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Powher Pre-Workout Review 2021

Our Verdict

Powher encourages improved motivation and endurance capacity without the risk of unpleasant side effects nor the dreaded ‘caffeine crash’.

Bottom Line: There are plenty of pre-workout supplements and meal replacements on the market and lots of flashy promises, but none has quite as catchy a name as Powher—a pre-work supplement specially formulated for “her,” or in this case, you and me!

Pros & Cons

This Powher review found four things we loved about Powher Pre-work Supplement and two things we were a little unimpressed with:


  • This formulation provides moderate increases in endurance to build muscle without bulk.
  • This formulation contains natural ingredients and amino acids to boost a woman if her body is deficient.
  • Naturally sourced caffeine without a stimulant “caffeine crash.”
  • Powher is beyond a doubt better tasting than other pre-workout supplements.


  • It is only available to order on the manufacturer’s website, and you’ll get dinged with shipping costs if you’re only ordering one bottle.
  • Powder pre-workout supplement is artificially sweetened. If you’re OK with diet sodas, you probably won’t mind this, and it’s got more beneficial ingredients than a soda.

The Powher pre-workout supplement encourages greater endurance which improves motivation, with no unpleasant side effects like “coffee-type jitters,” or worse: a harmful physical reaction to other pre-workout supplements as described in this scientific report.

If you’re on social media listening to all the influencers recommending one meal replacement or another, or you’ve seen digital ads for pre-workout supplements that say they’re better for you than anything—but you want more info, keep reading.

This Powher review is for you.

What is Powher Pre-Workout?

Powher Pre-workout review

The point of this Powher review is, no pre-workout supplement is a wonder supplement, and meal replacements aren’t miracles either. If you’re exercising, eating right, and intentionally following a healthier lifestyle, this Powher review explains the benefits of Powher for you.

Powher pre-workout supplements contain a healthy mix of established and innovative ingredients, all safe to consume and backed by scientific research.

With women in mind, Powher pre-workout supplements aim to build endurance steadily, improve mood and focus, and maintain energy without causing your body to crash.

Many pre-workout supplements claim to do this without backing it up. Our Powher review examines it all!

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

This section of our Powher review goes in-depth with nutrition facts. But first, let’s check out the main ingredients in Powher pre-workout supplements and the health benefits of those ingredients.

We also included research links under each of the main ingredient points in this Powher review to back up what Powher says about their pre-workout supplement.

Proprietary Blend

Natural Caffeine

Sourced from the Green Coffee bean, research shows how naturally sourced caffeine boosts energy levels, improves concentration and focus without side effects known as the “caffeine crash,” which includes jitters, headaches, and all the stuff a lady doesn’t need post-workout!

Coconut Water Powder

Fresh coconut liquid is freeze-dried and powdered in an FDA-registered facility (product safety means safety for you!) The manufacturing process maintains the impressive list of health benefits in Coconut Water Powder, 

Coconut Water Powder is also high in electrolyte levels to support muscle and brain functions. This ingredient in the Powher pre-workout supplement is rich in healthy minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium.


Three natural extracts (C.Flexuous oil and water-soluble A. galanga and G. Glabra) form EnXtra. A natural caffeine “amplifier,” studies show that EnXtra enhances caffeine benefits in reducing fatigue and tiredness while exercising, a great motivator to keep you on track.


If you ever wondered how great fresh beetroot is—say hello to Rednite. This special type of beetroot is rich in Nitrate, naturally boosting activity with ten times as many antioxidants as your average beetroot!

Check out the scientific benefits of red beetroot here.

B-Complex Vitamins

The Powher pre-workout formula contains a powerful blend of B5, B6, and B12 complex vitamins. There are many benefits to B-Complex vitamin blends, including a reduction in tiredness and fatigue and increased metabolism and mental performance.


No, this isn’t a misspelling of the air you breathe. It’s a safe and natural compound extracted from “Termninalia Arjuna” tree bark. Scientifically known as an Ethanolic extract, Oxyjun is rich in antioxidants, as documented in research studies.

Amino Acids

Powher’s pre-workout supplement contains amino acids believed to help the body reduce stress and improve mood. The specific amino acids in Powher pre-workout supplements include L-Tyrosine, and pure L-Citrulline malate.

Powher also contains amino acids like Beta-Alanine, Lysine, Taurine, and Carnosine to increase protein molecules in the body. Carnosine, in particular, is valuable in a female pre-workout supplement because women’s bodies are naturally lower in Carnosine than men’s.

Every container of Powher pre-workout supplement contains 25 servings and a scoop that measures 10g to be shaken or stirred into 250ml of water. Each 10g serving has the following:

Nutrition Facts

Per serving (scoop), Powher pre-workout contains:

  • Vitamin B6: 10mg
  • Vitamin B12: 50mcg
  • Pantothenic Acid: 10mg
  • Taurine: 2.5g
  • L-Citrulline Malate: 2g
  • Beta-Alanine: 1g
  • RedNite: 500mg
  • Lysine: 500mg
  • Tyrosine: 500mg
  • Coconut Water Powder: 500mg
  • OxyJun: 400mg
  • EnXtra: 300mg
  • Natural Caffeine: 100mg
Powher Supplement Facts

How Much Does it Cost?

Powher pre-workout supplement (also referred to as Powher Up) is available in three different quantities and price options, directly from the manufacturer at Power Official Pre-workout.

  • Ultimate Powher Up Pack: Four bottles of Powher Up (one bottle is free) and free delivery worldwide. $135.00 (Cost per scoop is $1.35) 
  • Two bottles of Powher Up: with free shipping in the USA. $90 (Cost per scoop is $1.80)
  • One bottle of Powher Up: with a choice of paid shipping options. $45 (Cost per scoop is $1.80)

What Does Powher Taste Like?

When you scoop out a serving of Powher pre-workout supplement for the first time, you may get to dreaming about some pink sand beach in paradise because these tiny granules are seriously pink!

The powder dissolves fast in water and turns dark red, which is funny because there’s only one flavor of Powher, and that’s ‘pink lemonade.’

During my Powher review, the slightly sour scent smelled like lemonade, but the taste is fruity and pretty lip-smacking.

Other pre-workout supplements or meal replacements conjure up a sawdust sandwich—so I can see why this pre-workout supplement is so popular.


Here are some commonly asked questions.

Does Powher really work?

It’s my recommendation to give this pre-workout supplement several weeks to gauge individual results. Remember, this isn’t a miracle supplement!

The onus is on a woman to incorporate any pre-workout supplement into her already healthy routine.

After a month, endurance levels steadily improved, energy levels increased, focus got better, with less post-workout muscle fatigue. Most women don’t want to bulk up too much, and you won’t get super-muscly with this.

Powher pre-workout supplement gets two thumbs up!

What can you mix this with?

Keep it simple! Mix Powher pre-workout supplement with water. Unlike other nasty-tasting meal replacements or pre-workout supplements, Powher + water = great taste.

You don’t need anything else to make this pre-workout supplement palatable.

When is the best time to take it?

Ultimate Life, the Powher pre-workout supplement manufacturer, recommends taking a 10g serving scoop of Powher 30 minutes before your workout. It’s best not to take too close to bedtime as it contains natural caffeine.

Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

All Powher pre-workout supplement bottles come with a 100%, 90-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that Powher pre-workout supplement is a product for women. This Powher review found that the ingredients and benefits provided a gradual-building of endurance levels, a much better focus, and more energy post-workout that lasted throughout the day. 

Take care of your body and mind, exercise and eat right, and enjoy Powher pre-workout supplement as part of your diet and fitness goals.  

Check it out at Ultimate Life Store, and here’s to your ultimate workout journey!

Powher Pre-workout Supplement

Powher encourages improved motivation and endurance capacity without the risk of unpleasant side effects nor the dreaded ‘caffeine crash’.

Powher Pre-workout vs. Competitors

Transparent Labs Bulk

Transparent Labs Bulk
  • Great tasting
  • Includes BCAA
  • Important ingredients

Performance Lab Pre-workout

Performance Lab Pre-Workout Supplement
  • Capsules are tasteless
  • Provides excellent energy
  • Clean ingredients

LadyBoss Fuel

LadyBoss Fuel Supplement
  • Designed for women
  • It’s completely natural.
  • Clean ingredients

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Powher Pre-workout
Powher Pre workout

Powher encourages improved motivation and endurance capacity without the risk of unpleasant side effects nor the dreaded ‘caffeine crash’.

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