Not A/B Testing Your Website Ads? AdPushup can help you optimize your Ad Revenue

Mark Zeni

One of the most important things you can do as an online entrepreneur or website owner in order to increase your revenue is to constantly keep testing things to figure out what does and doesn’t work with your users. For instance, you should test multiple headlines, landing page copy and formats, call-to-action buttons, and even ad units (something that almost everyone forgets to test) to ensure that after testing, you always end up with the winning combination of elements.

How often should you be running such tests? Some people take an extreme position on this: They say that you should always be performing A/B tests on the metrics that matter to you. And while doing it all manually may prove to be too tedious, if not downright impossible, there are many SaaS providers such that allow you to automate these tests and manage them in a better way.

That’s all well and good.

But let’s think specifically about online publishers and professional bloggers for a minute. If you have a website that makes money largely via advertising, it means that unless you’re A/B testing your ad banners and spots for effectiveness—you’re losing out on potential revenue. And most existing A/B testing SaaS providers just don’t offer users the ability to test their ad units.

At this point you might ask me: OK, but how do I implement such A/B tests for ads?
If you have knowledge of programming, you could create scripts in the language of your framework (e.g., PHP if you are using WordPress) that will call a different banner on each request, and at the end of a certain period (e.g., a couple of weeks or a month), you get the numbers to see which banner performed better.

But of course, the complexity of the script increases significantly with each additional factor that you want to test the ads for such as ad size, ad location, ad colors, and more. Not to mention the time that will go into writing a custom script such as this, even though you may the requisite skills.

So if you’d rather not write the code yourself from scratch, or if you don’t know any programming, there are fortunately a few products that help make the process of running those A/B tests pretty straight forward. For instance, take a look at They have a plugin that you can install directly on WordPress. After that you just have to set up the various ad configurations that you want to test, start the experiment, and the tool will then automatically and continuously test them against each other for performance and then pick the winners that give the highest CTRs.


The change in performance that comes with testing ads in this manner is significant. For instance, one account of AdPushup witnessed a 96% rise in RPM as compared to the average RPM of last 3 months. Similarly, the CTR rose by 98%, in comparison to the average CTR of last 3 months.

Bottom line: it doesn’t matter which way you choose to test your ad units. Just make sure you test them. Otherwise you’re just leaving money on the table.

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    It is very beneficial for those who do not know how to code. I have less interest in coding so it is good for me thanks for this information.

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    Actually the tests are very important to always have a growth in revenue on the site. Many are concerned only in the growth of visits, and revenue generation also needs to be optimized. I use AdPushup and is a great tool.

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