Scour Pays You for Searching the Web: Could It Work?


Update: Two of our readers reached 6500 points, which is the limit to receive the first $25, but they are having troubles to receive the money. That is, scam alert is high for this thing right now.

I know, whenever someone offers to pay you for surfing the web, searching or sending emails around you should be suspicious right? This morning I received an email from a friend inviting me for this new search engine called Scour, which promises to pay you for searching, commenting and voting on the results on their website. It got me curious so I went to check out.

Basically the website works by combining together the search results of Google, Yahoo! and MSN for any query that you run. In addition, users have the possibility to leave comments on the search results, and to vote them up or down on Digg style.

A quick test for “blog tips” revealed on the first result and Daily Blog Tips on the second result, so I guess it is getting the job done!

Anyway, they have a points system in place, and when you reach 6500 points you will receive a $25 gift Visa credit card (or 25000 points for a $100 gift card).

How do you win points? Right after you signup and invite some friends you start with 250 points. Then for every search you win 1 point, for every vote 2 points and for every comment 3 points. The cool thing is that it works in real time, so right after you perform one search you can see your points score going up.

You will also win 25% of the points of the people you refer.

The last part is the tricky one. I am sure the blogosphere will erupt with posts about Scour, every blogger trying to get as many referrals as possible (yes, that is partly what I am doing here…). It could be AGLOCO all over again.

So is the service legit or a scam? At this point I really can’t say. I don’t know anyone who arrived at 6500 points yet to know if he ended up with the money or not. I will test it out though, and when I reach the required number of points I will let you guys know if they will send the money as promised.

If you want to sign up under my referral id here is the link: I might end up donating the gift cards for the readers, we will see.

Update: Playing with their website, I generated around 120 points in 30 minutes (doing searches and commenting). So yes it is not that easy to earn points, but for someone that uses the web a lot I think it is feasible to get 6500 points every month without changing your habits (just changing the search engine). It could pay your server bills if nothing else.

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48 Responses to “Scour Pays You for Searching the Web: Could It Work?”

  • Abhinav Mishra

    btw manish r u in the leader board/? what is your user name there?

  • Abhinav Mishra

    Well first of all, error to be corrected, it was mite* not rite =P
    ok yeah since i haven’t reached the cashout thing yet (on 3500) i didnt exactly know what is to be done besides the cashout thing.
    Well, i would like to wait for mita’s updated comment, before making any further comment.

  • manish

    hello, when u go on the cashout option … it asks u to send a mail to their custome service with cashout as subject …. but that also does not work and mita is correct in a sense that they do not reply …

    I have lready completed 7000 points and I m still waiting for their reply … i guess they purposefully chose this 6500 points … because it will take a lot of time for people to get it if they dont know the shortcuts which many wont know and secondly it will generate lots of publicity through referals… even if people later come to know its fraud … they would have got negative publicity too… as rightly said no publicity is bad publicity

  • Abhinav Mishra

    hang on rita…u have to go and click on the cashout button in your profile….mailing them doesn’t work..they never reply. pretty frustating i knw…….
    dunno why they call themselves the “perfect” ones to do whatver they are doing….
    long way to go guys…..:S

  • mita

    i have made 6500 points in scour. i have sent an e-mail to cash out. but they donot response. so i think they are also fraud. please avoid this site.

  • zhopa

    scour are spammers
    my inbox is full of their “invites” and you can not unsubscribe from future invites
    if you use them you encourage spammers

  • hiten

    new concept! lets c if it works or not

  • john

    I have to say it really isn’t that hard…in 30 min u should already the max 500 points. Help refer to me:

  • vito

    i allready subscribe

    want to help me

  • Tipolog

    Does this Really Working?i have just to use it as my deafault search engine and start making money?^^

  • abhinav mishra

    no actually you need to know the right method to search and a few quick fire methods too…..and at the same time keep it legal.
    i can earn 6500 in 13 days…thts how easy and NOT time consuming i t iis for me.
    Although at first i had thot 650 points wud get me 25 bucks =P
    i was pretty disappointed afterwards though….for missing out on the last zero.

  • inday

    that’s a new one. but reaching the needed points is hard. it could be another agloco again.

  • Rajaie AlKorani

    In my opinion, this is Algoco all over again 😆

  • Corey Freeman

    This is popping up all over the place, huh? Haha. I’m testing out Scour too and I’m pretty wary about whether or not it will really erupt. My major concern is the image search isn’t up to par, and has some pretty bad filters.

    Only time shall tell!

  • ReddH
  • Sridhar Katakam

    Where is the Firefox search plugin of Scour?

  • John Young | We Have Contact

    Never heard of this particular service, and I can’t say I’ll ever use it, but it might work out for some people. It will be interesting to see how they fend off bots and other non-human entities trying to make a quick buck.

  • Ben Moreno

    Interesting……………………..I will wait until you confirm payment and then I will sign up. Sounds like a decent idea to compete with google.

  • Bruce

    I will try but I agree that it will be hard to rack up the amount of points necessary.

  • Uncle G

    This is new to me. I never heard about SCOUR.

  • Tom

    As I am using your free wordpress theme I signed up via your referrer link – hope you can earn a little bit! I will do my best 😉

  • ainsley

    i tried using scour but an error occurs everytime i used it as a search engine. the internet explorer window always closed…due to some errors…i don’t know why… it was probably a bug to scour system…because the explorer works well when i’m using yahoo or google…so i ended up uninstalling it…because its quite irritating to have your explorer closed down every now and then….

  • Mikael Rieck

    The combining of search result are not new. That is something that others (e.g. Dogpile) have done for a long time. However the “points thing” is new (from what I know) but I’m not sure that it is going to work. First of all because it’ll take forever to reach any interesting amount of points ($25 is peanuts) and secondly because they don’t really offer anything that is unique enough to have people switch search engine.

    Seriously would you change search engine for $25 paid out after reaching 6500 points (what would that take… 1-3 months?)? I can see how this can be beneficial if you have a huge amount of referrals but if you don’t…

    But I’ll be interested in hearing what your experiences are Daniel.

  • Sell Porn Make Money

    interesting concept… but if you think about it, this is a very efficient way to handle their advertising.

  • Omition

    Couldn’t someone just make a bot for this like they did for the windows search and just rack up points and get free stuff?

  • SEO Genius

    Hmm interesting, think i shall hold on until you have reviewed back.

  • Julie N

    I signed up – why not? I live on the Internet anyway, plus I like the combined results of Google, Yahoo and MSN. Thanks for the tip Daniel!

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Rasrt, well you already spend time searching and commenting on the web right? That is where they are betting, that you will keep doing what you already do, but on their website.

    @Satish, I guess it is legal. They are not using Google’s or Yahoo’a algorithms, they are just combining and presenting their search results.


    Basically the website works by combining together the search results of Google, Yahoo! and MSN for any query that you run. ???????

    How is this possible?

    Google, Yahoo, MSN search algorithms…and Scour business.Is this kind of usage of algorithms or interface legal?

  • Rarst

    From the numbers they are counting on very few people reaching those 6500 points (shooting down winners as cheaters is likely technique as well) and/or betting 25% referral going to win them a lot of press (seems to be working 🙂 ).

    Either way it seems like wasting TON of time for 25$ which is not very good deal in my opinion.

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