OneClick WordPress Plugin


The OneClick plugin makes it much easier to install other plugins or themes on WordPress. Basically it eliminates the need to update files through FTP. Instead you just need to select a .zip file and the plugin will install it for you.


This can be quite useful if you manage your blog from different computers. There is another plugin that does a similar job called PlugInstaller, but OneClick looks more user friendly, and it has some interesting upcoming features.

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13 Responses to “OneClick WordPress Plugin”

  • Bang Kritikus

    good plugin

  • Dermot @ Computers and Technology

    Nice one-click plugin, but it seems that this comes built-in in WordPress 2.7 which is a dream and I love the Popular tags Plugin Directory too.

  • Aldo

    this indeed a useful plugin, I have installed it in my blog few weeks ago and feel thankful to have it in my dashboard

  • Sercan

    i am turk 🙂
    good plugin thanx

  • Jermayn Parker

    Going to try it now.

    I sometimes need to do this so it may be worth having as a back up.

    Surely you can change the permissions later anyway

  • Daniel

    Raj, maybe it was the DBT effect :).

  • Markk

    Hmm … a plugin installing plugin! How should I install it? 🙂

    I will find this plugin quite useful as I frequently do WordPress admin from different computers.

  • Raj

    Unfortunately, the website for oneclick (

  • Ramkarthik

    Cool Plugin Daniel. Really useful too. Thanks.

  • Nia

    thank you sooo much Daniel! I”m so glad you are in my reader! this is such a great pluggin. It really streamlines my process tremendously. all the best, Nia. ^!^

  • HH

    I find it useful for all those users of WP who doesn’t have FTP access or something like that.

  • Daniel

    Good point Frank!

    Thankfully the plugin does allow one to delete previously installed plugins or themes.

    Personally I still use the FTP for my stuff, but I think the plugin can be handy for some people for some particular situations.

  • Frank

    I think that you may find this program more trouble (long term) than it’s worth (assuming you are on a *nix host).

    It’s important to understand that most web servers “run” as a different user-id than your ftp account. When you FTP a file (or files) to the server the files are “owned” by the user-id that you logged into FTP with. When you use a file upload (like this plugin) the files get owned by by the user that runs the web server. This is really not an issue until you go to delete a file uploaded this way. If the plugin allows you to delete files also it will be fine. Most likely you won’t be able to delete them with FTP or any web based file manager so you can never clear up unused plugins.

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