Top 10 Misspelled words in Blogs


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The Probabilist blog has a nice article with the most misspelled words in blogs. Those words are tricky because most of the times people are not actually misspelling but rather misusing them, and spell checkers can not detect those mistakes. Below you will find the 10 words, make sure to pay attention when you use them again:

1. Your – You’re
2. Then – Than
3. Its – It’s
4. To – Too – Two
5. Were – Where – We’re
6. There – Their – They’re
7. A – An – And
8. Off – Of
9. Here – Hear
10. Lose – Loose

You can read the article with explanations for each word here.

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4 Responses to “Top 10 Misspelled words in Blogs”

  • Robert Bravery

    My top misspelled word is You/your. More of a typo than bad spelling
    My other top problem is a/an before vowel. But this is more syntax related than spelling.

    The other problem tho is differences between English and British spelling, color / colour as an example.

  • Daily Good Tips

    mispelled words often give us the mispelled visitors..ha..ha

  • Bang Kritikus

    How about Mispelled domain

  • SEO Genius

    Yeah i would say i have misused words in the past however it is also hard to spell words correctly relating to who your audience is.

    I have trouble trying to decide between the america way of spelling
    “optimization” or the English way of spelling “Optimisation”

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