Poll: Do You Trust More .net or .org Domains?


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We all know that a .com extension is always the best way to go for a commercial or content website. Educational institutions might prefer .edu, and some people targeting a specific country might prefer a local extension like .co.uk, but on all other cases .com is king.

Unfortunately, finding a good and available .com domain these days is a tough task, and often times people need to settle for a .net or .org. Usually, in fact, only the .com version of their wanted domain will be taken, while both the .net and .org will be still available. In those situations, do you think the person should go with a .net or with a .org?

Notice that I am not asking what is your personal preference, but if you trust more a .net or a .org domain?

Suppose you were searching in google for “video games.” There are only two results: videogames.net and videogames.org. Which one would you click if you could check only one of them?

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45 Responses to “Poll: Do You Trust More .net or .org Domains?”

  • Chuck Points

    I always go for .com first, because like you said it is king. But, I have many sites that are also .net and they do just as well on google as .com in fact all my .net sites that I have place higher than there .com counterparts. Yes all kudos go to me not the fact that it is a .net. My point is that other extensions can do well it is just about how much you know and what you do with that information.

  • Chris

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll try to make more .orgs nowing that more peope trust them. That and my websites are information sites. Not that my sites are untrusted but first impressions count. I would like to see how many people voted for what as I depicted my answer from all the comments above me but the answer. thanks again but.


  • ~Romil

    Sorry to bump this up, but I agree with points mentioned by @Herman.

    Domain squatters and opportunists have taken a lead with .com and other suitable domains from people more deserving for that particular intellectual property.

    Cyber laws and ICANN control over such incidents are quite lax.

  • Mike Pietrs

    .Com means “Business”
    .Org means “Charity or Professional Association”
    .Net means “News”

  • Kurt Avish

    Oops. Thanks for sharing Daniel. Didnt know about that. I’ll avoid a .info then. Was thinking to get one .info for my blogspot blog. The .com is already taken…i think I’ll look for a .net or .org or even if i can get a country TLD name like islandcrisis.mu –

  • Herman

    There are many misconceptions being promoted in the comments.

    The .com domain is intended for use by commercial sites (i.e. those whose purpose is to generate revenue, whether personal or corporate).

    The .org domain is intended for use by organizations; most notably NGOs and other non-profits.

    The .net domain is intended for, well, networks. Portals for families, groups of people sharing a common interest, etc.

    When one advocates for the blurring of any of these delineations, the issue of identity dilution comes into play. Personally, I would be less likely to patronize a business who, upon finding that their preferred domain name has been taken, would resort to making use of a .org or .net namespace. Show some originality and devise another. Under the ‘net paradigm of today, few people just plug a brand into a location bar. Search engines do the work. A branded URL is somewhat irrelevant.

    By the same token, I cringe when I see non-profits using .com for the sake of expediency or, worse, catering to the lowest common denominator (i.e. the average person will only try the .com domain to locate an organization). People should be give a little more credit. Should that concern reflect the truth, perhaps that demographic is one to be avoided.

    I have not voted in the survey, because neither the .org nor the .net domain hold any greater sway over my trust. Properly implemented, they describe too entirely different entities. Truth be told, I am more likely to distrust a .com domain.

  • Chuck Anthony

    I believe .net is your best bet — .org, forget it; unless you’re an NPO.

  • Michael

    I encourage people to find domains with all three available and then to reserve all three. Why lose visitors to your site because they can’t remember which extension appends your domain? Why risk inadvertently offending them because yoursite.com goes to an adult site or a spam site when yoursite.net is your site?

  • Ted Murphy

    I usually come across this problem in the results of a search — and I always click on the link closer to the top, regardless of whether it is .net or .org (or even .com).

    I guess that’s a pretty strong argument for SEO.

  • fromtheold.com

    Now that’s a surprise for me. I thought most people trust .net way more than .org

  • Gemma Bristow

    I would assume that an .org was less likely to show me adverts about gold farming, etc.

  • Dennis Edell

    I rarely trust .org at all since they opened the extension to the public.

  • Mr Javo

    Definitively .org

  • Daniel Bates

    Second place is the first LOSER…If I had to choose .net would have a slight edge. Technically they should serve different purposes. If it were a videogame NETwork site then it should be .net, if it were a video game ORGanization then it should be .net. Of course people in South Carolina are buying up .sc, which is some random countries domain affiliation, so the system makes no sense

    My site is .net, because .com was taken, but I’ve since bought the .com as well.

  • Ari

    It depends on the topic. For video games, I prefer .net

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