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Yesterday I took the whole day off line (we had a guest post indeed). Now that I think about it, it was the first one in a really long time. Sure I don’t work full time on weekends, but I was getting used to working half a day on Saturdays and Sundays.

porto de galinhas

That is a picture of the beach I went to visit. If you ever come to Brazil, make sure to go there, it was elected the most beautiful beach in the country for 6 years in a row. It’s called Porto de Galinhas.

If you work from home, and if you love what you do, that is a risk you have.

Taking a whole day off and unplugging from the web was refreshing though, and I wanna try to do that every week, probably on Sundays. I will try to not even turn the computer on.

What about you guys? Do you end up working on weekends as well, or you separate off days religiously?

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52 Responses to “Take One Day Off Every Week”

  • Yael Ernst

    It’s funny you wrote about it, I had my first day off- completely off- last Thursday.
    I loved it!
    I don’t know if I can do this every week, although I would love to, but I should do this more often. As you said- it was very refreshing and exactly what I needed.


  • Craciun Dan

    Ever since I started working on my Linux blog (over one month now), I never took any day off. But the results are astonishing: i make 2-3 posts daily and I get a lot of visitors. I know one of the reasons RSS subscribers leave blogs is the high number of posts per day, but I really don’t think that is a problem at the moment since the blog is new, and I really need a lot of information and content there.

    A good thing I observed was this: the general number of visitors varies on a daily basis, sometimes it’s very high, depending if I posted a good article who got links on other sites, or sometimes is lower. But what really matters is that I noticed a constant increase in the traffic generated by search engines (mainly Google). This shows that people come more and more through searching on Google, and that is because I add daily content, reviews or tutorials.

    I’m currently happy with my blog, I struggle every day to improve it and add more content, and no, I don’t need pauses, not now. In six months, maybe.

    Thanks for the post (and generally the website), all the best regards,


  • Edward Lomax

    Taking time off is definitely important… but I still have trouble unplugging completely. I do come up with a publishing schedule that is light on the weekends and I try to get everything done beforehand. But I’ll probably I should take more time off.

  • Joe Reis

    Good call. I usually skip on the web/blackberry on Saturdays or Sundays. It’s great. The best thing to do is to get into the countryside where it’s literally impossible to be within range of any electronic distractions. Peace of mind is extremely important these days!

  • Polymath

    I panic if I am not online. I used to have hobbies and now I spend my time on the computer. One of these days a day off would be good. It takes about a week on holidays for me to get over it then I relax.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Melvin, how many hours? I would say around 8. I wake up at 6-7 am, and shut the computer down at 6 pm. That would be around 12 hours, but I have several breaks in between (going to the gym, eating, and so on) so I guess the working hours are bout 8.

  • Melvin

    so daniel, how many times you are spending on the internet on regular working days?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Tom, right now I am just staying 1 month here. But I am looking around for houses, and hopefully soon I will be able to move definitively here. It is a paradise.

  • Ben

    I’ve been taking a month long break from posting and all I can say it is great. You need that time to recharge, regroup and to rethink how you want your blog to run.

    I usually take June and December off and have not had any severe problems doing so. I would suggest everyone take a few weeks off and enjoy life a bit.

  • Rajaie AlKorani

    Bloggers could have guest posts ready for the days that they’re taking a break, that was they don’t have to worry about about dissapointing their reader’s.

  • Tom

    You are really living close to Porto de Galinhas? I guess Recife, if so.

    That’s amazing – I am reading your feed for quite some time now and I am even using your theme on one of my pages, but I never realized that you are in Brazil.

    I will move there in October, also Nordeste, but further north: Taiba (Ceara). My wive is from there and we want our first child to be borne in Brazil.

    And one thing is for sure – the one day per week I usually take off from working on the internet will be spent on the beaches of Ceara 🙂

  • Return To Manliness

    Great photo. I could not not stop looking at it. I hear of bloggers who work around the clock and almost never sleep. I don’t know how they do it. Since I am brand new, maybe I will change my tune once I make a little money with it. I don’t really view it as work since I like to do it so much, but it still does not hold a candle to spending time with my son. I guess nothing ever will…

  • Vishal

    I feel it’s quite difficult for me to remain away from computer, when I’m somewhere near home. But when I visit places where there are no computers, like my village or if I’m out on holiday there is no other option.

  • Voice Of Dingchao

    It’s a little difficulty for to do that, because I always have a lot of things to do everyday. But I’m sure I will take leisure every week when I hire someone to work for me.

  • Steven Snell

    I rarely take a full day off. I used to, but not recently. I do have some vacation time planned for later in the year (but I’m sure my laptop will come with me).

  • Hebrink

    Agree, we must take a beach vacation. Many of us do not care about vacation, it’s bad to work all day in week.

  • Winning Startups

    I took all week off last week because I went home to visit relatives. However, I logged in and made sure my blog entries posted everyday. Glad you enjoyed the day.

  • Alex

    Since I’ve been self-employed online, I’ve been working every single day. Most of the time I’m trying to catch up on the daily emails that come in from the site. I find it hard to just let the inbox build up… I’m going to take your advice and try taking Sundays off as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • team ray

    good to take a break every once in awhile

  • datter

    @Daniel Scocco> That’s the smart way to do it. At this point (Sat) I’ve got enough material written to do me until Wednesday. That’s partly because (as it says on my blog) I only update Monday to Friday so I can gain a bit on the weekends… but also because I’m working at it so I can have a safe backlog for those times I want to get away from it.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Ramiro, posting everyday does not require one to work every day :).

    I know bloggers who publish 2 posts a day and yet only write them on 2 or 3 days of the week.

  • Jaan Kanellis

    I love doing, but the problem is catching up once I go back online.

  • Ramiro

    I work every day. I like to post every day. My visitors hope I post on weekends. And I do.
    Ramiro, from Portugal

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Abhijeet, yeah I agree. Will check your post now.

    @Satish, Internet addiction sure can be a problem, and I suspect it will only grow in the near future. Will read your post on the issue.

    @Four20, part time on Saturdays and Sundays off is the plan.

    @SEOGenius, when you have college or a day job it sure becomes a burden, and you have no choice on the hours you have to dedicate to your site. But you if love websites that is the burden you must carry 🙂 , I did that when I started also.

  • SEO Genius

    That is truely a beautiful picture and what looks an amazing beach. Well considering i was at college in the weekdays i mainly worked weekday nights and all weekend however as i have finished college now and have a 12 week holiday before University it means i have more time to dedicate to my website however also have more time free so its great.

  • Four20

    That just means that you’ll be working the full day on Saturday. . .no?

    I like to have my workload spread as thin as possible. . .so if I can break up the work between Saturday and Sunday. . .I would rather do it that way.

  • kellex

    I definitely take most of the weekends off. I try to run a couple of simple posts but for the most part I try to put a big post up on Friday that is worth letting run for a day or two.

    It’s good to get away and it, like you said, “refreshes”.


    Yesterday I also wrote about ways the people get edicted to internet and some solutions for it.I had also suggested to take breaks from work….after reading your post, I got the confidence that I am not writing something nonsense in my new blog.
    Here is the link to the article


    Hey Daniel, your lifestyle really inspires me.
    I will also take one day leave from blogging, when I reach somewhere your levels.
    Anyway..I wish you a happy life.

  • Abhijeet from Jeet Blog

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