WordPress 2.6.3 Is Out


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I know, yet another update! But hey, don’t complain and see the positive side of things. WordPress and team provide us an outstanding CMS software, and it is open source. I am sure soon they will normalize the release date of updates.

Anyway this is a small update to fix a security flaw on a file. Instead of doing a complete upload, therefore, you can just download two files and upload them to your installation. I recommend this.

You can find the files and the official release here.

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13 Responses to “WordPress 2.6.3 Is Out”

  • peterwhyte

    hello guys am new to this topic wordpress and i really dont know any thing about it and how it works .but honestly i want to set up my own wordpress .can any body help me out on how i can set it up ?
    please this is urgent and i mean it seriously .thanks

  • Social Media Marketing Blog

    I’m using 2.5, do I need to update it to 2.6.3 or should I wait for 3 ??

  • drlovecat

    thanks for announcement but i just waiting for 2.7 🙂

  • Mike Panic

    @Dan – you need to be able to setup a MySQL table, rename the config-sample.php to be config.php and edit it with the MySQL information. Upload it all to your server, follow the steps to complete, upload themes and plugins you wish to use, activate, and setup the blog you want. Most web hosts offer free installs of popular software, including WordPress via their cpanel or similar admin interfaces, check with your host. Not sure about transfering from free to hosted, I’d imagine you can. Don’t want to come off like I’m promoting myself, but I do install / setup blogs for people, info is on my site (click my name) under the Hire Me tab.

    @Nick – I had the WORST fear of upgrading, so much so that more than a year went by. Finally a few weeks ago I wanted to change the theme to my blog and it is only supported in the newer versions of WP, so in order to run it, I had to do the upgrade. A quick scour of DBT didn’t leave me with an answer on a painless way to do it so I dropped Daniel a note and he replied with the suggestion to try the plugin I linked to in comment #7. I was honestly real worried, but it backs evreything up for you into a handy little .zip file to download, does all the upgrades, restarts your blog and was 100% painless. About 5 total minutes to upgrade me. I did today’s upgrade in about 2 minutes. Give it a try.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Yeah I get worried about updating my blogs sometimes. Tried it once and everything came to a halt for a few days. Won’t be doing that again.

  • Dan

    Hello. How hard is it to install WordPress manually? I have a hosting plan through Netfirms and my first self-hosted WP blog install was free from them. But now I want to transfer one of my better performing blogs that is on a free WP platform over to my hosting plan. I got the domain transferred, but don’t know how to install WP. It seems complicated, yet people keep telling me you can do it in five minutes. Help?

    Also, can I transfer the content from my free WP over to my hosted one? Or do I start from scratch?

  • Mike Panic

    Painless method of upgrading… install and use this plugin:

  • Adam Singer

    ALWAYS update WordPress. I was slacking before (I run several blogs) and unfortunately one of my old blogs I hadn’t bothered to upgrade got hacked.

    This is a legitimate issue, stay upgraded and stay safe.

    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

  • Tumblemoose

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I’ve been a little freaked out about the security issue but being relatively new to WordPress, and a bit less than a web design guru, I was WAY intimidated to do the entire version upload. Partly because my ftp interface seems to be buggy on my computer and I always have to upload each file individually.

    I feel MUCH better.

    Oh, did I tell ya “thank you” yet?



  • Martin

    Thanks for the heads up Daniel I will update mine now. I agree with you completely, i am amazed that wordpress is free and so frequently patched and updated. Maybe Adobe and others could learn from this 🙂 I wish.

  • Rajaie AlKorani

    ^^ Hehehe….

    I haven’t bothered updating since 2.6, I guess I’ll just wait till 2.7

    Or maybe even 3.0

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Hussein, did you read my post at all :)? That is exactly what I wrote hehe.

  • Hussein

    Instead of downloading the whole file, I just downloaded the two files they provided. 🙂 It is easier and more safe 🙂

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