The 5 Reasons Why Your Content Sucks


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So, you’ve set up a blog. You registered a domain that tells the world what your blog is about, and maybe you’ve even hired a professional to design your templates for you. Your blog looks as slick as possible, and yet, you’re still not getting traffic.

There’s one reason that’s very likely to be the problem — your content just plain sucks.

You see, when you start a blog, you have as much chance as anyone to get traffic to your site. However, if that traffic arrives there, and finds nothing even vaguely useful or interesting, then they’re not likely to return. This is why your traffic suffers. People are spending a few seconds on your blog, deciding they’re not interested, and leaving, never to return.

If you want to rectify the problem, and rebuild your traffic, you need to understand why your content sucks. Here are our top five reasons.

1. You Have Nothing New to Say (Or Nothing at All)

Too many bloggers rehash everything they’ve seen on other websites or blogs. What’s worse even than that though are bloggers who really have nothing to say. Find something that YOU would be interested in reading about, before you just write whatever pops into your head. If you’d be interested, other people will be too.

2. You Think Research Is Something Other People Do

Even if you have something great to write about, you still have to research. Giving people the wrong information is a cardinal sin to bloggers, so make sure that you always have all your facts straight. If not, at best, your readers will think you’re a joke. At worst, you could open yourself up for lawsuits. Just avoid it, and do your research before you write and post.

3. Your Writing Style Has All the Sex Appeal of Damp Newspaper

Come on! People want to read blogs that are funny, exciting or interesting. If your posts are dull, gray, and loaded with technical jargon and high brow literary style prose, no one will want to read them! Write as if you were talking to a friend, and you should find people more willing to read your content.

4. You Don’t Believe In Checking Spelling and Grammar

You don’t have to be a potential Pulitzer Prize winning writer to have a great blog. But your content has to make sense. If your posts are garbled, make no sense, and are littered with spelling and grammar mistakes, you make it hard for your readers to finish them. Make sure you check your spelling and grammar and that you preview your post before you upload it.

5. Paragraphs, Lists and Subheadings are Foreign Territory to You

You can be the best writer in the world, and have the most interesting content around. However, if it’s all presented in one solid block of text, I can guarantee you, no one will read it. Break your content up, and make it scannable by using bullets and numbered lists, breaking text into paragraphs, and using subheadings. Make it easy for people to read your content, and they’re more likely to do just that.

Once upon a time, the Internet was a small, elite place. There was even a website that used to list all the new sites on the fledgling World Wide Web. These days, however, it’s less like a small village, and more like a gigantic city, with people from around the world. People have choices about what they follow online, and that means that now, more than ever, your content needs to be great.

Even though the Internet may seem to have an anything goes policy, there are some strict unwritten rules about what makes a good site or blog. The good news is that you, and anybody else, can learn those rules, and apply them to your blog to increase its popularity.

Of course, you still have to have something interesting to say, but understanding the technicalities can help ensure that there are people who will listen. So before you blindly launch your blog or website, take the time to learn the rules. It’ll make building a successful blog a whole lot easier.

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27 Responses to “The 5 Reasons Why Your Content Sucks”

  • Farouk

    so true
    especially point number 5

  • Alan @ Work From Home

    Superb article, Frank. Four and five are my pet peeves. A few spelling, grammar errors are okay, but too many and I get turned off. I also like to be able to scan a post, which is where headlines, sub-headings, etc. come into play. Making your posts easy for your readers to read will help immensely with retaining a readership.

    • Frank

      Thanks for sharing your viewpoint.

      We are all busy people. It is so natural to scan a post before we invest more time to read the details.

      What you are saying is very valuable because it represent what most our readers do. Our attention span is getting shorter 🙂

  • Frank Lee

    Great point!

    I always find I can write powerful stuff when I have the passion to SHARE that piece of content.

    When it become a chore to write, the content does not flow well.

    So my tips her is to ‘dig our well, before we are thirsty’. Always collect fascinated ideas to write about before sitting down to write.

  • Keith Davis

    Hi Frank
    5 good reasons that content may well suck.

    I like to break up a long post with headings, paragraphs and inset lists. Makes it look less daunting than great slabs of text.

    I also like to add stunning graphics and with sites like Flickr, it is so easy to find graphics.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    • Frank

      Hi Keith,

      Nice job!

      Follow your quick tips will definitely encourage people to read your post.

  • Web Marketing Tips

    just be the first to add any new news on your niche or start giving interesting or controversial review.

    This is something which always works, just make sure that you should not touch the limit.

    • Frank

      Great tips!

      Connect our content with the current event always attract a great deal of people’s attention.

  • Rahul @ MazaKaro

    haha , very smart to talk about that actually , still you mentioned the heart of it ! i would love to read articles with lot of grammar spelling mistakes !::: one more thing , i believe we all have to be in some way interested and even more on what we’re talking about so we can be convincing not just presenting ideas !!!!

    • Frank Lee

      We still have to ‘sell’ our ideas in a piece of FREE content.

      I think our goal is to BUILD RELATIONSHIP with readers by giving valuable content continuously.

      And ‘Content Marketing’ becomes a term in the internet marketing world.

      Content is not just content. It is a marketing tool too.

  • HP van Duuren

    Thanks for your post,

    Some good ideas here,

    You did give me a new idea to check if there possibly
    are some of my longer posts that can get a little more ‘Juicy’
    attractive subheadings.

    All the Best,
    To your – Blogging – Inspiration,

  • Copywriters

    I agree with point 5. Too many people ignore proper structure when writing content. Aspects such as correct headings, highlighting key points and adding bookmarks are all important if you want to ensure that your content is as accessible as possible to users.

    • Frank Lee

      Yeah, the format(including font type and size, paragraph width and length, headline, sub-headline, bullets, and pictures) makes a huge difference to help or hurt readership.

      Yet, this important ingredient is often missed by many bloggers…

  • Elias

    Frank, it is amazing how simple these reasons are but we always end up doing these mistakes once in a while. I guess human nature.

  • Heather Rast

    Nice list which covers many of the common stumbling blocks to writing and sustaining a trafficked blog.

    Vince, to your comment I’d add that often interesting content isn’t spanking original stuff. It’s a very subjective combination of the writer’s style, their tack, and their perspective on the topic layered over some of the more admin/format-type elements described here. And considering the different walks of life we all fall into, I’d say that for good blogs – even those covering the same issues – there’s a strong possibility their audiences may not even overlap. Another reason to turn your passion for a topic into a creative outlet that serves others.

    • Frank Lee


      We can always talk about a common topic say weight loss…in a unique way by adding our own personal story (an authentic one) or our unique view.

      Think about how eager we want to know how a person ‘breakthrough’ their life challenges in weight loss, financial difficulty, or health issue.

      Those are the common topics, BUT we can make it interesting.

  • Akie A.

    Funny post but on point, left me wondering just how much sex appeal a damp newspaper has! Good job as always guys, will keep these tips in mind.

  • vicky89

    that is sarcastically funny but true. thumbs up

  • Susan

    Why don’t you have a FB link here? I’d like to share this with FB friends. I thought the article was good – people need reminding about some of the basics.

  • Santel

    I totally agree that even good design and update more often didn’t help to generate traffic, what we need to do now is write something that people want to read and share.

    • Frank Lee

      Hi Santel,

      I think you hit it right on.

      Check out the forum in the niche to research what sorts of common questions people are asking. That would get many great ideas to write about.

      Think along that line, one great topic is “FAQ about…”
      (e.g. FAQ About Creating The First Blog”.

  • raybak

    Vince.. Yes off course you can’t find a new subject everyday. Just like this post. This topic has been discussed hundred times in many blogs but still I find this one more interesting. You can write on same subject but make sure what you are saying is some thing new and you are not stealing some one else words.

    • Frank Lee

      Hi Raybak,

      Thanks for your nice comment! My goal was to make those tips helpful and yet simple to remember.

      Hehe, yeah I could help but to make a list topic again on this guest post.

      It is because proven again and again the list topic always catch people’s attention. It just a great psychological trigger 🙂

      A curious title is my other favorites.

  • Mike @ Blog Success


    Yes there are a few blogs out there may have this issues. Majority of the time, new blogger do not get traffic because no one knows about their blog just yet. It takes time to establish yourself. Blogging can take some time, persistence is the key.

  • Vince

    Great checklist dude. However, in one blog (I forgot what blog it is), it says that you just write what you know. Don’t assume that your reader already know and don’t need other things. For example. You have an internet marketing blog, don’t think that your visitor or readers already know what it means to be an internet marketer. You still need to write about it.

    What’s my point? Even if the article is not new, as long as it helps your reader to understand the subject better “within” your blog, you will still have to write about it, or else, you will be wasting some more clicks from your visitors.

    • Frank

      Hi Vince,

      Thanks for your great comment!

      I think if we keep beating the dead horse on the blog topic, our readers will forget us quickly.

      The only reason I can think we do that is for SEO building. But again, we can not keep our readers and customers with us for long.

      So my recommendation is we create writing plan to generate fresh and interesting content as one of our core business process.

    • Web Marketing Tips

      when politician give any kind of speech they tell themselves’that audience do not know anythingand hence these politician can give speech so smoothly.

      Just keep one thing in mind that everyday we got thousands of new bie and they need help. So may be your blog do not tell anything new but eventhough you can help those new bies.

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