% rule does have some flexibility. If the 20-pound blanket is “light” for your size, you can still get some benefits, though perhaps a little bit muted compared to larger blankets.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Yaasa Weighted Blanket has two prices based on the weight of the blanket.

The 15-pound blanket costs $249, while the 20 pound goes up to $269. Yaasa also offers payment by installment which helps alleviate some of the sticker shock. 

The company also offers free shipping along with a one year warranty but does not offer refunds or accept returns after the product has been delivered.

You can certainly find a less expensive weighted blanket, but none with Yaasa’s woven construction. 


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Yaasa weighted blanket.

Does The Yaasa Blanket Really Work?

This is a tough question to answer. In the strictest sense, it is a blanket. If you want something to keep you warm at night or while browsing Netflix, then yes, it checks those boxes.

Weighted blankets operate on the same principle as swaddling, hugging, or massage.

In that sense, the Yaasa Weighted Blanket weighs enough and covers enough of the body to do what weighted blankets should do.

But If you want to know whether it can help with deeper-seated issues, then we have to turn to the research.

Can The Yaasa Weighted Blanket Help With Stress And Anxiety?

Do you feel stress or anxiety when your head hits the pillow? If so, research suggests the Yaasa Weighted Blanket may help with both.

Weighted blankets work on the simple principle that deep tissue therapy and studies have found that they do indeed work to reduce anxiety.

By applying additional pressure, weighted blankets like the Yaasa help to calm the autonomic nervous system which keeps the body’s stress response at bay.

The effects take hold immediately and typically persist long after you set the blanket aside.

Can The Yaasa Blanket Help Me Sleep Better?

On the insomnia front, the research is a little more uncertain. While many users report improved sleep with the use of a weighted blanket, the data have struggled to confirm the anecdotal experience.

Insomnia often has complicated, multi-faceted causes beyond the blanket’s skillset.

Additionally, a weighted blanket does come with the potential for side effects.

While a user may sleep better overnight, the additional weight can aggravate existing pain issues.

Some users have reported waking up sore after a night under weighted blankets. 

This speaks to the importance of finding a blanket that fits the sweet spot for your body weight.

While it’s tempting to think that more weight would mean a more effective blanket, the combination of diminishing returns and potential consequences make sizing essential.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the science of weighted blankets remains positive.

They operate on the same principles of long-standing practices manifested in everything from massage therapy to wrapping people in a blanket following extensive trauma. 

If you have issues getting a good night’s sleep, or finding calm and serenity after a stressful day, try the Yaasa Weighted Blanket.

The research is on your side, and even if it fails to fix everything this particular blanket makes a great addition to your home. 

With its unique design and one-year warranty, you have little to lose with this experiment.

The Yaasa Weighted Blanket is a top-notch product in its field thanks to the unique design, and unlikely to disappoint.

Yaasa Weighted Blanket

Whether you are trying to relax after a long day or simply fall asleep faster, the Yaasa Weighted Blanket will be your new best friend.

Yaasa Weighted Blanket vs. Alternatives

Baloo Blanket

Baloo Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket
  • Large enough for two people.
  • Good for hot sleepers.
  • Machine washable.

Layla Blanket

Layla Weighted Blanket
  • 120-night trial
  • Machine washable
  • Extensive size and weight variety

Gravity Blanket

Gravity Weighted Blanket
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Removable cover
  • Micro-fleece and cotton textures

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Yaasa Weighted Blanket
Yaasa Blanket Review

The Yaasa Weighted Blanket provides all the benefits of a weighted blanket with a unique, stylish design, albeit with a little higher price tag than competitors.

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  1. Kids love it and grownups too, is super soft, worm and cozy. I read about them a lot and when I finally bought it makes me buy 2 more just in case 😀

  2. We had the best experience with the Yaasa blanket, use it for accommodation in Malme for a guest house, especially in winter are most than welcome. Kids love it too because is puffy.

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