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These days I pretty much don’t use any browser plugins or extensions, but here’s one that I think everyone should have. It’s called “Nanny for Google Chrome”. I installed it yesterday, and I have a feeling it will give me a great productivity boost.

Here’s the problem I was trying to solve: despite knowing it’s a waste of time, I spend far too much time every day on Facebook, Gmail, Reddit and news sites. Combining all of them I think it would add up to 2 or 3 hours per day. Sure Gmail is mostly work related, and the others have a professional aspect too (e.g., I read news sites to keep up with the latest tech developments), but still it’s not where I add value to my business, so ideally those activities should be kept to a minimum.

The solution: The Nanny for Chrome extension basically allows you to input a list of URLs you want to control, specifying the amount of time per day you are allowed to use each one. Here’s how my list looks like right now:

  • Gmail – 30 minutes per day
  • Facebook – 10 minutes per day
  • Reddit – 10 minutes per day
  • NYTimes, WSJ, Economist, etc – 10 minutes per day combined

After I use my quota the extension will basically block the sites, and I’ll do my best to respect that. If the quota is consumed while you are on the site the extension will show a blank screen with this headline: “Shouldn’t you be working?”. Pretty effective huh?

You can also block sites within specific time intervals (e.g., from 9am until 5pm), but since I work pretty much 24/7 I decided to give each URL an allowed time per day.

If you don’t use Google Chrome you can download similar extensions for pretty much every other browser out there. Just search on Google for “extension/plugin to block URLs” and the name of your favorite browser.

I am looking forward to seeing the results this will have. Within a couple of months I’ll post an update to let you know.

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11 Responses to “One Browser Extension You Must Have”

  • Ori Sachs

    Yes and no – it’s nice that this app limits procrastination but that will should come from within, otherwise I agree that you will not use this app for very long. Also, Daniel, only 10 minutes a day reading the news? :-p

  • Amal Roy

    Thanks a lot. That’s one extension i’ve never noticed yet.

  • Daniel

    I have been hearing of a lot of successful Bloggers, who now realize they spend way too much time on social site, for the amount of benefit they get from it…

    Maybe it becomes a habit that becomes too hard to break, and a bit of Nannying from a browser extension may be what they also need…

  • Hamza Sheikh

    Wow! It’s really nice to hear that you are also using this plugin. I have heard about it, but never get time to check it.

    Seriously man! I am wasting lot of my time on Facebook daily. Sometimes I start thinking that my online career is no more, I am just another wasted social star who always get in touch with social-lovers.

  • Dave in Belize

    You just installed it yesterday? Well….I would like to know how you are making out by the weekend, not in a couple of months!!!!! (I bet you turn it off before the weekend, or at least extend some of the time limits….lol)

  • Scott Fox, Author of Click Millionaires

    Helpful productivity tool tip!
    Sharing this with my readers now.
    Thanks for posting, Daniel.

  • Ehsan Ullah

    Can’t believe you spend only 10 minutes per day on Facebook, It’s 5 hours for me lol. I must check that extension out.


  • Andreas Jacobsen

    Hi Daniel.

    As a business person, it is very important to manage your time. I, for example, get up earlier than I need to so that I can get extra work done, I work focussed to a countdown timer and I plan my days ahead so that I have specific tasks to do.

    However, wasting time on the internet on gmail, facebook and online newspapers has also been a big problem for me. Sometimes discipline isn’t enough when you fall into old habits 🙂

    this plugin seems to have solved that.. thank you for sharing! I am sure it will make all of us more productive!


  • Anne

    Maybe it is great for people who making business in the websites to equip browser extensions, but I’m still have no idea earning money or take it easy to use computer.However ,many of us will think you give a meaningful suggestion for us.

  • George from seekdefo

    Finally…. I can get over my gmail addiction.

  • Andi the Minion

    this looks to be a great little extension, I love the little “Shouldn’t you be working?” pop up. Pretty cool, that should inspire people to procrastinate less especially if it blocks the URLs.

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