What If I Had $1,500 To Start My Blog?


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A couple of weeks ago Tanya Peterson from Blogelina.com sent me the following question via email:

I have $1500 to spend on starting a (hopefully) profitable blog. How would you recommend that I best spend that money?

The answer I sent back to her was quite descriptive, so I figured I could use it here as well. Here we go.

First of all I would recommend you to spend part of that money purchasing a good domain name. As a rule of thumb, look for something with 2 words, a .com extension, and with some branding potential. If you are going to start a soccer blog, for instance, think along the lines of SoccerHub.com, SuperSoccer.com, SoccerNation.com and so on. If you spend enough time looking around and negotiating with the domain owners you should be able to acquire a domain like these for $200-$500. And no, you probably won’t be able to find a good domain available for $10.

After that I would recommend you to get a decent hosting plan, install WordPress, and purchase a premium theme (which costs around $50).

The third step would be to get a logo for your blog. Investing in a good logo is important because it is a cornerstone of your online brand. A resource I like to use for my logos is 99designs.com. You basically create a logo contest there (for around $300), and designers will come up with concepts for you. You can give feedback and suggestions, and after one week or so you pick the logo you like best. It works like a charm, and the quality of the work is amazing. If you want cheaper or alternative methods to get a logo, check this article I wrote.

We have spent a total of $860 ($500 for the domain, $10 for the hosting plan, $50 for the WordPress theme and $300 for the logo) so far. At this point you have already covered the essentials, so you could stop here.

If you wish to spend all the $1,500, though, you could use the remaining $640 to purchase some traffic (e.g., Google AdWords, sponsored reviews and banner spots) and kick-start the traffic and the community on the blog, or you could invest in an email marketing solution (e.g., Aweber.com) to start an email newsletter right away. You’ll want to have a freebie to give away to your subscribers, too, so part of the money could be used to produce an eBook, for instance.

What about you guys. How would you invest $1,500 to start your blog if you had that budget available?

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50 Responses to “What If I Had $1,500 To Start My Blog?”

  • Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin

    Yea. A good utilize of 1500 $, but you missed the main point. Because getting the content idea, how to mange articles, writing styles etc. is the most difficult part.

    Anyway, this is an excellent post. I appreciate these kinds of various aspects of blogging. 🙂

  • Richard Carter

    Yes , I totally agree with you that name is the most important factor , and we don’t have to compromise on choosing a good name and theme.

    Over all great tips, but what about those who cannot spend huge money on start up phase. Hope you also post some tips for those people with limited budget.

  • leahnicoletta

    I like the logo idea (like many others have said)- does anyone know of a place where you can create your own that is professional for a minimum fee?

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