Track Your Time Automatically with Chrometa


If you are a freelance writer, designer or consultant, you’ll certainly get involved in projects where you need to bill your clients by the hour. But how do you track your time accurately so that both you and your client will be happy?

There are several solutions available (both free and paid) which help you with this task. For example, if you are using Firefox or Google Chrome you’ll certainly find extensions that do it.

The problem with most of those solutions, though, is that require you to actively start the timer when you start working on a client’s project, and to stop it once you are done. Sounds simple enough, but what if you working on multiple projects at the same time? Or if you are working on a client’s project when you decide to check your email or chat on Facebook for some time? As you can imagine, it becomes a mess.

Is there a better way? Yep, there’s a time tracking software called Chrometa that automatically starts and stops your timer for you, depending on what activity is going on on your computer. Here’s a small video illustrating how it works:


How does the software know to what client the work you are doing belongs? You can create keyword-based rules and the times will be assigned automatically according to those keywords.

On top of that you can also create invoices on the fly or export your time to a third party billing system (like Freshbooks). Here’s a screenshot of the user interface:


The basic version starts at $19, but you’ll probably be able to make that money back in a matter of days once you start tracking your time more accurately. Reading through their testimonials there were users who increased their billable time by 20% once their started tracking time spent with email, drafts and so on. Here’s the link to their website if you wanna check the product out.

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5 Responses to “Track Your Time Automatically with Chrometa”

  • Anshul

    Awesome. This is going to be my new favourite tool after the ever reliable

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Tushar, it’s not a Chrome extension. You can use with any browser.

    @Treathyl, from the screenshots the reporting looks pretty detailed, so it might not be that hard to explain the numbers hehe.

  • Treathyl FOX

    I’m self-employed but I was in the accounting field for many years. Any tool that expedites and facilitate number crunching is usually a plus. FOR THE ACCOUNTANT. But tracking my time accurately so that both me and my client will be happy? Well I know I’ll be happy. My client, on the other hand, may try to analyze the numbers with a microscope and figure out how they can work around the accuracy, so they can lower their bill. 🙂

  • Tushar@BloggersEthics

    As far as I know, this is the first paid Chrome extension I have come across. Surely, a thing for big bloggers

  • Leif G.S. Notae

    I gave this program a try, but it never worked out for me since I never started it by the time I was working. Then again, I think I was subconsciously objecting to “prying eyes”. I will have to give it a try again and see if it can assist.

    Thanks for sharing this and appreciate the reminder.

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