Poll: How Many Blogs Do You Own?

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I have been running many polls lately on the blog, and I find them pretty interesting because they give us some data on relevant issues. You guys seem to like them as well, so let’s try to make them a regular column. I will release a new poll every other Monday (so twice a month). The only doubt that I have is whether or not I should follow up with a post on the following week highlighting the results. Let me know what you guys prefer.

Anyway today’s poll is about the number of blogs that each of us own. At one point in time I was running six blogs actively. This year I sold some of them, so right now I am running three blogs actively. Notice that you don’t need to write on the blog for it to be counted. As long as you own it, that is fine. Secondly, only count active blogs please (i.e. with at least a couple of posts per month).

Have your say in our poll, and feel free to leave a comment as well.

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